Saas-Fee. This ski resort, mainly landing above the tree line is pure bliss. The wide resort is supplied by the Fee Glacier and is quite wide in area. All the way from the Laengfluh to Spielboden, ending on Saas-Fee is impressive as hell. It surrounds the MoreniaStation and has many intermediate slopes. If you are looking for rather challenging ones, the Plattjen has got them all. It is such a captivating place, that’s why it is called the “pearl” of the Alps. It has been unharmed by the worst of the world and you would love the wide panorama of white snow everywhere.
Starting from late July and lasting through late April, this place is high and snow sure. The place is traditional and traffic free, giving you a thousand more reasons why you should give this place a visit. The gigantic glaciers tower the place at so many areas and you can look at them straight above your head. Being traffic free, it gives clear visions, clear sky, and clear white sparkling snow. Now would you really say “no” to this place?

Ways To Reach Saas-Fee 

You can reach this place by either a car, a train or a flight.

The village here is basically traffic free. Electric taxis are available to pick up people from the parking garage, which is situated at the entrance of the village. 3000 free of charge parking lots is available, but you can’t enter the village with a car. Some lots may charge around € 16 per day. All the routes are ideal for day visitors. The roads are well-maintained, well-developed with significant inclines and side roads. Snow chains are maybe required on these roads. Road closure due to avalanches is unlikely. The Furka Pass and the Oberalp Pass is closed in the winter. You can access the village via 4 routes as following.
Access via A8 Spiez-Interlaken and exit at Spiez. It is 88 kilometers (54.6 miles) far and takes approximately 108 minutes of driving time.
Access via A2 and exit at 40 Göschenen. It is 107 kilometers (66.4 miles) far and takes approximately 132 minutes of driving time.
Access via A9 Autoroute du Rhône and exit at Autoroute near Sierre. It is 54kilometers (33.5 miles) far and takes approximately 59 minutes of driving time.
Access via E62 Strada del Sempione and exit at Domodossola. It is 80 kilometers (49.7 miles) far and takes approximately 112 minutes of driving time.
Schedules buses keep making rounds to provide easy access to the ski resort. A large comprehensive network makes the entire region accessible at affordable prices. It connects all the 4 villages namely, Saas-Fee, Saas-Balen, Saas-Grund and Saas-Almagell. You can ride for free with a citizen pass. While the electric bus from village to the ski resort is free for everyone.
Apparently, there’s no train connection available to this ski resort.

As to planes, there is 1 nearby airport. Airport Bern 122 kilometers (75.8 miles) away and takes approximately 2 hours 14 minutes of driving time.

Availability of Lifts 

The elevation rises from 1800 meters / 5905 feet to 3573 meters / 11722 feet. 22 ski lifts are available, distributed into 1 funicular, 2 reversible ropeways, 6 gondola lifts, 2 chairlifts, 11 platter/button lifts. All of these together make it possible to carry 26360 passengers in an hour’s time. The total length is 27.9 kilometers / 17.3 miles. If you are an enthusiast about lifts, follow the list below to find information about all the lifts available.
One 115 people’s funicular.
One 90 people’s reversible ropeway.
One 60 people’s reversible ropeway.
Two 30people’s tri-cable ropeway.
Two 10 people’s gondola lift.
One 6 people’s gondola lift.
One 4 people’s gondola lift.
One 6 people’s high-speed chairlift with bubble.
One 4 people’s fixed-grip chairlift.
Seven T-bar lifts.
Four J-bar lifts.


At Saas-Fee, well-maintained slopes of 100 kilometers (62.1 miles) are accessible for all the skiing a skier would like to do. It has a perfect mixture of slopes of varying degrees which determine their difficulty level. Marked ski routes of 5 kilometers (3.1 miles) are up. 102 snow cannons on top of 70% of slopes having snowmaking capabilities spring more than enough snow round the clock. The run locations are both above and under the tree line, as well as glacier.

20% of the trails are available for the beginners with enthusiasm for learning how to ski. Confide in your instructor and you can learn everything you would like to learn about skiing. Don’t try to skip this trail, not just here but at any ski resort. These trails mark your ability to move forward with skiing.
60% of the trails of intermediate level are for skiers with better skills than beginners. The instructors would always be available for help. You can still practice on your own and test your skills. Or you can just the find your cheerful moments while skiing here.

20% of the trails are the most challenging ones available here. All the experienced skiers have fun experiencing this trail. This isn’t just for practice. You’ll find you’re skiing on the wildest of all slopes available here. You will feel every penny of your money taken well care of on this trail.

Ski Rentals 

Saas-Fee Statistics

Just in case you are in need of ski rentals, Saas-Fee rental station provides you with all kinds of equipment supplied by Alpinresorts and Skiset. You may pre-order your equipment to find your stuff right before you even reach there. It is advised to try physically to get your best fit.

Highlights To Be Known 

The Morenia Freestyle Park is like a cherry on top for all the skiers and free riders. Even the line for beginners has many little kickers that will boost up your adrenaline rush at once. All the obstacles are arranged nicely, in the order of their difficulty. Advanced skiers may go to rather difficult lines that extend quite long. The Funpark Kreuzboden is for the kids, you know. All the kids would love to be here because of the elements this park has. They can play or they can improvise anything they’d like to do here. Kids' Park is yet another special park for all the kids. It has a level; it has sunny pistes and toys, too.

Accommodations – Approximately 700 accommodation places are available which can be found online booking to avail early discounts. There are hotels, inns, lodges, holiday apartments and everything else. If you’d like to stay alone, there are private rooms available too.

Skating – You can find a completely different infrastructure made just for the act of skating here. The Skate Park of Saas-Fee has so many obstacles to name like, wave ramp, funpipe, curb, trick box, beryl bank, street spine, pandora box and curb.

Mountain Tours - Find guided tours all over the place and snowy areas while actually enjoying it. The guides are well certified and with special experiences. You can either tour or hike on a high altitude of the Alps or the Free Republic of Holidays. Saas-Fee is diverse and well prepared for everything you’d like to try around here.

Hiking -There’s an endless list of the hiking trails and none of them is the same. Each trail comes with uniqueness and you must think before giving any of these a try. The easiest climb is the Allalin, which starts from the world’s highest tram, the Metro Alps.

Ice Sports - Be it any kind of icy sport, Saas-Fee welcomes it with an open heart. Be it ice skating, snow surfing, snowboarding and of course, the skiing. Let the boundaries not hold you down when you can do anything under your will power.

Saas-Fee is the ideal destination whether you want to have some adventure or even if you seek solitude. You can visit the resort with family, friends, or as a couple. It has something on offer for people from all age groups, making it a family-friendly place. From adventure sports like skiing to leisure activities, this resort offers many amenities. Plan your trip, book your tickets, and visit this place to live some of the unforgettable days of your life. You won’t regret it, we promise!

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