Sirnitz-Hochrindl - Ski to the Limit


With hectic and monotonous city life almost everyone has forgotten the bliss that nature can give you. Are you tired of your dulcet routine day in and day out? Well, its big time you rejuvenate yourself. Interacting with nature is the best way to do it. There are many ways to do that, but certain activities are so epic that they are the ones you should try out. Get out of your comfort zones and pack your bags and go Skiing. Don’t limit just to Skiing. You can try out Snow Boarding, Mountaineering, and other cool activities. Never limit your experiences because you know you only live once. With winter approaching, Skiing is the perfect activity to do to relieve the fact of being alive. Never before you would have felt what it is like to truly be alive by mind and heart.


Inspired to feel the adrenaline pump through you, are you looking for the perfect destination for your weekend skiing adventures. Take the world map and spread it wide. So many places to pick from isn’t it? The right one to make some beautiful memories is there in Austria. Sirnitz-Hochrindl is where you should be heading towards. Hochrindl is an exquisite mountain pass in Austria which is also an Alpine Ski resort located between Reichenau and Albeck. Further, the place enjoys great connectivity with neighbouring towns and cities, making it readily accessible all throughout the year.




A Perfect Holiday Destination!


Sirnitz-Hochrindl Statistics

Base Elevation: 5052 ft

Summit Elevation: 6194 ft

Vertical Drop: 1148 ft

It is a perfect holiday destination and also the spot of attraction for winter as well as summer tourism. This wide majestic Ski Resort is located at Nockberge. The main winter sports area stands at an elevation of about 1500 to 1900 meters. There are an abundant number of spots available for skiing and snowboarding. The total length of all slopes stretches up to 20.6 Km. There are also seven lifts available to transport tourists around and for sight seeing.


If you are a bachelor, this place is perfect for your chiller parties. Come along with your gang of friends and have the time of your life. Even for the family guys, the snow filled mountains with alluring atmosphere brings in the sense of togetherness and bonding. Kids will love this place. Adults will relive their childhood. Nature is at its best. A lot of accommodation facilities are available to assist tourists, and also there are many more interesting and surprising activities to take part in. This is the perfect get away from your frustrations of daily life.


The Slope Analysis


The mountain slopes have varied conditions to provide unique experiences to tourists with different skiing and snowboarding skills. The 20.6 Km total length is primarily classified under three categories, Easy, Intermediate, and Difficult. The slope that can be used by beginners is estimated to be about 5.6 kilometers long which is quite convenient to practice and enjoy the thrill. The intermediate level is at 11.4 Km, and difficult stretch is about 3.8 Km. The turns and uniformity of the intermediate level are good enough for those with previous skiing experience. The difficult stretch is rough with challenges. You can try it out if you are an energetic, fun loving daredevil or want to be someone like that. Of course, wear protective gear, and there is nothing to be scared of. Another beautiful aspect is that in Hochrindl you can even Ski at night generally two days a week. (Wednesday and Saturday). Imagine that spectacle of skiing with Constellations decorating the sky and Moon lightening the track. Well, you no longer need to imagine. Come along and experience the unbelievable moments with your own eyes.



Travel to the Peak on a Sky Lift!


Sky lifts are some amazing transporting technology. Truly visiting a Ski resort begins and ends with a sky lift. If not in reality then at least in memory. The first time you travel uphill, the excitement pumps up. The beauty of nature embraces you from all sides. The last time you come downhill, a sense of achievement and satisfaction fills your heart. It may feel as if the enchanting nature surrounding you is bidding you a perfect goodbye. There are in total seven sky lifts at Sirnitz-Hochrindl which could carry around 7700 passengers per hour. They are indeed sufficient for comfortable transport. The lift length in total is 5.8 Km. Among the seven 5 are T-bar lifts and one is chair lift and other is a Rope tow. Each lift is given a specific name too.

How much does it Cost?


Compared to the overwhelming experience the price is small to pay. It is definitely worth it. Get you cash or card and plan your budget ahead. To obtain the day tickets for Ski pass in the main season you would require 32 euro while for youth it is 26 euro. Children have a considerable concession, and they need to pay 18 euro. Also, there are reasonable family discounts and packages. Children under the age of 6 are blessed with free passes.


The Snow at Hochrindl


Snow is the main attraction in skiing or any other related activity at a Ski Resort. The average depth of snow is measured at 25 cm at the base and 20 cm at the mountain which is quite comfortable for smooth skiing and snowboarding. Also, the nature of the snow is artificial. Valley run is also accessible in the current season.

The Other Amazing Things You Can Do

Skiing is just the beginning. Wondering what else is in store for you at the Sirnitz-Hochrindl? There are plenty other exotic activities to try out.


Fun Park– Hochrindl has a beautiful fun park perfect for snowboarding. There are no deep snow areas and no counter ascents. Don’t forget to experience snowboarding here.


The Ski School – Don’t know how to Ski? Well, there is a perfect Ski school just for people like you. They teach you everything you need to know about skiing down the slopes, and they also take care of your children.


Apart from these, there are facilities available for Snowmobiling, gondola rides, Ice Skating, Hiking, and snowmaking. Sounds too much fun? If not enough you can go and visit the water park. There is an indoor as well as an outdoor water park.


You can also have quality family time with slope side dining. No wonder, Sirnitz-Hochrindl has become a hotspot ski resort.


Additional Information about the Place


The general season timing is early December to Mid-March. Mark your calendars. That is when you should plan your vacation. The regular functioning timings are 9 AM to 4 PM. These timings are important to be noted down. They will be needed to plan your schedule. Also, timings may vary depending on the weather conditions and other external aspects. The connectivity to this place is very convenient. There are three airports situated around the place. Just a 120 minutes ride away they provide accessibility making Hochrindl a good place for weekend plans for skiing, snowboarding or a short vacation. The nearest Airport is Klagenfurt which is just a 1-hour ride under normal weather.


It is worth your time to feel the nature here at Hochrindl with your family and friends.  The moments spent here is sure to become a nostalgic memory in the years to come. Do not miss out this amazing opportunity and perfectly plan your schedule for the upcoming winter. Lose yourself in the mesmerizing atmosphere of Hochrindl. Because with so much on offer, you cannot afford to miss out on all the fun on offer here at the Sirnitz Hochrindl. So what are you waiting for? Grab your tickets, pack your bags and head out straight for this awesome resort with your family and friends and make the most of the ongoing winters. You will not regret it, we promise!

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