Sipapu Ski Resort-USA

Sipapu Ski Resort: For the Mountain and its Eccentricities

The Sipapu Ski Resort for the longest time, in-fact beginning since the 1950s has been a complete family destination. Now, this philosophy of theirs is quite avidly visible in the nearby regions as well. Along with the art and architecture to schemes and designs – everything is there to suit the requirements of a family. Moreover, because of this very intent, people from the nearby localities, towns, cities and even from far away destinations prefer coming here for the perfect holiday.

The resort offers 41 of the most well crafted and maintained runs and a vertical drop of smooth 1,055 feet. Here on an average the annual snowfall rate is about 200 inches and combines it with the snowmaking units evenly installed at every location – you will find that everything is done to please the families.

The terrain is varied and quite diverse. Along with the terrain parks, which provide plentiful opportunities for all the experts to sharpen their skills, the resort becomes a home for everyone.

Sipapu Statistics

Base Elevation: 8200 feet

Summit Elevation: 9255 feet

Vertical Drop: 1055 feet

There are certain special deals which Sipapu offers. Read below to know more:

First 3 lessons for Free

It is a package that has been created especially for the first time skiers and snowboarders who are over the ages of 7. The resort has a Frequent Sliders Club which offers the first timers as many as 3 free lessons and this fact is contingent on the fact that you will have to purchase at least one full days full priced lift ticket.

Now, as far as the Frequent Sliders Club is concerned, it was created specifically keeping in mind first-time skiers and snowboarders. These programs are meant for individuals who are over the age of 7 years and have never been on the slopes – be it adults, teens or kids. Among the things and skills that are taught to you include the fundamentals of stopping, making turns, and boarding & deboarding the lifts. People who take up this program take the Magic Carpet Lift for all their exercises.

Lesson Timings

The lesson timings are mentioned below:

o    Half-day: The half-day lesson begins at 10 am and concludes by 1 pm., typically, it last for about 2 hours.

o    Full day: The full day lessons begin at 10 am and involve a lunch break in between at noon. There is no supervision that is provided during the lunch hour which lasts for an hour – between 12 noon and 1 pm., parents can ask their children to show off their recently acquired skills. Post this hour the classes resume and finally conclude by 3 pm.

The desk of the ski school is located at the first level of the main lodge. You will have to purchase the lessons at least an hour before the classes commence. The resort does not accept any reservations made in advance. So be on time.

Season passes:

Each year Sipapu Ski Resort comes up with its seasonal passes by the name of Power Pass. It is regionally considered to be the Most Powerful Pass in the Southwest. If you are the proud owner of this pass then you can ski or snowboard on five mountains, namely – Purgatory, Hesperus Ski Area, Arizona Snowbowl, Sipapu and Pajarito without any blackout dates.

Now, if you want an unlimited access to ski at any of the given mountains above (that is, Purgatory, Hesperus Ski Area, Arizona Snowbowl, Sipapu and Pajarito) then you must most definitely get your hands on the – New Mexico Pass PLUS or the New Mexico Pass. The PLUS passes will allow you to take 3 free days at the Purgatory and Arizona Snowbowl along with $50 worth of lift tickets at the Purgatory. On the other hand, just the New Mexico Pass will allow you 3 free days at the Arizona Snowbowl in addition to $50 worth of lift tickets at the Purgatory.

Free Lodging Days

They offered this experience during the previous season as well and there they come again. Under this program, you can stay for free at their exquisite hotel or lodging rooms. This offer is contingent on the fact that you will at least have to purchase one of their adult full day, full priced lift tickets. If you are worried that there must be an otherwise catch then please be rest assured because the lift ticket just costs a mere $45. This lodge is located in close proximity to the base area. In-fact you can reach there from the centre of the resort by taking a short walk. Each of their hotel rooms includes two queen sized beds and a full bathroom. Now, all you have to do is just log on to their website, fill up the required form and make the necessary payments. You will be ready to go.

Free RV Hookups and Campsites

The resort’s RV park and the campsite are located in the Rio Pueblo. Because of the outside location, you will be able to appreciate the magnificent view of the various mountain peaks. To avail this package you will have to purchase an adult’s full price, a full day lift ticket costing not more than $45. This offer is indeed good and a guarantee of no blackout dates.

Discounted Lift Tickets

Before the season formally commences the resort gives away massively discounted tickets for the skis and rides. Typically, the prices for an adults or teens lift ticket will reach $25 and the same for kids (between the ages of 7 and 12) will be for $15. Seniors can also get tickets for $15.

Also, with every ticket that you purchase you automatically enter into a lucky draw – the main prize of which is a complete vacation at Sipapu.

Similarly, there are many other deals that you can win. If you are an active military personally then there is something for you too. You could easily get a free ski trip. On the other hand, there are more offers such as – if you stay here for 2 nights the 3rd night gets free along with seniors who are 70 or older, you guys can ski here for absolutely free.

To avail such exciting offers all you have to do is be a little vigilant and book your tickets at the earliest before they run out.

The Mountain

The Sipapu Ski Resort is said to have the longest ski season in New Mexico. It also features as a fantastic summer sports destination. Given the resort have some of the most amazing mountains terrain structures which have been well crafted to suit every skill level.

If you want to explore the mountain without the lift then the folks at the resort suggest that it is a great idea. You can in-fact do that throughout the year. Sipapu has always worked on the philosophy where customer satisfaction comes first. The resort might be smaller as opposed to the others in the region but it sure can give the best of them a run for their money.

The mountain and the resort all in all is extremely family friendly. You are bound to meet people who have been coming here for generations and some grandparents get their grandchildren along to share with them their childhood memories.

You can check out at the main desk the various events that take place at the resort each year and mind you most of them are conducted free of any charges. The slopes of the Sipapu Mountain are also considered to be the best on which you can learn to ski. So why not exploit the mountain and the snow sports school which is located here. For more details about the school and various events, you should glance through their seasonal calendars.


Staying on mount Sipapu can be an experience of a lifetime. Check out the various kinds of lodging options that the resort offers:

Abode house: Back in the day it used to be the residence of the founding family of Sipapu – Loyd and Olive Bolander. It was only recently refurbished and turned into a perfect lodge. If privacy atop the hill is what you seek then the Abode House is your destination.

Apartments: It is located in close proximity to the trout-stocked pond. These apartments offer some of the most unique lodging options that you will find anywhere. There are rooms which can accommodate families or groups of all sizes.

Bunk rooms: These rooms are located right below the apartments and were created keeping minimalism in mind. Be it the design or features everything follows the same tradition.

Cabins: Everybody wants a cabin in the woods but only some get a chance to stay in a Cabin atop a hill. This is your chance to stay in a facility which overlooks the fishing pond, gazing straight at the mountain. If you are small sized family or just a couple then this is the ideal thing for you.

Campsite: Sipapu Ski Resort’s campsites are nothing less than magical. They are located on the Rio Pueblo and are just slightly outside the resort.

Duplexes: These have been the most popular accommodation facilities at the resort for the longest time and are located just a few meters away from the base area.

Among the other accommodation options are – Hotel Rooms, Lodge Rooms, Mobile Homes, RV Spaces and traditional Suits. Each one of them is unique simply because of the grand view outside the windows that you get.

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