Ski Area Employees Injuries Claims-News

Posted On: 12 Nov 2019


According to the latest research in the National Ski Areas Association Capitol Watch, skiing employees have the third highest incidence rate of nonfatal occupational injuries among all industries in the U.S.


All employers must acknowledge workplace injury and illness data to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) annually. It shows that the rate of 10.1 injuries per 100 employees in 2017. This is nearly double the number of 2014, with an injury rate of 5.6 injuries per 100 employees.


Working at Ski area is a risk which cannot be unseen and all we can do is to take precaution. Ski areas are giving good care of their employees and worry about their safety. OSHA is likely to step up its scrutiny of ski areas through tightening inspections, unannounced audits, higher fines, and penalties.

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