Sandl-Viehberg: The Compact Zone for Easy Skiing

Vacations are those times when professionals get to spend some valuable time with their family. It is the time when children get to explore their interests and hobbies. Often holidays remind us some of the most memorable memories of our lives. So have you planned what you are going to do for the next vacations? There is one activity which does not strike the thoughts of many people. An activity unlike any, involving speed and absolute excitement along with family bonding and health benefits. Skiing is one of the best activities to take part in the winter vacations. With winter providing the ideal conditions and an electrifying atmosphere, Skiing is what you should go for! Exploring the hills and mountains of the countryside will enable you to breathe some fresh air and enrich yourselves with some positive energy.

About the Place

Sandl-Viehberg Statistics

Base Elevation: 950 m

Summit Elevation: 1111 m

Vertical Drop: 161 m

One of the most convenient and tiny places to go skiing is located in the Freistadt district in upper Austria. This place, known as Sandl-Viehberg is very small with only about three kilometres of slope for Skiing and snowboarding. With the number of visitors being relatively less, the place provides the best ambiance to explore yourself in solitude. The main winter sports area stands at an elevation of between 952 meters to 1152 meters. There are only 2 Ski lifts to transport the passengers but they should suffice considering the number of guests. There is never the ‘rush hour’ to bother you here.

This resort is ideal for families to come along and enjoy the vacations to the fullest. Considered to have one among the easiest slopes to Ski on, children will have a really great time. The place has a lot more to offer apart from Skiing or Snowboarding. This Ski resort also provides a perfect opportunity for those seeking some peaceful time with nature. This place could be your location for exile from real life. You can refresh and recharge your lost spirits with some fast skiing action. Overall, Sandl-Viehberg is an ideal learning centre for various new activities along with Skiing.

The Easy to Ski Slopes

To begin with, there are only 3 Km of slopes. Interestingly all the 3 kilometres come under the classification “Easy”. This implies that even those with no skiing experience or small children and the Elderly will find the slopes pretty comfortable to Ski. The slopes will be useful for learning purposes, especially for kids. Regarding other facilities, there are no artificial snowmaking apparatus. Also, there is no half pipe or a snow park. However, valley run is available.

Those looking for a challenge may be disappointed but otherwise, the slopes here will provide the smoothest and wonderful experience. Overall, the place offers decent slopes for everyone who wishes to enjoy the sport of skiing during the winter. In addition to that, there are numerous other fun activities on offer which one may enjoy with family and friends and make the stay at the resort a memorable one.

The Ski Lifts Available

In total, there are only two Ski lifts as mentioned before. The total length of these lifts extends up to 1.3 kilometres. Their maximum capacity of transport is 2000 passengers per hour which are totally convenient for a small resort like this. Both the lifts are the T-bar type, each having a transport capacity of 1000 passengers per hour. Their lengths differ with one being 700 meters long while the other is just 550 meters. These Ski lifts are sure to produce a unique experience to the visitors. They are well maintained and safe and secure to use.

The Snow Report

Unlike many other Ski resorts, Sandl-Viehberg does not have any snow cannons or similar technology that can produce artificial snow. Artificial snow can ensure proper snow depth as well as uniformity. However, natural snow will make one feel closer to nature. This natural snow gives an opportunity to experience original native Skiing to the fullest.

What Else You Can Do Here?

Considering the small size of the resort one may find some unexpected facilities available here. The fun is definitely not limited to just Skiing. Here are some other exciting activities you can try out during your visit. These are among those few things you simply cannot afford to miss.

Ice Skating: Who would have thought that this resort would have awesome ice skating arenas? Well! It actually does! You can rent some skates and enjoy some Ice Skating around the place. This activity requires proper skills and helps you to learn to balance your body well. The Ski resort provides a perfect opportunity for you to learn this new skill.

Indoor Swimming Pool: Apart from Skiing another equally amusing activity is swimming. There is a well maintained indoor swimming pool in the resort. You can learn to swim, which is a very essential and useful skill to possess. Also, swimming is a very healthy habit and relaxes your mind and body. It provides flexibility to the muscles. Experienced swimmers can swim here to their heart content.

Children Ski School: The school is set up exclusively for children. Children, from as young as four years old can learn skiing from this place is a jovial and lively manner. As the slopes are very easy to Ski on, the location is ideal for beginners to have their first skiing experience.

Snowboarding: This is another standard activity that goes side by side with Skiing. The slopes are equally friendly even for Snowboarders. You can organize some races with other visitors and have a lot of fun.

Apart from these versatile options, there are sufficient, rental shops where you can borrow the required equipment for some time for your use. Hence you need not bother or worry about having your own Skiing or Snowboarding sets.

The Cost of Tickets

Obviously, some money will be expended in exchange for the spectacular things you will witness there. The prices are totally worth it. The Adult Ski passes are available starting at a rate of 19.5 Euro. Children’s pass is sold at just 14 Euro. Special passes like season’s pass or multiple day passes will be relatively cheaper and purchase of them is a wiser decision. A season’s pass would cost about 180 Euro for adult and 14 euro for children. Planning your journey beforehand is important. Also, don’t forget to check up for any family offers. Children under the age of 6 can enjoy Snowboarding at free of cost. Senior citizens are also provided with various discounts. Special discounts can be availed by Ski instructors or military men.

The Other Essential Information

Just like for most of the other Ski resorts around that area, the main functional season is considered from mid if December to late March. Apart from that, the regular timings of the resort are from 9 AM to 4 PM. One should plan their schedules according to these timings. Also, have in mind that the resort may not be open on public holidays or other official holidays. The external weather condition will directly affect the activities of the resort as the slopes are completely dependent on natural snowfall. Without snow, there is only a little fun to have.

Sandl-Viehberg is a perfect location to visit for school tour groups and small kids and for families. This tiny and quiet resort will be successful in giving you some of the most natural skiing experiences. Don’t miss out the opportunity to explore this resort with your family in the next vacations. It is one such location that makes skiing a child’s play. So what are you waiting for? Plan your schedule, book your tickets and head out straight for the Sandl-Viehberg Skiing Resort with your family and friends and make the most of the ongoing winters. You won’t regret it, we promise!

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