Rugiswalde – The Perfect Ski Resort for a Family Vacation!


Vacations are the easiest to dream of and the most difficult to plan for. People crave for holidays to spend more time with their family and to escape their daily routine. It happens once or twice a year, so one wishes for it to be a perfect time. Now, travelling within your own country to several hill stations is great. However, travelling to another country is awesome! You get to see a whole new place with no familiarities. You experience a whole new culture which is an amazing feeling. Moreover, the best thing about travelling to a cold region in a foreign country is that it is totally out of routine. One such place that will give you the experience of your life is an everlasting memory, and you will have fantastic tales to share.

To find a place which meets with all your ‘dream destination’ needs is not as easy as it seems. Is there going to be a good accommodation? Will it have several other tourists’ spots to visit? Will it be adventurous? Moreover, the most important question, will it turn your pockets upside-down? Considering these questions, you plan your vacation.

One such place that is an idol for almost a week-long stay with family or friends is the Rugiswalde resort in Switzerland. All your concerns and needs which make a vacation memorable are delivered here at this beautiful resort. All it asks for you is to pack your warm clothes and prepare for the best winter break you will ever experience in the most affordable prices.


  1. Located in Saxon, Switzerland.
  2. Winter sports area is between the elevations of 430 metres (1410.76 ft.) and 510 metres (1673.23 ft.).
  3. The tourists get a total of 0.5 kilometres (0.3 miles) of slope for the winter sports, especially skiing and snowboarding.

A total number of lifts are as follows:

1 T-Bar lift

1 Rope tow lift

That is, two lifts are available to transport the guests to the slopes and back.

T-Bar lift stretches up to 450 meters (1476.38 ft.), and the Rope tow is of length 70 meters (229.65 ft.).

Artificial snowmaking machines are functional on the slope of Rugiswalde.

Rugiswalde Statistics

Base Elevation: 430 m

Summit Elevation: 510 m

Vertical Drop: 80 m


The resort, Rugiswalde does not stretch to a wide range, but it will give its guests the peaceful and serene winter experience of all time. The resort will always stay covered in snow, thanks to its artificial snowmaking technology which is a hundred percent functional.

The resort offers all the main winter sports that everyone enjoys the maximum. Skiing, Snowshoeing, night skiing, etc. are loved by all the guests who choose Rugiswalde as their vacation destination. The weather conditions are also favourable most of the time. The excellent and safe lift technology for the tourists to travel around and to take in the most of the view also adds up to the pros of this resort.

One of the main reasons, why it is among the top choices for Idol resorts is the easy slopes. The 0.5 kilometres (0.3 miles) of slope in the resort is a go for all types of people, skilled and beginners alike. The slopes are well groomed to deliver the best experience of winter sports to all the guests.



People with less experience in winter sports will definitely appreciate the easy, smooth slopes. Everyone can enjoy the sport, irrespective of his or her level or expertise in skiing. You get 0.5 kilometres (0.3 miles) of slopes to enjoy the winter sport and revel on the view that surrounds the resort.


Some people enjoy night strolls as it can be soothing and give a completely different outlook to the surroundings. The nightlife of Rugiswalde is also one of the attractions for the tourists, especially the young ones. One can get a good load of night skiing on the slopes; given the weather conditions are favourable and pleasant. The tracks are well lit and groomed for the comfort of the tourists. You can stay on the slope till 20:00 o’clock (8 p.m.).


For the people who are not flattered by skiing, they can always go for snowshoeing. Apart from being a good exercise, it also allows you to take a breath and let the entire white sink in. Snowshoeing will be best for people who are not really into adventurous sports but rather love to walk about in the area and enjoy the snow more carefully. One can take a stroll around the resort and may find different spots to relax.


It is hard to keep the kids entertained even if you are in a different country. Skiing does not always work well for children as much as it works for adults. Moreover, even if they do well at skiing, they get easily bored in a matter of time. This is the time when parents choose sleigh ride as an idol and one of the most enjoyed sport for their little ones. Moreover, the most favoured fact of sleigh rides is that they are pretty safe. The easy and well-groomed slopes will only add up to the fun of sleigh rides.


Another sport which is enjoyed by the tourists here is snowboarding. It is the second-best sport to be indulged in, after skiing. People get to experience the easiest level of snowboarding as the slopes come under the category of 100% easy. All ages can try their hand at this sport on the well-groomed slopes. They get to experience the great fun as well as to check out the beautiful scenery around them.


The timings of the resort vary, depending on the weather conditions or gusted holidays.

Staying on the slopes after the closing hours is forbidden. If any unfortunate incident occurs, the individual will be held responsible for it. The resort will not be held responsible for the same.

Timings of night skiing are subject to change as well.

With so much on offer and a wide range of fun activities to enjoy, you cannot afford to miss out on visiting this awesome ski resort. Visit this place with your near and dear ones and have fun!

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