Sachrang – One of the Finest ski areas in Germany

During vacations, all families forward to is a good place to relax and de-stress themselves. The best way to do so in some of the most beautiful snow-capped regions is to opt for a resort and be a part of the fun and games. One such leading area is Sanchrang, a resort located in Germany. With a strong historical background and plush snow clad architectures, the region is a delight to the eyes. Its distance from the city and its altitude, serve as a spot for a winter lover’s best vacation. Also as an addition is its comparatively low altitude, which a relief for beginners.

Sachrang Statistics

Base Elevation: 739 m

Summit Elevation: 850 m

Vertical Drop: 111 m

Resort Details

Sachrang is a ski resort, in the country of Germany, situated at an altitude of 738 metres (2421 feet) above sea level. The resort has access to 3 individual pistes stretching over 3 kilometres (2 miles), served by 6 ski lifts. It has a vertical drop of 111 metres (364 feet), highest lift at 842 metres (2762 feet), lowest piste at 738 metres (2421 feet). To be accurate, the winter area is located between the altitudes ranging from 738 metres (2421 feet) to 842 metres (2762 feet).

Skiing and snowboarding statistics

  A slope or trail is also called Piste, which is a snow path marked, that is patrolled and prepared for the snowboarders and skiers by piste machines that help in compacting and flattening the snow surface. The slopes available for skiing and snowboarding stretches for over 3 kilometres that include 6 lifts that are used for transportation. The resort is located in the Chiemsee Alpenland (Chiemsee Alps).With a total of 6 ski lifts, the ski passes range from 14 € for adults to 11.50 € for children. The ski lift capacity is such that it can hold up to 2,000 skiers and snowboarders per hour. The 3 kilometres of slopes prove to be an easy ski area and are marked blue areas, as beginners manage to follow these trails. In Europe, even blue areas prove to be a difficult trail too unless you have a trainer, which Sachrang provides. The resort is the perfect place for a vacation if you are looking forward to learning skiing as an entire family, thanks to its easy slopes. Also available is, valley run, at the resort, which is a plus point.

Extra Information

Resorts close to Sachrang include Schleching/Geigelsteini at a distance of 5 kilometres (3.10 miles), Oberaudorf at a distance of 8 kilometres and AschauimChiemgau at a distance of 9 kilometres. Located within a two-hour drive to the Sachrang ski resort are two airports – Innsbruck Airport and Salzburg Airport, which facilitate ski weekends, snowboard holidays and short ski breaks. All in all, the resort is a perfect weekend getaway for those trying their hands at skiing and snowboarding for the first time.

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