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Winters are just the perfect season to rejoice in new relationships as well as old and reunite with our special ones. Winters also mean giving yourself a good pamper as you sit in front of a cozy fireplace reading your favorite novel, or for those who prefer spending their winters outdoor, head out to the nearest ski resort for experiencing unlimited fun while skiing, snowboarding, and tobogganing, mountain hiking and so much more. In the brilliant words of Tom Allen, “While I relish our warm months, winter forms our character and brings out our best”, winters are personified as a catalyst which spurs out our creativity, our initiative to start something genius, or simply make us feel proud of our achievements. It is the season which not only drives us to have fun but also pushes us towards greater accomplishments.

While we are on the subject of the winter season, it’s no surprise that holidays do come into the picture. After all, holidays such as Christmas and New Year’s Eve are those coveted moments when you welcome your sons and daughters from schools and colleges or when you visit your parents who live far away and earnestly expect your arrival. Why not make this winter an unforgettable experience for all your dear ones? Go out on a vacation with everyone in your family- children, grandparents, parents and make countless memories on this well-deserved getaway. Located on Gschwandtkopf 702, 6100 Seefeld in Tirol, Österreich, the Seefeld Gschwandtkopf Ski Resort is situated in the Olympiaregion Seefeld (Tirol, Austria) and is famously called as the house of the mountain Seefeld. The resort accommodates for all the fun types of winter activities and is a common favorite among tourists and visitors. Head out to this incredible resort located in the heart of Austria and immerse yourself in the bliss of snow-covered valleys and mountains.



Resort Details


Seefeld Gschwandtkopf Statistics

Base Elevation: 3937 ft

Summit Elevation: 4921 ft

Vertical Drop: 984 ft

The Seefeld Gschwandtkopf ski resort is situated at an elevation of 1200 meters (3937 feet) to 1500 meters (4921 feet) and the general skiing and snowboarding season begins from early December and ends till late March. The trails and slopes are suitable for every level of skiers and snowboarders and the eight lifts available at this resort travel directly from Seefeld to the peak and the Sonnenalm, and of course, the weather and climate here at Seefeld creates the perfect atmosphere for exclusive skiing and snowboarding fun.


Skiing and Snowboarding Specifics


The Seefeld Gschwandtkopf Ski Resort provides 5 kilometers (approx. 3 miles) of trails and slopes for skiing and snowboarding activities. All these runs are designed for the use of beginners and amateurs who are just learning this sport of skiing and snowboarding. Such ski runs involve moderate to easy twists and curves which are perfect for practice for such guests. In fact, one of the many reasons why this resort is so popular is because it caters to the needs of young and novice participants eager to grasp this amazing winter sport.

Cross-Country Skiing


The Gschwandtkopf systematically provides one of the largest areas of cross-country skiing in the vicinity of this resort. Make your descent through the midst of snow laden paths and trails, being surrounded by the Tyrolean Mountains and applaud the sheer beauty that lies ahead of you. Indulge your entire body to breathe in the crisp, fresh and unpolluted air as you make your way to the top of the mountain trails. You would be able to witness the most genuine paths of cross cross-country skiing during your stay here at Seefeld.


Tobogganing Activities


For all those lazy blokes out there who wouldn’t work as hard as for skiing, Tobogganing is just the sport for you. Climb in with your family, whether large or small and zoom down the slopes as you feel the chilly winds swishing across your face. There are several toboggans runs here at this resort because they do realize the fun and joy you derive from participating in a winter sport along with your children and friends. In fact, tobogganing is indeed the most popular recreational activities during the season of winters, and almost every skier, snowboarder, guest and tourist from the age of nine to ninety-nine enjoy this fabulous activity.




For those of you who are not familiar with snowshoeing, let me tell you that this is nothing but hiking through the mountains and slopes and enjoying the lush green scenery that lies ahead. Over 142 kilometers (88 miles) of cleared expansive lands of well-prepared hiking trails extends to a fascinating winter landscape which will give and your accompanied members the relaxation and retreat that you all wish for. No wonder the winter seasons here at Seefeld receives a large number of tourists and guests who have been anxiously waiting all summer to engage in the winter walking paradise here at this enthralling resort.




The most convenient aspect of this resort is that it provides accommodation and lodging facilities for its visitors and tourists. They provide apartments of a variety of choices so that you are well aware of all the different apartments available and can browse through them to select your desired choice. Services include free Wi-Fi, ski storage area with lockable cabinet, bed linens, baby bed (requested in advance), free ski bus, parking lots and the basic amenities of towel disposal and waste disposal. Take a look at some of the apartments available.

Apartment 10–  Includes one room of approx. 35 square meters of the area on the south-side for two persons and costs 144 Euros during peak season (24.12.16-07.01.17) and (28.01.17-04.03.17) and 111 Euros during low season (01.12.16-23.12.16, 08.01.17-27.01.17 and 05.03.17-30.04.17).

Apartment 11– Includes two rooms of approx. 50 square meters on the south-side. For two persons, it costs 164.50 Euros during peak season and 123.50 Euros during low season. For three persons, it costs 179.50 Euros during peak season and 138.50 Euros during low season. For four persons, it costs 194.50 Euros during peak season and 153.50 Euros during low season.

There are also Apartments- 12, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 30, 31, 34 and 35 to choose from.

Tickets and Prices


Lift tickets are essential for you to purchase as they guarantee that you experience uninterrupted fun and frolic while staying at this resort. They are priced reasonably for you to avail them when you arrive at Seefeld. Lift tickets for one day for adults cost 43.50 Euros, for youths (1997-2000) cost 41 Euros and for children (2001-2010) cost 31 Euros. Ticket prices for two days for adults cost 84 Euros, for youths cost 77 Euros and fro children cost 50.50 Euros. For three days, tickets for adults cost 120.50 Euros, for youths cost 111 Euros and for children cost 72.50 Euros.

After reading all the above information and details which make it so convenient for your vacation here at Seefeld, can you resist such a beautiful opportunity to visit this paradise? If not, then do not waste any more time and get going! Because with so much on offer and so many things to enjoy here at the Seefeld, you cannot afford to sit at home this winter. So, go ahead, grab your passes, pack your ski gear and heat out for this awesome ski resort with your family and friends; returning with memories to cherish forever. Have fun.

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