Simmelsberg – off to ski!



 Location and resort details:

Simmelsberg Statistics

Base Elevation: 2165 ft

Summit Elevation: 2766 ft

Vertical Drop: 600 ft

Simmelsberg ski resort is located in the County of Fulda (Germany, Hesse (Hessen), Kassel (region)).With an elevation of as high as660 to 840 m, that comes out to be 2165 ft – 2765 ft, the resort is one of the three highest resorts in the area.The elevation difference of the resort is a sharp 180 m (600 ft). The maximum vertical altitude is 840 m (2,765 ft) that gives a breathtaking a view of the valley below and of the complete area. Simmelsberg is also among the three largest resorts of the area. The resort also has the honour of being among the top five rated resorts in Hesse.


Ski statistics:


The ski resort Simmelsberg boasts of 6.1 km (3.8 miles) of groomed terrain available for the best ski experience for the visitors. The total run distance is around 5 km (3.1 miles). 30% of the total run, that is, 1.5 km, can be categorised into the easy level of difficulty, while 40%, that is, 2 km, falls in the range of intermediate difficulty. Also, for those willing to explore the more adventurous side of themselves, some advanced runs are also available that make up to 30% of the total runs. The advanced runs are of about 1.5 km. There is a total of three types of pistes (tracks/runs/slopes) at the resort. 1 of them is blue piste, i.e., easy difficulty level. Another one is red piste which is of moderate difficulty level, and yet another one is the black piste, which is of advanced level. This run is for the more seasoned and experienced skiers. The runs are naturally occurring slopes, and so, artificial snowmaking facilities are not there and are not required either. Snowboarding facilities are also available at Simmelsberg. Thus, visitors can choose to have both kinds of fun on the same trip and at the same time!

Ski lifts:

The resort can be accessed by three lifts to transport the guests in the resort from the valley station to the top station. These lifts have a capacity of carrying 2320 passengers per hour. The total length of the lifts is around 1.1 km (0.68 miles). These include two T-bar/platter/button lifts and one rope tow/beginner lift. The following lifts are operational at Simmelsberg:



Rope tow/beginner lift:



This lift has a capacity of 800 per hour. It has a length of 150 m.

T-bar/platter/button lifts

SkiliftSimmelsberg (YOC 1965) It is a T-bar lift. The length of this lift is 500 m. It has a carrying capacity of 1000 persons per hour.

SG Kinzigtal/Rothenberger

It is a J-bar lift. The length of this lift is 400 m. It has a carrying capacity of 720 persons per hour.

Ski pass prices:

The full-day ski pass for Simmelsbergcosts 17 euros for adults and 13 Euros for children. A half-day ski pass for adults costs around 12 Euros while that for children costs around 10 Euros. Group discounts are available for mass bookings. Thus, a trip to Simmelsberg resort could prove to be an incredible bet for a family or group of families looking to spend some quality time together on an exciting vacation to a ski destination! All the fun and frolic packed together on an exciting vacation that also goes easy on the pockets. Travelling in groups can prove to be of great advantage to your wallets because it becomes all the very more reasonable and affordable.

Operational timings:

The general season when the resort is functional is early December to late March. The operational timings are 09:00 – 17:00. The timings can vary based on external conditions, the day of the week, school holidays and public holidays.

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