Seefeld-Rosshütte – A White Sky Ride

Seefeld-Rosshütte is an old farming village Innsbruck-Land District in the Austrian state of Tyrol. Located about 17 kilometers (11 miles) northwest of Innsbruck on a plateau, this place has plenty on offer for everyone. Nonetheless, this place has been welcoming more than 1 million overnight stays each year and has been becoming one of the major tourist destinations especially for skiing in Winter. The Seefeld plateau has hosted the Nordic events of the Winter Olympics 2 times, and it is still as proud of the facilities they provide for Nordic skiing. If you’re a fan of sunshine and sun baths, it’s a great place for walking holidays in the Summer too. Good hiking places and much more. But as of now, let’s get to know how much fun skiing is here.


Seefeld has two main mountain areas, and this should get you excited. Here’s why. This beautiful and scenic landscape would make you want to learn skiing. It is the most challenging for intermediate skiers and above. Although uphill, it falls within walking distance from the main center. Many skiers prefer a bus which keeps looping around the resort and up to the base station. Those staying in other nearby resorts have ski buses which link into the Seefeld ski bus service or, you can also go directly to the Rosshütte. With well-maintained tracks and roads, Seefeld-Rosshütte leaves no way out to reach this serene place.

Starting from early December and lasting through early April, this little place can do wonders with the elements of surprises it possesses. The pure white snow is over everywhere, and the Rosshütte area is the biggest of all. It is fit for every type of skier, be it a beginner, a free rider or even an advanced one as long as the right slope is chosen.


The Two Sides to Seefeld-Rosshütte-


Seefeld-Rosshütte Statistics

Base Elevation: 4035 ft

Summit Elevation: 6772 ft

Vertical Drop: 2736 ft

Rosshütteis the left section in sight when looked upon the mountain. It is well on connectivity by a mountain railway which runs every 15 minutes throughout the day. The thing to notice is when it rises during the 10-minute journey to almost two-thirds of the mountain. Those who would like to head higher on this side have a couple of options, both of which end up in roughly the same place. This area is heavenly, not just to look but to feel and ski around.

Härmeleis the opposite side of the mountain that you see when you look at the mountain. It starts with a relatively lower level slope for the beginners and novices at the base station. There are two other runs on this lower level. From the Reitherjochalmhut, you can take a ssshort drop which leads to a path through the woods anddd brings you back to the lower Härmele run. It has pretty steep slopes and makes it harder in difficulty level as compared to other slopes around. A run from the top here down to the bottom is comparable to good red runs in other more renowned downhill skiing areas.

Ways to Reach Seefeld-Rosshütte-


You can reach this place by either a car, a train or flight.

If you plan on coming by road, you can access this place via two routes. All the routes are ideal for day visitors. The roads are well-maintained, well-developed with significant inclines. The majority of the parking spaces are available in a multi-storey parking garage. Sometimes snow chains are required if snowfall arrives. Road closures due to avalanches are unlikely.

Access via A12 Inntal Autobahn and exit at ZirlOst East. It is 11 kilometers (6.8 miles) far and takes approximately 10 minutes of driving time.

Access via Autobahn A95 Munich-Garmisch at the end of Autobahn Eschenlohe. It is 50 kilometers (31 miles) far and takes approximately 46 minutes of driving time.

The Seefeld train station is along the Garmisch-Partenkirchen. The train line mainly makes traveling easy for an aregional crowd. Ski buses are available to bring guests from the train station to the resort.

As to planes, there is one nearby airport to this ski resort. Airport Innsbruck is 19 kilometers (11.8 miles) away.

Availability of lifts - 

The elevation rises from 1230 meters / 4035 feet to 2064 meters / 6772 feet. 11 ski lifts are available, distributed into one funicular, two reversible ropeways, 3chairlifts, three rope tow lifts and three platter/button lifts. All of these together make it possible to carry 12534 passengers in an hour’s time. The total length is 11.8 kilometers / 7.3miles. If you are an enthusiast about lifts, follow the list below to find information about all the lifts available.

Sportis Megastar,90 meters (295 feet) long has the capacity of riding 600 people in an hour. It is a Rope-tow Lift.

Hochegglift, 125 meters (410 feet) long has the capacity of riding 500 people in an hour. It is a Rope-tow Lift.

Rosshütte, 2470 meters (8103 feet) long has the capacity of riding 1200 people in an hour. It is a Funicular.

Härmelekopfbahn, 1399 meters (4590 feet) long has the capacity of riding 450 people in an hour. It is a Rope-tow Lift.

