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Silver Mountain: Adventure Begins Here!

The Silver Mountain resort is Idaho’s favorite destination for round the year fun. It is just off the I-90 and will take you less than an hour’s time if you head east of Spokane and just 30 minutes away from Coeur d’Alene.

At Silver Mountain, you can indulge in both skiing and snowboarding. Further, these offerings are well served by modern lifts. Along with these, there are opportunities for you to go snow tubing and snowshoeing.

Moreover, as the summer months approach, the landscape changes and so do the culture of sporting enthusiasts. Silver Mountain has an all-season lodging area. In addition, the most popular of them is the Silver Mountain Lodging. Now, if you get to stay here, the best feature of this facility is that you will also be given access to Silver Rapids Water Park with every room. Yes, you definitely got that right.

The largest indoor water park in Idaho is Silver Rapids at the resort. Irrespective of the weather or the season this water park will provide you with perfect 84 degrees of water and a facility which is the size of a football field. This is a one of a kind destination where you can splash, ski, swim and surf – all in the same season. A word of advice – try surfing out there, not only are the waves just ideal but you sure as hell enjoy every bit of it.

The unique selling point of the Silver Mountain resort is, it being perfect for families. That is precisely the reason as to why people have been coming here for generations not only during winter but also in the summer season. They also provide your kids with a special pass, the Kids Passport using which children are able to access the even greater number of activities that are specially designed for their kind of fun. Adults, on the other hand, can enjoy skiing, gondola rides, biking, tubing, hiking among others. Children, on the other hand, can enjoy outdoor movies, water bomb fights, arts and craft activities, karaoke’s, and camp fires among the other activities. Now, if you require any kind of information pertaining to such kind of activities or games, or details about passes or more so anything under the mountain, you can get that information at the front desk. If your stars are right then you could also get special deals to maximize the fun.

Silver Mountain Statistics

Base Elevation: 4,100 ft

Summit Elevation: 6,297 ft

Vertical Drop: 2,197 ft

Since there are so many things to be done and games to be played that one almost inevitably tends to ignore rather overlook the gorgeous sceneries and the interesting town. To take away the unnecessary burden that you might find
yourself in you can just follow the following list to have even greater fun:

  • Trails of the Coeur D’Alene’s: There is a beautiful 72-mile long hiking path n which you can either ride or just run. This path is paved by professionals and is located along the CDA River.
  • Fishing on the Coeur D’Alene’s: Here you can engage in world-class fly fishing. The southern fork is quite close to the resort and can be reached by a simple walk whereas the much grander northern fork is just a little further and can be reached within 10 minutes or so. The North Fork is also known to be the best fly fishing spot of the region.
  • Riding in Hiawatha: There are these amazing trails of the Hiawatha which are regarded as the most scenic of the paths in the whole of the United States. The gravel trail here is re-purposed and along the path, there are some of the most amazing tunnels and the length of the longest is about 2 miles. This is always on the ‘must do list’ of any tourist who comes here.
  • Mine Tours: Going on a mine tour could very well be an interesting way of further exploring the area. Silver Mountain Resort takes the extra step and makes all the possible attempts to create a more interactive experience. The Silver Valley region as the name itself suggests has had a history of numerous mines due to which back in the day the region flourished. Now, as a result of all the mining activity in the region, its culture developed in the same way. Today, its rich heritage attracts not only history buffs but students as well who are studying mining and its paraphernalia. Through this tour, you will be given an extensive insight into the mining history and as to how miners survived underground for a prolonged period of times. What is exciting about this tour is that you will be taken underground where you can further explore and ask as many questions as possible.
  • Tasting at the Micro Breweries: There is a small town which is just 10 minutes down the road. This town goes by the name of Wallace. Wallace is home to two of the best microbreweries – The City Limits and Wallace Brewing, in the region. Now, the brewers there serve the fresh brews straight through a tap. It is how traditionally beer is consumed. You will get to experience the region and get nuanced insights about the town and the Valley in general. In any case, it does not get any better in a town which has a population of just 780 individuals. It will definitely be worth all your time.
  • Other Adventures: There is so much to do and experience that the sheer number of choices just might overwhelm you and if the above list also does not satisfy your gut then you could also try your hands at – zipliners, rafting, snowmobiling, 4 wheelers, hiking, swimming, boating in the backcountry lakes and much more. The Silver Mountain Resort is just a synonym for adventure in this part of the world.

Now comes the question of reaching the resort and the answer to this are just as simple as it gets. Situated within the bosom of the Idaho panhandle is the Silver Mountain Resort. It is about a quarter mile away from the I-90. Fortunately, this road does not have any confusing curves or knots. The resort can be easily reached and is a definite guarantee to the ultimate vacation.

Visiting Silver Mountain for the first time?

Vacations though are all about fun and what not, but surely end up making you anxious if your destination is fairly new to you and your family. Whatever the case may be a simple phone call can solve all your troubles.

