Shawnee Peak-USA

Enjoy skiing at the Shawnee Peak with your family and friends!

While watching some adventurous movies, you may feel that you must try out some of those adventures in your life, too. It may be possible that some of the stunts in the movie are out of your league, but you can go on adventures that suit your level. Some of the adventures that you can do and afford are skiing, snowboarding, riding, hiking to name a few. Aren’t you excited to find all those adventurous activities at a single place? If you are, then visiting this Shawnee Peak. The right stop to unleash your adventurous skills.

Shawnee Peak Statistics

Base Elevation: 600 feet

Summit Elevation: 1900 feet

Vertical Drop: 1350 feet

The Shawnee Peak is located at Maine in Bridgton, USA. This peak was developed as a recreational area in 1935 when multiple groups started developing a winter recreation area on the Northern Slopes of a pleasant mountain. The elevation of the peak is 1900 ft. with a base area of 600 ft. while the vertical drop of the mountain is 1350 ft. The place is the center of attraction for a large number of ski lovers in the region who visit the resort in large numbers during the winters. The Shawnee Peak is well-connected with major towns and cities, making it easily accessible by road and other transportation modes.

Information about Trails

There are 43 trail runs in the mountain peak. For the convenience of the tourists, they divided the runs into four different levels. The longest run in the Shawnee Peak is 1 mile long. It also provides night skiing facility by that you can ski or ride at night times under the shining stars on the glowing snow.

Beginner Level

Some tourists are completely new to skiing may be that might be the first time to watch other people ski too. These people come under beginners. They actually need to be trained about the basic things about skiing. There will be trainers to help the beginners hone the fundamental skills of skiing. Shawnee peak has allocated 25% of the trail runs for beginners. The training centre for the beginners is located at the base region, they provided a free lift to help parents to take their kids to the training centre.

Intermediate Level

Intermediate skiers are those who have some previous skiing experience, these people can ski on their own without having some guidance. The peak has allocated 45% of the runs for intermediate skiers. The peak has glade skiing in Sherwood Forest for these fellow tourists.

Advanced Level

Advanced level skiers would like to have some curvy trails to enhance their skills. The peak has provided glade areas off the east for advanced skiers, which covers 20% of the trail runs.

Expert Level

Experts would like to have some wild and narrow trails to practice their skills. The peak has provided 10% of the trail runs of the expert level skiers. The percentage itself shows that expert level tourists are very less in number.

Rental Equipment

You need not bother about bringing your ski boards and snow boards all over the way, there are rental shops which lease you the ski boards, snow boards and helmets. The rent of ski/snow board for all day or half day is 39 dollars, for night it is 27 dollars and after 5 it is 25 dollars. The rent of helmet is 10 dollars at any time and up to anytime in a day.

On the lower level of base edge is loctaed the Rental shop. The shop opens half an hour before the lift and it closes after half an hour after the lift. The payment for the rental equipment must be done at the ticket booth itself.

Lifts and Pricing

There are 4 ski lifts at Shawnee Peak which are chairlifts. The total capacity of the lifts is 6600 passengers per hour. The total lift length is 3.7 kilometer. The cost of the lift tickets divided into holiday and non-holiday sections. During holidays the cost of tickets for an adult full day is $69, mid-day is $59, Nights is $32 and for juniors it costs $55 for full day, $48 for mid-day, $32 for nights. During non-holidays the cost of tickets for an adult full day is $49, mid-day is $49, Nights is $32 and for juniors it costs $43 for full day, $43 for mid-day, $32 for nights.

Lodging Facilities

The Shawnee peak is a good recreation spot, it has a number of lodging partners. The lodging partners include East Slope Condos, Pleasant Mountain Cabins, Shawnee Peak House, and East Lodge Bunkhouse. The above lodges are at the base region. If you have a fantasy to live on top of the world, you can make it true with Shawnee Peak Mountain top Yurts and Cabins. The peak has constructed Yurts and Cabins on the top of it for its tourists and visitors. These Yurts and Cabins are available throughout the year.

The Northridge yurt sleeps 4 in two bunk beds with hypoallergenic mattresses whereas in Tuckerman’s cabin 6 people could sleep in two bunker beds and a double futon. You need to get your own bedding and pillows to sleep and also kitchen amenities if you are willing to cook some food. They provide two propane stoves to cook your food.

You need not worry about bone-chilling cold on the mountain top, they provide yurts and cabins with propane fireplaces. There are out door fireplaces also to provide you and your group enjoy gathering around it by dancing, chit chatting and playing some games. It provides you with all the assets to make your stay joyful and memorable.

Pricing For Lodges

The cost per one night stay in both yurt and cabin is 185 dollars plus a nine percent lodging tax and a hundred dollars of refundable security deposit is necessary. The refund of 100 dollars will be returned to you after the check out within 24 hours. If you are booking earlier then you must pay one night deposit at the time of your booking. The balance payment should be paid with in 30 days. The great news for the pet lovers is that they can bring their pets with them only if those pets are well trained. It is mandatory to inform at least 24 hours earlier to have a chance to stay here.

For transportation you need to pay extra charges and you must set up transportation 48 hours in advance. The transportation service will be provided on the availability of the staff.


There are events at the Shawnee Peak all round the year. It entertains its visitors with many fun events like Ski with Santa, Christmas Eve, Winter Festival in which it presents its famous Torch light Parade followed by spectacular fireworks display at 7:30 PM, Boys and Girls Clubs of Dorchester Day and a lot many events. It is well known for hosting events with respect to the season. It also conducts ski races and other events too.

It recently installed 3 new fan guns and 40 now low-3 tower guns to provide more fun to its tourists.

Blizzard’s Pub and Terrain Parks

Blizzard’s pub is located adjacent to the Shawnee Peak. It is well known for its vast menu consisting of food items from different countries. It contains all food items like fish, meat, burgers, sandwiches, pizzas, tea and coffee, beers and soft drinks etc. This pub plays an important role in entertaining its guests by live music and concerts. It provides a great platform for tourists to dance and rejoice themselves.

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