Sehmatal Neudorf-Germany

Sehmatal – The Finest Ski Resort in the Region!

What better a way than to ski yourself to vacation? Most vacations are planned with an aim to relax the body, soul and mind; and give you an experience that would last forever. If you love snow, skiing must be your forte, or you would want to make it yours. Germany houses an extensive array of ski resorts, ranging from altitudes of 2720 metres (8923 feet), with slopes of up to 1378 kilometres (856 miles). Most skiers who are at an intermediate level or advanced level of sport, find it easy to find spots to practice the same. However, there are only a few areas carefully crafted to fulfil a beginner’s thirst to learn the sport. One area that provides skiers with an opportunity to practice the sport is Neudorf – an area in the municipality of Sehmatal, in the district of Saxon, Germany. The area is snow clad for around more than quarter of a year, providing a sight of the land, looking as white as the clouds. Sehmatal-Neudorf houses a ski resort in its area called the Paulusburg ski resort, located in the German Ore Mountains. It is one of the ten highest elevated ski resorts in Saxony, Germany. The slope is family-friendly and especially suitable for children and beginners. Resort and Area Details The PaulusburgSehmatal-Neudorf houses a winter snow clad area situated at an altitude of 700 – 800 metres (2296.59 – 2624.67 feet). The vertical drop from the summit to the base is 107 metres(351 feet), thus, making the runs and slopes relatively short. Duration of snow season is around 90 days between December 19 and March 19. This season is a witness to snow of a depth of 3 inches in Sehmatal.

Sehmatal Neudorf Statistics

Base Elevation: 700 m

Summit Elevation: 800 m

Vertical Drop: 100 m

Skiing and Snowboarding

The snow clad area offers a ski area and slopes of around 1 kilometres (0.6 miles). The entire slope is a trail for beginners as they are marked as blue areas with fewer steep slopes, apt for providing a region for the beginners to learn skiing and snowboarding. A notable point is the availability of Valley run. One lift supports with the transportation of the skiers to the slopes. The cross country trails stretch for a distance of 25 kilometres (15.5 miles). These trails are covered by moderately trained skiers and snowboarders, dangerous for beginners. There are seven marked cross country trails, offering different levels of skiers and snowboarders, opportunities to enjoy their snowy vacation. The lift is a double major drag lift, 56 double hangers, with a capacity of carrying up to 887 people per hour, with a speed of 2.5 metres per second. The snowmaking equipment used for the artificial trails, manufactured by Techno-Alpin, with a 500-metre pipeline, has a power station of 35 KW power and has 6 connection possibilities for snow cannons. The area boasts of its availability of 100% artificial snow made with snow making equipment, hence providing an amazing experience for snow lovers. Other Interesting Details There is an extended availability of winter hiking trails, stretching over a distance of 5 kilometres (2.5 miles). Day ticket for children is priced at 6.50 € and for adults at 12.50 € for skiing. With their Pistenbully, they promise to serve the travellers any time. One can take a break in the functional building, equipped with floor heating and binge on the snacks counter too! There are facilities for children to paint and play while the parents enjoy skiing in this white capped region. Nearby resorts include the Novako, ELZA – SKI and Fichtelberg – Oberwiesenthal. The ski network around the village of Sehmatal-Neudorf provides an excellent surf area with nine trails for extensive skiing of different lengths. It is easy to get here by train, from Chemnitz, Oberwiesenthal and Zwickau. Also, there are several competitions held in this area. The area is a good time for your family to spend their vacations amidst the snow and fun and games. Since it has an easy and beginner level slop, it proves as one of the best trails for a person to try and learn skiing and snowboarding as a sport. The area is also the perfect getaway owing to its close distance from other resorts too, a drive away in the municipality of Saxon in Germany.

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