Seasonal Ski Workers Openings In Many Ski Resorts-News

Posted On: 2 Dec 2019

Seasonal workers are in very demand these days. Due to the tight labor market, ski resorts are struggling to fill up job positions. Ski Resorts are adding more perks to bring potential employees to the slopes.

In New Hampshire, Wildcat Resort is flashing a $1,000 bonus to bring in new snowmakers and Sunday River in Maine has boosted its hourly wage from $13 to $20. In Utah, Snowbird is also expanding its service for employees with a pool van service.

Dave Byrd, director of risk and regulatory affairs for the Colorado-based National Ski Areas Association, said that the hiring challenge is “enormous,” because most of the ski resorts are by nature in mountainous areas and often far from cities from which to draw workers. Potential workers would rather have full-time jobs with benefits as the national unemployment rate recently hitting the lowest level in 50 years. There are around 460 ski resorts across the U.S. which hires about 100,000 seasonal workers, and many rely on foreign guest workers for labor. 


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