Winter World of Love- Schetteregg Ski Resort


In the words of John Steinbeck, “What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness.”, Winter is indeed a season of love. Without the whistling cold winds blowing in the months of winter, we feel inadequate and incomplete in experiencing the goodness of nature. It is the season when every occupation turns into something that we love so dearly. It is the season where we anxiously wait for the arrival of our near and dear ones. It is the season when we wish to pamper ourselves with a cuppa of hot cocoa and our favorite novel just in front of the fireplace, or we venture outdoors and throw ourselves into the soft, mushy snow and enjoy the bliss of the season. Winters gives us endless opportunities to discover ourselves while we appreciate the calm and comfortable atmosphere surrounding us.


Isn’t winters also about taking a long holiday and giving yourself a well-deserved break from everyday life? After all, there is no dearth of holidays and festivities happening during the winters. So why not take the chance at hand and visit the Austrian Alps which will give you a new definition of the word “beauty”? Located at Amagmach 622, 6863 Egg-Schetteregg, Austria, the Schetteregg ski resort offers incredible skiing and hiking adventures overlooking the beautiful mountains and valleys of the region of Vorarlberg. It is a heavenly destination for winter sports enthusiasts and also for people seeking a vacation in the midst of such a picturesque landscape. The Metzler Bio Bauernhof (Metzler organic farm) had won the ALPS award during the year 2012 and is located in this village of Egg-Schetteregg. Having won several acclamations, the Schetteregg ski resort is definitely a welcoming experience for people all over the world.



Know about the Resort


Schetteregg Statistics

Base Elevation: 1100 m

Summit Elevation: 1400 m

Vertical Drop: 300 m

The Schetteregg ski resort not only caters to the interests of the adult and expert skiers but they fondly inspire the generation of children who are simply looking out for some fun! The Schetteregg ski area is centrally located in the Bregenzerwald which assists in inexpensive and super-friendly map arrangement which helps to direct the tourists and visitors. The Schetteregg ski resort is perched at an elevation of 1070 meters (3510 feet) at the base and 1325 meters (4347 feet) at the summit. So evidently there is a difference of about 255 meters (836 feet) between the two elevations being above the sea level. There is a total of six lifts available at Schetteregg ski resort to help you travel to your desired location.


Skiing Statistics


At the Schetteregg ski resort, there is total of 10 kilometers (6.21 miles) of ski trails and slopes. All of them have been fashioned to suit the needs and benefits of varied levels of skiers and snowboarders. So take a look at the statistics.

For Amateurs: Out of the total number of pistes and slopes, 3 kilometers (1.86 miles) or 30% are allocated for beginners and amateurs who are interested in learning this form of skiing. Such trails and ski runs involve relatively doable curves and twists and are only intended to acquaint the beginners and first-timers about the basics of skiing and snowboarding.

For Intermediates: From the total number of slopes available, 6 kilometers (approx. 4 miles) or 60% are reserved for intermediate skiers and snowboarders. These trails involve relatively difficult twists and curves and are intended to give such sports enthusiasts the real feel of this amazing sport. Intermediate skiers and snowboarders will definitely find these trails pretty exciting.

For Experts: To provide some entertainment to the pro and expert skiers and snowboarders, the Schetteregg ski resort has allotted one kilometer (0.62 miles) or 10% of the total number of slopes to such skiers. These trails involve challenging tasks ahead which can only be tackled by athletes who are experts in this form of skiing and snowboarding.



Horse Sleigh Rides

Wanna get the feel of Christmas and Santa Claus amidst the scenic and mesmerizing Austrian Alps? Well, think of the Schetteregg ski resort as another home away from home as it grants your wishes as well as children’s while they organize horse sleigh rides on the thick white snow. On the weekends and during the holidays, the coachman Georg pulls out his horse sleigh wagon fastened at the curb by these majestic black beauty horses, out at the front of the car park and waits for eager young visitors or romantic couples to enjoy this fantastic ride. You will definitely not find these back in the city. So don’t go for any compromises and enjoy being leapt away by these beautiful animals and of course the coachman as organised by the Schetteregg ski resort.


Winter Hiking


Walking in the busy streets of the city during winters? Boring! Walking on foot with your family and friends while enjoying the fresh snow? Cool! That’s how things roll at the Schetteregg ski resort! This resort appreciates the beauty beholding amidst the lap of nature and encourages us to walk along the streams over the sun plateau through dense, snow-covered forests and immerse in the breath-taking magical beauty of the surrounding valleys and mountains. The starting point of this adventure begins at the Schetteregg parking lot and leads through the entire region of Schetteregg towards Eggatsberg and Hammeratsberg and gives you a spectacular view of the southern mountains. Small cabins and inns are available along the way for you to get warm and cosy and spend some hours in the midst of unscathed lofty mountains.



Ski Rental and Ski School


Obviously, not all visitors and guests are adept at the winter sports of skiing and snowboarding. So the Schetteregg ski resort has kept provisions of ski schools to teach skiers and snowboarders of various ages be it the tiny tots or our evergreen grandparents! The instructors and teachers here at the Schetteregg ski resort are available to help you at your every step and promises to make you an expert at this sport within just a few days.


Forget about carrying the heavy ski poles and boots on your way home because you will find all that you need at the Schetteregg ski resort. Skis, boards, shoes are all available of superior brands and such equipment only helps to enrich your skiing and snowboarding experience. Sport Waldner situated at the valley station of the ski lifts keeps all that you need at its store. 

Season Passes and Day Tickets

Season passes are available at a varied range at the Schetteregg ski resort. Family seasonal tickets cost 336 Euros including one adult and one kid up to 15 years of age, 420 Euros including one adult and two kids, 588 Euros including two adults and one kid and 672 Euros including two adults and two kids. Day tickets for adults cost 31.80 Euros, for juniors and senior citizens cost 26.60 Euros and for children cost 17.50 Euros. Time cards from 11 a.m. for adults cost 27 Euros, for juniors and senior citizens cost 23 Euros and for children cost 13.50 Euros. Time cards from 12 noon for adults cost 23.50 Euros, for juniors and senior citizens cost 21.50 Euros and for children cost 13.50 Euros. Time cards from 1 p.m. for adults cost 20.50 Euros, for juniors and senior citizens cost 19.50 Euros and for children cost 10.50 Euros.


Accommodation and Gastronomy


The Schetteregg ski resort is based at such a prime location which boasts of the facility of multiple hotels and lodging facilities in its vicinity. Here are some of the examples.

Holiday Home Lifthaus: The Holiday Home Lifthaus is a perfect combination of traditionalism meets modernity. You get to have your own privacy with your family and friends while you relax at this beautiful resort. The restaurant seats around two hundred and thirty guests at a time and offers multi-cuisine foods and delicacies. There is also a ski storage room where you can keep your equipment, and there is also the possibility of self-catering service where you can whip up your own choice of foods.

Alpengasthof Jokler: The hospitality with which the Alpengasthof Jokler serves its guests is remarkable and truly satisfying. Equipped with all the modern amenities, this hotel caters to the requirements of all its guests while making them feel pampered and at home. A sun terrace is all you need to spend your early mornings in awe of the surrounding architecture of nature. The restaurant available at this hotel is also one to look out for as they bring out the best appetite in you.

Now that you are completely acquainted with all the details of this extraordinary resort and also about this region of this planet do not waste a second longer and get going. Make sure to invest in ample shopping for warm and woolen clothes because you would need them at below zero temperatures here. With all the facts covered, enjoy this enthralling and equally fulfilling experience of the Schetteregg Ski Resort. Have fun!

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