Jochbahn, 905 meters (2969 feet) long has the capacity of riding 1200 people in an hour. It is a Rope-tow Lift.

Rosshüttenexpress, 1871 meters (6138 feet) long has the capacity of riding 2400 people in an hour. It is a High-speed Chairlift.

Hochangerbahn, 1268 meters (4160 feet) long has the capacity of riding 2013 people in an hour. It is a High-speed Chairlift.

Reitheralmbahn, 1260 meters (4133 feet) long has the capacity of riding 2000 people in an hour. It is a High-speed Chairlift.

Brandllift, 670 meters (2198 feet) long has the capacity of riding 1000 people in an hour. It is a T-bar Lift.

Jochlift, 838 meters (2749 feet) long has the capacity of riding 1000 people in an hour. It is a T-bar Lift.

Kaltwasserlift, 860 meters (2821 feet) long has the capacity of riding 1200 people in an hour. It is a T-bar Lift.

Sportis Megastar, 90 meters (295 feet) long has the capacity of riding 600 people in an hour. It is a Rope-tow Lift.

Hochegglift, 125 meters (410 feet) long has the capacity of riding 500 people in an hour. It is a Rope-tow Lift.



At Seefeld-Rosshütte, 20 kilometers (12.4 miles)of slopes of varying difficulty levels are accessible for all the skiing a skier would like to do. The slopes of varying degrees determine their difficulty level. If you’d like to get an instructor, contact the ski schools for one.


  • 50% of the trails are available for the beginners with enthusiasm for learning how to ski. These trails mark your ability to move forward with skiing. Trust your instructor, and you can learn everything you would like to learn about skiing. Never try to skip this trail, including any other ski resort.
  • 45% of the trails of intermediate level are for skiers with better skills than beginners. You can still practice on your own and test your skills. Or you can just the find your brave moments while skiing here. It is as fun as it can get. The instructors would always be happy to provide help.
  • 5% of the trails are the most challenging ones available here. All the experienced skiers have fun experiencing this trail. This isn’t just for practice. You’ll find you’re skiing on the wildest of all slopes available here. Take care of yourself on this trail. Don’t try without adequate knowledge of skiing and gliding through the snow.


Ski rentals -


Just in case you are in need of ski rentals, Seefeld has a rental station available. You may pre-order your equipment to find your stuff all prepared before you even reach the place. It is supplied by Alpinresorts and Skiset.


Highlights To Be Known -


The enjoyable and full of elements of surprises is a fun park here, made especially for the families and kids. It is called Crazy Hole, and this terrain park at Rosshütte ski resort has a collection of features with something for everyone- kickers, boxes, rails, quarter pipes, and airbags. Even so, valley run is available.

Restaurants-Seefeld-Rosshütte does not just take care of your body but attentions on your stomach too with all the super delicious cuisines it has. It could be a cold platter in a fancy mountain hut or fancy something with a contemporary touch; the wide selection takes care of every skier that comes here. You will find Rosshütte Restaurant, Coffee-Bar Segafredo, Skialm, Aprés-Ski-Umbrella-Bar, Hochegg-Alm and several another cute dining.

SportisKinderland-A perfect little skiing place for beginners and novices. It is a 20000 meters square area separated from the regular ski area to provide safety. The gradual increase in slope helps learn skiing easily and without any serious injuries. It makes the steps towards the main slope bolder.

Night Walking – You might like to take long winter walks at night around this place, and you won’t feel a thing, being lost in the grace of this place. Because if you’re not a big fan of alpine skiing, what’s better than getting on your best boots, a nice warm jacket and heading out in the snow.

Snowshoe Walking – You know, it is just what we already know. There’s no skill required, just the right equipment. That is a nice warm jacket and trousers, a good pair of boots and the strength to step out in the cold. It will only take half a day, and if you need more warm clothes, they can be rented from places around.

Cross-country Skiing – The practice of cross-country skiing is of great importance to many skiers as is downhill skiing. The villages of Leutasch, Scharnitz, Mösern, and Reith attend to this culture, and you would love skiing your way through all of these places. Hundreds of kilometers of tracks are carefully prepared by fine machinery with the supervision of experts and marked clearly.

Paragliding- The admittance to paragliding is available with nice instructors and good quality equipment.

Night Skiing – The floodlit slopes make it possible to ski even during the nights. Because the ski lovers just can’t get enough in 12 hours.

Free Wi-Fi – Enjoy free of charge Wi-Fi and use it all boasting about the beautiful place you are in.


After knowing all of the features this place has, any true skier shall be convinced how great this place is. Visit this place soon!

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