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We are all busy and have a great deal of work to do. We are always running from place to place, sitting in front of the computer screen with bloodshot sleepy eyes and roasting our eyes and brain because we barely go for some refreshment and recreational activities. Forget about spending time with close relatives, family, and friends; we do not even have time for our own self. We are all exhausted and lifeless from within and looking for some miracle to happen.

However, we are not really dog-tired for the rapid pace we are living. We are fatigued and enervated for not getting any sort of enjoyment and refreshment and most basic yet important of all, time. We all are looking for a chance to take a quality break from the restless life we are stuck in, witness the beautiful world that has sheltered us and have a ball with our friends and family. After all, that is the key to sheer happiness.

Saddleback Inc. Statistics

Base Elevation: 2460 feet

Summit Elevation: 4120 feet

Vertical Drop: 2000 feet

Since we are already talking about recreation, happiness, and refreshment, how can we forget vacationing? Vacations are not even a lap of luxury – they need to help us stay in a goofy physical as well as mental condition. They are as important and necessary as eating healthy food and exercising regularly. And not to forget, they improve our efficiency to work- the work we are almost dead of doing. However, there is no point attaching vacations just to summers. Well, summers are a great time to vacation, but winters are no less. Outdoor activities in the summers are tiring, and it bathes us with sweat. On the other hand, outdoor and fun-filled physical activities and sports in the winters are blissful. We run, play and enjoy, but we always come back more cheerful and refreshed. Neither do we sweat like a pig, not get fatigued.

Winters are, for sure, fun and enjoyable. However, why do we follow the same old school and the mainstream game of snowball fighting and snowmaking? We all should explore thing out of the box and try something new. Moreover, now, what is more, trendy than going on skiing and snowboarding vacation? We all should pay the deserved attention to the amazing world of skiing and snowboarding.

Saddleback Ski Area to your rescue!

Talking about trying something out of the box and not the usual, we bring to you one of the unique and different ski resorts of all times, Saddleback Maine, with almost everything a different than the usual, for all the unique souls out there.

Opened in 1960, Saddleback Ski Area treats the beginners with the most extensive terrain for the beginners in the Northeast, measuring 4 miles of sloping trails that are gentle and novice friendly.  There are 66 runs, of which 35% are beginner runs, 30% are intermediate runs, 25% advanced runs and 10% there are five lifts in total. Saddleback also has a very different and top-notch base lodge, affordable and economical skiing and riding that will not burn a hole in your pocket, and there, all the lodgings have a Ski-in/ski out facility. It has established the reputation of the lowest student to instructor ratio in the whole North America.

Why choose Saddleback?

From other large resorts, Saddleback has taken a different road. From the surrounding to the terrain, almost every little thing about this place is different. The trails follow the contours, and the ski terrain is classic. The snow-covered mountains and trees give a totally different feeling and create a positive aura. The terrain at Saddleback is segmented by degree of difficulty naturally. The skiing there is very affordable with reasonable prices.

There is maximum trail per lift carrying capacity, so it provides a relaxing experience with fewer people on each trail and better snow conditions. It also has a unique base Saddleback; you will get to witness a little or no commercialization and a low-key surrounding. There is also a phenomenal ski and ride school to nurture your skills where one-to-one instruction is given to the beginners for better grasping. The unspoiled Rangeley Lake area gives the feel of Alaska. Yes, that is amazing.

In addition to that, Saddleback Inc is well-connected with all the major towns and cities located in the region. Thus, the place is easily accessible, and you can visit Saddleback Inc with your family and friends quickly.


For Saddleback riders and skiers, the lodging is available in the Inns, lodges, motels, in trailside condominiums on the mountains and vacation homes. On-mountain Trailside Condominiums and Homes can be booked by calling Saddleback reservations or can also be booked online.  It has Mountain Brook which is adjacent to the South Branch Quad chairlift, South Branch which is bewitchingly situated with a scenic view of the Western Mountains and Saddleback Lake. Rock Pound is another great place to stay with two level three and four bedroom units large enough to accommodate ten people, Magalloway Lodges that are spacious and contemporary private lodges having 3 and four bedrooms. All of the units are well equipped and well furnished.

The Rangeley and Oquossoc  Lodging has the Country Club Inn with a cozy club and huge fireplaces, Loon Lodge, North Country B&B with private bath and cable TV in each guest room, Pleasant Street Inn B&B which is renovated newly. The Rangeley Inn and Tavern are also amazing with antiques, private baths and many more, Rangeley Lakes B&B, Rangeley Saddleback Inn, Town and Lake Motel and Cottages with comfortable rooms and 2 bedroom cottages, The Cabins at Organon  which is cozy, full furnished, quiet and secluded.

Other nearby lodgings include Rangeley Lake Resort, Bald Mountain Camps, Mountain View Motel, Spillover Motel, Comfort Inn and Suites and much more.

Saddleback Ski and Ride Schools - The Goal Is To Be The Best

Saddleback believes in quality. Saddleback Ski and ride school have the smallest class size and the lowest student to instructor ratio in the whole North America. The maximum class size is five guests, be it any lesson. For all the 3-6 years old, there is one-to-one instruction at regular group rates, and this continues until they can ski themselves.

It is one of the top 10 amazing places to learn Ski in New England, as listed in Boston Globe in 2013. Private lessons can be availed by people of all age groups and abilities. Personal coaching is the fastest way to improve, are you are worth it. Children’s group lessons, beyond beginners (who can go on their own), family lessons, adult lessons, Saddleback day care for the youngest guests is also available.

Retail and Rental

On the lower level of the base lodge, Saddleback Retail Store is situated where the shelves are stocked with souvenir items and different kinds of accessories- all that you might need. In case you miss some of you all covered and protected from the freezing weather. The rental store offers poles, gloves, outwear and goggles of stunning quality along with facemasks, hats and neck-ups from Seirus and Turtle Fur. Adding to that, there is a lovely collection of gifts to choose from. So before you check out, make sure you have seen all. The weekends and holidays opening hours of The Midway Shop are from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm.

Weddings at Saddleback

What is better than a marriage on the snow? Weddings at Saddleback are like a fairy tale. The wedding setting at Saddleback is more than lovely, the food they serve is delicious, and everything about the ambiance is different and heavenly. So, you can plan and enjoy this special occasion of your life at this amazing skiing resort. Your family and guests can have a great time enjoying the occasion.

With so many things to do and enjoy, Saddleback Inc is the perfect winter holiday destination for people from all age groups. So plan a vacation and head out straight to the Saddleback Inc with your family and friends, and make the most of the upcoming winters. Have fun!

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