The resort by itself proclaims to generate the most thrilling experiences in the state of Idaho and rightly so too. If you glance through the various testaments that the resort has received on various other forums you will surely be surprised.

Read further to know about the exciting features of the Silver Mountain resort area:

The Silver Rapids Indoor Waterpark Resort

The Silver Rapids Indoor Water Park at the Silver Mountain Resort area is a part of its Morning Star Lodge. Admittance to this water park can be pre-arranged or looked into once you have arrived at the resort. The pre-booking feature is in-fact best if you are travelling in a large group say, of 15 or more individuals. Secondly, information related to all bookings and related information can be easily accessed through an email or just a phone call. There is a disclaimer as per which children below the age of 13 must enter only under supervision.

Now, it is time to know what all attractions await you at this water park:

  • The Flowrider: It is a perfect continuous wave which can be body boarded or surfed. Flowrider is made possible by super powerful pumps which move nearly 60,000 gallons of water at 35 miles per hour. Now, what happens is that you almost remain still but it is the water which actually keeps on moving. This entire arrangement results in an illusion of you moving. It might look like a child’s play but requires certain degree skills. Even if you are a novice at surfing – trainers are there to guide you.
  • Cabana Rental: This section of the water park will provide you with semi-private settings that cater to comfort and ultimate relaxation. Cabana is the best way to enjoy time indoors with friends and family away from the cold outside. For booking or any other detail, you can always visit the help desk once you are there or call them.
  • Minor’s Island: If you were at any point wondering about the best feature of the water park then you sure are at the right spot. Minor’s Island is the ultimate destination which involves absolute adventure. To reach this place you will have to one of the two bridges. It is a multi-leveled structure and as you keep getting higher up so does the degree of fun.
  • Warm Spring: You ask anyone the location of Warm Spring and they will say that it is next to the Lazy River which is funny, so to say. It is nuanced and fun indoor spa with hot tub and also includes other modern facilities.
  • Hoop Lagoon: Boy this sure is fun! Here at the Hoop Lagoon, you will find an activity pool all covered with basketball hoops and a comfortable water court at 84 degrees.
  • Crossing: The Crossing is located right next to the Hoop Lagoon. It is designed in such a manner that it has a large lily pad like obstacles upon which the nimble footers can jump and cross easily.
  • Moose Sluice: It is a complete family raft ride kind of a setup. The raft is about 6 feet in diameter and can easily accommodate adults and children at the same time.
  • Trestles Surfside Grill/Hot Tubs: You have a fantastic water park and you enjoy your day long adventures filled with fun and a great amount of family time but there does seem something missing when the day approaches its end. Well, the answer to that is Trestles. The trestle is a bar with an amazing near panoramic view of the entire water park. To reach the bar you will have to climb up to the second floor of the mezzanine and then you can enjoy your favorite drink while you are either soaking up in a hot tub or simply enjoying watching the Flow Rider. This whole experience can be better understood while you are there rather than just by reading it. So what is stopping you? Get up and pack your bags and reach Silver Mountain as soon as possible.
  • Gold Rush & Prospector Plunge: The Gold Rush and Prospector Plunge are slides made up of fibreglass and almost 54 inches in diameter.
  • Pollywog Pond: Probably the wettest ride practically meant for the younger lot only. It is actually a shallow water pool which has 2 kiddy slides and a bungee swing.

More about Idaho’s premier skiing destination

For the more important part, the reason why thousands actually come to the Silver Mountain Resort – skiing. The resort offers as many as 2 mountains, 73 well-crafted trails, vertical drop measuring 2,200 feet, the most beautiful snowfall measuring one an average 300 inches annually and all of this in addition to 1,600 acres of fantastical terrain structures. Does it get any better than this, well hell yes!

The extensive glades at Silver Mountain indeed are gems of Idaho and the softness of the fresh powder – you are bound to get goose-bumps just by touching them. It is exciting, fun and will definitely drive your adrenalin into overdrive. Skiing in this country does not get finer than Silver Mountain.


Most resorts will provide you with excellent skiing opportunities but disappoint you when it comes to lodging. But not Silver Mountain – here you will find everything homely and downright customer oriented.

Centrally located in the resorts Gondola Village is the Morning Star Lodge. This lodge is the best, the most premier vacation and resort condominium. At this location, you will find everything to be straight up, designed to your comfort. With numerous floor plans, you will be provided with extensive and exclusive options to choose from. There are rooms which can accommodate families of varied sizes and also suit every budget points.

The Morning Star Lodge also has rooms that are exclusively meant for public gatherings and open spaces. You will find the warmth of natural fireplaces along with all the latest amenities such as high-speed internet connections, all in fitness centre, hot tubs on rooftops, recreation area and engagement rooms as well. They can also exclusively orient locations for specific occasions. If this does not satisfy your needs then surely access to Silver Rapids will. Once you stay here, you also get complete access to the water park.

Now, if these details seem too much to handle then that too is nothing big. Just ask for the professional concierge staff who are at all times on their toes just for your needs. They surely can assist you in making the most of your stay at the lodge.

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