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San Bernardino Pian Cales – Enjoy Skiing at One of the Finest Ski Resorts in Switzerland!

Snow–capped mountains, the vastness of hilly areas, the chill of snow and the thrill of heights. Do these enchant you? Adventure sports provide you with an experience full of an adrenaline rush, a rush that is craved by every human being young at heart and who has a passion for facing the thrill of life and death at the same time. Skiing, one of the most sought after adventure sport is one heck of a rollercoaster ride, from the very beginning when you are planning your trip or packing up your bag up until you actually are in those mountains with nothing in sight except for white snow and mountain peaks to conquer. So, how about actually planning your skiing adventure?

San Bernardino Pian Cales Statistics

Base Elevation: 1625 m

Summit Elevation: 1791 m

Vertical Drop: 166 m

San Bernardino Pian Cales a ski resort typically suited for all the winter sports enthusiasts as it provides everything for an adventurous skiing and snowboarding trip. Located in Switzerland, it is going to be a visual treat for the scenic beauty of the mountains and the white snow is surely going to enthrall your senses and would instantly make you feel closer to heaven.

Coming down to actually planning your skiing advent, all you have to keep in mind is the elevation, trails, and amount of lifts in the resort because obviously, you would at least want your adventure trip to be what it promises: enthrallingly adventurous. In addition, it is very necessary to enroll yourself in a ski school before actually going on for skiing, which will not only increase your safety but will also increase the amount of fun you will have with lesser tension. Accommodation, ticket prices, timings, how to reach your destination and rentals are some secondary points you have to take notice.


During the winter when the pass is closed, San Bernardino turns into a heaven for skiing and snow boarding. There are two ski lifts in San Bernardino PianCales and both are in the center of the village. The ski lifts offer 5 kilometers (3 miles) of pistes. Nordic skiers have 33 kilometers 20.5 miles) of tracks all around the village and Lake Isola at their disposal. Winter hikers will find 14 kilometers (8.6miles) of winter hiking trails. Beginners and visitors who are learning to ski or are not into professional training may take few round in the artificial ice rink built especially for tourists and beginners.

 There are 3 runs down to resort which is open on all days in good condition too with an altitude of 1782 m (5846.45 ft.). In addition, the condition of runs down to the resort is up to the mark. A number of total pistes in San Bernardino PianCales are five, which is very exciting for a skier as it gives ample of options to explore and quench your adventure lust. There are a good number of lifts available in San Bernardino PianCales, which counts up to 3, another perk of skiing here. The runs have never been floodlit until today which is very enticing a fact! Summing this up, San Bernardino in terms of elevation, trails, and lifts provides all the skiers a good option to go skiing for.


With an uphill capacity of 5,500 people/hour, it surpasses the average provided by other locations, San Bernardino has two lifts.


San Bernardino has 11 trails. Its longest run is 932 meter (3057 ft.), and to ski down would just take 2 minutes.


The Mountain:

The total skiable land of San Bernardino is 40 acres, which again is a good average as compared to other ski resorts. San Bernardino has a vertical well, which is measured 918 m (3,012 feet) base at peak.

Ticket prices

For a day trip at San Bernardino, the tickets for adults would cost $48, which again saves you money, as it is 18% less than the average lift ticket costs in Switzerland. It is cheaper for children and senior citizens as the day passes as they pay lesser than compared to the payment made at other average resorts. In addition, the rates mentioned are the peak lift ticket pricing, when the inflow of tourists is very much, in other cases, as in, during non-holiday and mid-week rates are even cheaper because they are less busy and less important days.

An adult can get a season pass for $273, again cutting down the expenditure by being 58% less expensive than the average season pass rates prevalent in Switzerland. Like day passes, season passes for children and seniors cost less than an adult's. A season pass will give you access to the mountain for the entire season. Buying a season pass depends on a number of days you are planning to ski. Ideally, if an adult were skiing for 7 days or more, then, a season pass would be worth it and a good deal. A child will want to ski at least 14 days and a senior will want to ski at least 4 days to break even.


It does not matter if you are not a professional skier, by devoting a small part of your trip to actually learn skiing would only add up to the joy. Do not worry; San Bernardino is full of such great ski school that can actually teach you how to ski. All you have to do is enroll yourself into one and choose your level of expertise: beginner, intermediate or expert and you can go ahead with your learning experience. Learning to ski before actually going to the mountains and trying your luck out is much better an option.

It ensures your security on the mountains and you will be even more aware of the challenges of skiing and would know what to do next on the face of a difficulty. Generally, the resorts around San Bernardino provide you with ski school facilities but there are ski schools that are solely devoted for this purpose. Some of the best-known ski schools in the area are Snow Valley Learning Centre, Ski lessons provided by the Big Bear Mountain Resort and others.


San Bernardino being one of the most sought after skiing places, it has a plethora of resorts, which cater to all the needs of the skiers. It is all upon you as to which resort suits you the best and complies with all your needs and demands. These resorts not only provide the skiers with ski schools but also make sure that the skiers have an amazing experience living in their resort and choosing their resort amongst all other options. Some of the best skiing resorts around San Bernardino and with details are as follows:

Zermatt: Zermatt is situated at a distance of 120 km (75.5 miles) from San Bernardino with a Current Base Snow Depth of 2 inches and the skiable land is 394 acres.

Verbier: Verbier is situated at a distance of 156 km (96.9 miles) from San Bernardino with a Current Base Snow depth of 7 inches and the skiable land is 400 acres.

Savognin: Savognin is situated at a distance of 34 km (21 miles) from San Bernardino with a Current Base Snow depth of 3.9 inches and skiable land is 80 acres. It's adult lift ticket costs $52.

With so much on offer, San Bernardino Pian Cales is truly one of the best places to head out to with family and friends, during the winters. Right from skiing and snowboarding to snow shoeing, this place has fun activities for each age group. So, this winter, go ahead, visit the San Bernardino Pian Cales with your family and friends, and make the most of this winter season. You will not regret it, we promise that! Have fun!

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