Ski Resort Waldskilift - Schnittlingen:

Finding a good ski resort that does not burn a hole in your pocket is one heck of a job. There are many resorts who charge heavily and some of them can prove to be major disappointments. But why be worried about finding the right resort all by yourself when we are here to help you out? We know how much ski enthusiasts love to visit a resort that will mesmerize them. That is why the resort we are presenting today is ski resort Waldskilift-Schnittlingen. Now your mind is filled with a lot of questions. Relax. We got your back on this one. Let’s go! 

Location of the Resort:

Located in the beautiful County of Goppingen, ski resort Waldskilift-Schnittlingen is no less than a small wonder amidst many other resorts. The area where winter sports are performed is situated between the elevations of 610 and 653 meters, that is between 2000 and 2140 feet. The best possible way to reach the resort is by means of air transport. The airport nearest to the resort is Stuttgart Airport which is located at a distance of approximately 40 kilometers from the resort. It hardly takes a half an hour car ride to reach the resort from the airport.

 Waldskilift Statistics

Base Elevation: 2001 feet

Summit Elevation: 2142 feet

Details about the Slope:

With a vertical drop of almost 140 feet, Waldskilift-Schnittlingen has a slope of 0.5 kilometers to offer. The slope is well groomed for the comfort of the visitors. The complete slope of 0.5 kilometers hardly offers any difficult terrains and hence, it is just perfect for the people who have begun to ski, especially the kids. Winter sport enthusiasts will be more than happy to know that in spite of being a small resort, Waldskilift-Schnittlingen has a valley run to offer to you. And the best is yet to come. This place has night skiing to offer as well. So if you have had a long day at work, then the night skiing facility is bound to soothe your senses for sure.

Ski lifts and Pass Prices:

Because Waldskilift-Schnittlingen is a small resort, they sport only one ski lift in their premises. The sole lift is a T-Bar/Platter and has a lift length of 0.2 kilometers. When fully operational, this single lift can carry 1000 passengers from the base to the summit of the resort in just 1 hour. A single day pass at ski resort Waldskilift-Schnittlingen costs you around 14 Euros for adults and 10 Euros for kids. This is the reason why this resort is one of the 5 most economical resorts in the County of Goppingen. Passes for night skiing are available from 5:30PM in the evening. There are special concessions for people travelling in groups, so if you are planning a group trip to a ski resort, Waldskilift-Schnittlingen is the best choice for you.

Best Season and Timings:

Generally, the season here at Waldskilift-Schnittlingen begins late in the month of December and concludes somewhere in the beginning of March. As we know there are snow cannons here that will produce artificial snow, the best month to visit is when there is maximum availability of snow on the slope, i.e. January. During season, the operating timings of the resort are 10AM to 9PM which includes the time for day as well as night skiing. These timings are prone to variations depending upon the external weather conditions, public holidays and school holidays. Ski resort Waldskilift-Schnittlingen boasts itself as a child and senior citizen friendly resort. There are 4 ski schools and 4 snowboarding schools that are good enough to teach you the basics of the sport. Do not forget to bring your own equipments as there are no ski rental shops available. Waldskilift-Schnittlingen offers you 4 classic cross-country ski-runs that are spread across a distance of 39.5 kilometers, so this is indeed going to be a ski fest for sure. We know you have made your mind. Do not over think and hop in to your car before the season gets over.

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