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Silvretta Arena – The Best Skiing Destination in the Region!


Vacations need to be perfect. If it does not go according to what you have planned, it will not be a vacation but a disaster. Deciding which week to spend the holiday and coming up with the budget is not as difficult as deciding on the place for the vacation. To have a delightful trip, the destination that you select must be one of a kind or so. The kind that doesn’t lags in any factor. It must cover up everything: scenery, beauty, adventure, family bonding, great and comfortable accommodation and zero regrets.


It is the most hectic activity and brain exercise of all time. You must select from a very long list of places and find out which will be the worthy place. The real trouble comes up when up when you must select a destination for your winter vacation. It becomes a real mission to search for an idol place which keeps you warm even when there are snowfall and loads of snow at your doorstep.


Thanks to Austria, it comes to your rescue when it comes to spending a great winter. It is the house to several ski-resorts. One such ski-resort is Silvretta Arena. It is situated Paznaun-Ischgland has an elevation of 1,377 meters (4517.7 ft.) and 2,872 meters (9422.5 ft.). The ski lovers need to check off this place if they have not already. Silvretta Arena is well known for its winter sports, especially skiing.



Facts And Figures About Silvretta Arena


Silvretta Arena Statistics

Base Elevation: 4518 ft

Summit Elevation: 9423 ft

Vertical Drop: 4905 ft

It is located inPaznaun-Ischgl, Austria.

It has an elevation of 1,377 meters (4517.7 ft.) and 2,872 meters (9422.5 ft.). The elevation difference is what attracts the tourists most. It is the major factor contributing to the winter sports attraction.

238 kilometers (146.6 miles) of slopes at your disposal and a ski route stretching up to 15 kilometers (9.3 miles).

A total number of lifts are as follows:

3 Aerial tramways

4 Gondola lifts

25 Chairlifts

9 T-bar lifts

Additionally, you get four magic carpets as your mode of transportation.

Why Must You Choose Silvretta Arena?

Winter is the time of the year when people find places to escape to and have the best time of their lives. While each season has its own singleness to offer, winter, on the other hand, has many convivial adventures for us in store.

Most fervently awaited sports for the people, in winters are skiing, snowboarding, snow-shoeing, horse-riding in snow and tubing. Who on earth would miss a chance to glide down the mountain top, kissing the wind on the way, feeling the ultimate rush?

Alternatively, climbing the mountain at dawn just to see the dark sky getting lit statuesquely, feeling the warmth of the first ray of the sun? Silvretta Arena is the most pertinent place if you want to experience the best of winters and an exclusive vacation. People from across the world come to enjoy skiing and snowboarding here. It offers activities for all ages. The resort is surrounded by enormous snow-capped mountains and gives its tourists a magnificent view to pacify them. Even though Silvretta Arena boasts a great elevation which makes it an idol place for spending your winters, it is notably known for skiing, among other ice sports.

The resort has all categories of pistes which can be enjoyed by everyone be it adult or a young one. There are three categories:

47 kilometers (29.2 miles) of easy slopes for all those people who have very less experience in sports such as skiing, freestyle, snowboarding and so on.

142 kilometers (88.2 miles) of moderate slopes for people who have tried their hand on skiing or snowboarding and will not hurt themselves anyway even if they face a few obstacles.

49 kilometers (30.4 miles) of difficult slopes for all those who like to take risks and enjoy obstacles and all the other ultimate adventurous sports.

The ski lessons and the ski coaches help you determine your level of skiing. Per your level, you get a clear head about which slope you must go on to.


People have ample of the area at their feet, and they will have guaranteed fun to an infinite extent. Moreover, why not? Hundreds of miles below your feet and all you need to do is just select this place as your up-coming vacation’s destination. Even though Silvretta Arena has mostly difficult slopes but doesn’t let that put you off. You can enjoy other sports that will make your holidays the best time of your lives. All ages are welcome here.


You will definitely love the snow that is assured in peak season from the month of November to May. You will also enjoy the huge snow parks, one being Ischgl snow park. Also, you do not get to wait in long queues of air-lifts or cable cars; the service is that fast and prominent.




Things To Do In Silvretta Arena


Silvretta Arena has mostly the difficult pistes. However, it also has a good network of pistes connected with the other resorts and mountains. The snow in abundance gives you the opportunity to have other sports in your list.




The classic sport is an all=time favorite for almost every person irrespective of their level of skiing. Silvretta Arena is an idol place for the people who are experts in skiing and have played enough on obstacles and have enjoyed it as well. Though there are no halfpipes, the place has given the substitute, snow parks or fun parks. The well-groomed pistes and correctly placed obstacles just give a new life to the sport. People with levels below expert too can enjoy in these fun parks as separate pistes are groomed for them to enjoy their share of vacation.




One of the most loved sports that one awaits to try is cross-country skiing. The runs networks are absolutely stunning, and you even get to measure the speed at which you are skiing down, free of charge! The people have a huge space to enjoy skiing in the most satisfactory manner. You get snow, even off season, thanks to the snowmaking technology. You have the jaw-dropping scenery around you if you are a nature lover. The ski trails run through astounding winter landscapes. You will have plenty of room to show-off your ski skills and have the ultimate fun

One must keep in mind that the slopes are not for absolute beginners in skiing. Try out the ski lessons and hire a coach to judge how well you can ski and how much work you have to put on yourself to get on the slopes.




Skiing is not everyone’s cup of tea. Some of us simply don’t get accustomed to the sport no matter how much practice we had or how many instructors we change. One might just fall on his or back since it is a very challenging sport to learn. Moreover, what’s the best way to have a closer look at the view which others are looking at from a distance? Snow-shoeing! This is a totally different sport which requires a lot of muscle activity. Hence, it is a good exercise as well. The sport is a great substitute for skiing. No adventure, just the beauty, and a good walk through the exquisite valley.




If you are not a fan of snow-shoeing, don’t worry, no one is going to judge you or tease you over the fact that you will miss out on some captivating views and a good peaceful time; because you will not. The best alternative and a light adventure of its own, horse-drawn sleigh rides is the best solution for you. Be it, children, be it a young couple or the old, this surely will give you a great time as you ride through the place. It gives you an opportunity to have a close look at all the mesmerizing beauty of the place. You sit, talk, bond and enjoy the ride where you have to just your eyes and let the whole scenery sink in.




Along with a captivating view, the snowboarding in this resort will definitely make you feel younger and the young ones as pros. A number of snow parks and fun parks guarantee the best snowboarding experience for all ages as well as all levels. To get high on the adventure, you also get to try your skills on obstacles laid for you. The snow in abundance, well-laid obstacles and good a fine practice will let you have the ultimate fun of your life. Experience adrenaline rush as you go through the obstacles while you freestyle on a snowboard.


Thing One Must Keep In Mind


Mostly the slopes are for those who have good experience on slopes. One must get ski lessons and go on the slopes

The slopes are open from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. One must not try skiing or any other winter sport after closing hours as the lift operator will not be held responsible for any unfortunate event on the slopes that occurs after the closing hours.

The opening times are decided by ski resorts, depending on the weather conditions of the region.

With so much on offer, you cannot afford to miss out on all the fun here. Visit Silvretta Arena soon. Have fun!

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