Ski Resort Schanze – Schmallenberg – A Family Vacation Spot

  If you are looking for a place to visit this vacation, then Sauerland located in the Central Uplands of Germany is an awesome choice. Spending time with your family amidst the snowcapped mountains is something that provides the relaxation one might be looking for after having a hectic year. There’s a lot to do up there in the mountains, but the king of winter sports is the best activity to engage in. Skiing is the most famous sport up there, and the Ski resort Schanze – Schmallenberg provides you just the optimum slopes for you to venture out and try skiing with your family. Sauerland not just offers a picturesque appeal but has a lot of other options too. There are a number of museums and castles one can visit during their vacation. The fantastic ski resort just adds a dash of thrill and excitement to your trip.

Schmallenberg Statistics

Base Elevation: 2100 ft

Summit Elevation: 2362 ft

Vertical Drop: 262 ft

Resort Details

Located in the Sauerland, Central Uplands of Germany, the Schanze – Schmallenberg ski resort has amazing picturesque views for one to relax and spend some quality time with their families. The resort is known for being a very suitable place for families to try skiing. The winter sports area of the resort is located at an elevation ranging from 640 meters (2099 feet) and 720 meters (2362 feet). There are only a few slopes available in the resort because it is a tiny yet fine resort. The resort also has artificial snowmaking capabilities and never falls short of snow. A valley run is also available in the resort. Not just that the resort even offers night skiing to the people who wish to ski in the night.

How to Reach

The Schanze – Schmallenberg ski resort is accessible by all modes of transportation. You can take your car up there, or you can reach there by train or via air too. If you are planning to drive up there, then you need to reach Sauerland and then take the route to Skilift Schanze, Schanze, 57392 Schmallenberg, Germany where a stone parking lot is readily available to park your car. The parking lot has limited space and is free of charge. The resort offers ideal entry for daytime visitors. If you plan on reaching via train, then you need to take a bus from the nearest station because a direct train connection is not available. If you plan to go via air, there are two ways to access the resort. You can take a flight to Dortmund, Germany and take a bus from there to the resort. The Dortmund Airport is 114 km from the resort and takes about 1 hour 36 minutes of driving time to reach the resort. Alternatively, you can reach the Paderborn/Lippstadt (PAD), Germany. The PAD airport is around 102 km from the resort and takes about 1 hour 39 minutes driving time to reach the resort.

Ski Lifts

Having ski lifts is a must for a resort because they are to be used for carrying guests up and down the slopes. There is a total of 2 ski lifts available in the Schanze – Schmallenberg ski resort. Because it is a small resort, two lifts that have a carrying capacity of 1385 passengers per hour is sufficient. The total ski lift length is 0.5 kilometers. Out of the two lifts available in the resort, one is the T-bar lift/ platter/ button type, and the other one is Rope tow/ Beginner lift type. The T-bar type lift has a carrying capacity of 985 passengers per hour and a total length of 431 meters. The Rope tow type lift has a carrying capacity of 400 passengers per hour and a total length of 50 meters. The main season day ticket prices are set at an affordable mark. They charge $19.25 (18 Euros) for adults and only $12.83 (12 Euros) for children.

Skiing and snowboarding statistics

The hilly and rural area of Sauerland is accessed by a lot of tourists given the number of attractions it has to offer to its visitors. The panoramic views offered by the region are best for high trail hikers which is why the place is often visited. The Schanze – Schmallenberg ski resort has just the right amount of slopes for a family to add a thrilling flavor to their vacation trip. The resort only has beginner level slopes available so the people who want to improve their skills starting from the basic level would be happy here. The resort might not be a good choice for the people who want intermediate level or expert level slopes to practice their skills of skiing. There is a total of 1 kilometer (0.62 miles) of slopes available in the resort. All the slopes are easy to level slopes, and all of them have artificial snowmaking capabilities. The resort also has Snow Park and half pipe available for your little ones to enjoy which is another reason why the resort is considered to be most suitable for family visits.

Accommodation and Lodging facilities

There are a lot of accommodation and lodging facilities available near the resort to offer you a comfortable stay with your loved ones during your vacation. The available hotels range from being inexpensive to luxurious so that you get to choose between a range of options. Some of them are mentioned below: Apartment Seidenweber: TheSeidenweber apartment offers apartments that are bigger than most in Schmallenberg. The accommodation is at a distance of 2.8 kilometers from the resort and offers a comfortable and pleasant stay at an affordable price. Landschafts-GasthausBräutigam-Hanses: This facility in Oberkirchen offers an apartment for two. It has all the modern facilities like free Wi-Fi and multi-cuisine restaurants and is located at a distance of 3.3 km from the resort. So what are you waiting for? Pack your winter clothes and book your flights and get ready for an amazing winter skiing experience with your family.

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