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What happens when temperatures start soaring? We start finding cooler alternatives. When summers arrive people go swimming in pools, go to beaches, eat a lot of ice cream and the list can go on and on. So when the winters arrive what is the best on offer? We should find things that bring out the fire within us. By that, it definitely does not mean to sit by your fireplace and enjoy watching snowfall but instead do things that burn a fire within you. That fire is brought out by seeking out the adventurous side of yourself. So when the snow falls this winter, just pack your bags for the weekend because you are going to light up that fire.

To light that fire go skiing, snowboarding, ski mountaineering, cross country skiing, and many other thrilling activities. It all comes down to the adventure type you decide to go with. Skiing being the most famous and typical snow sport that is available easily in many areas. Skiing is not only fun but full of adventure and risks. Skiing is for everyone. Even a rookie can ski with professional guidance and on the proper terrain. Many skiing resorts also offer ski lessons for short duration so that guests can have as much fun as they want with nothing stopping them. Skiing areas are divided into terrains according to different levels. Terrains for experienced skier will be distinct from the terrain for a beginner skier. So, pack your bags and get your essentials together and select a destination for this winter.

China Peak Statistics

Base Elevation: 7030 feet

Summit Elevation: 8709 feet

Vertical Drop: 1679 feet

Ski China Peak is just the place for anyone seeking out adventure with snow. Ski China Peak is located in Central California and is famous as a ski spot. It is named after the Chinese Mountain Peak. The area is known for the most adventurous skiing as it receives a substantial snowfall of 300 inches. The place has a top elevation of 8709 feet and a base elevation of 7030 feet. The skiable area is of 1200 acres that has 45 runs. The longest run offered by them is 3.62 km and is known as Academy. This run is especially perfect for those who are learning to ski and just trying their hand for the first time. This gives everyone the opportunity to explore the mountain slope from every possible position while they are skiing down the slope and cold wind opposes them at every turn. The Ski China Peak has a total of eleven lifts out of which 3 are triplets, 4 are doubles, 2 are handle tows, 1 is t – bar and one is moving carpet. This allows them to provide their guests with a lot of freedom to choose from a lot of good options.

Terrain offered by Ski China Peak

Ski China Peak offers various terrains but amongst those three are very famous. The runs are available for beginner skiers, intermediate skiers, and experienced skiers. They are according to the latest trend to provide the riders with the adventure and the challenge they seek. The different terrains are –

  • Firebowl – This terrain was shaped according to the need of freestyle skiers. This terrain is for the experienced skiers as it gets as dangerous as a skier can imagine it to be. This terrain was meant to give free riders a special area of their own. The terrain boasts of providing the riders with the opportunity of two big jumps right off the top that gives them some biggest air they have ever seen. Also, the park administration added new kink rails and also a number of other boxes and rails throughout the run.
  • Canyonlands Burton –This terrain has two courses to offer. One course is specially designed for families. Here an entire family can have fun together. It is adventurous and fun, and the whole family gets to do it together. The run is filled with bank turns rollers and small jumps so that even the children can have fun here and do not feel left out. The second course is for those skiers who are not that experienced yet would like to go fast and catch some air. This is for intermediate skiers who have the basic knowledge of skiing and have done it at least more than ten The run is fast and steep and gives an immense thrill to the skier.
  • Progression / Ullmann’s Alley – This run is meant for the beginner level skiers. The slope is gentle and yet very scary when you once gain speed, and then there is no going back.
  • Beginner’s level – The place has many runs for beginners. Out of the total run, 11 % terrain is for beginners. The run is made according to the need of guests so that they do not feel frightened and learn first freely.

Intermediate level – Out of the total terrains, 28% is meant for the intermediate skiers. These a little more tough and the risks are increased. The overwhelming feeling enhances the fire within you to such levels that fear deserts your body and you will do things you cannot imagine.

Experienced level – Out of the total terrains, 33 % is meant for advanced skiers. It is for skiers who have the skills and need the practice to move on to forward levels.

Advanced level – Out of the total terrains, 28 % is meant for those who have learned every possible thing about skiing. They can compete with other skiers and also show off their skills.

Whenever we are planning a trip, the biggest question is how much it is going to cost you. It is very important to know of your expenditure before so that you can plan your stay accordingly. Accommodation, food, lift tickets, travel expenses and the things you might need are all important aspects of planning the trip. The rates for lift tickets range from $30 for kids from 6 to 12 years of age to $55 for senior plus citizens to $75 for adults. They are free for children below than five years of age. The lift tickets cost a little higher on holidays. However, you can avail some discount both on regular day tickets and holiday tickets if you purchase them online in advance.

Those interested in buying tickets online in advance must make sure that you should book tickets at least one day before only then it will be valid. The charges for half day will be different and for beginner’s access to moving carpets will be different.

Accommodation –
The Inn at China Peak is a beautiful place to stay. The inn is on the slope side, so the view is spectacular. The cuisine offered at the place features a lot of dishes the specialty being steak cuts, succulent fish, pasta dishes, delicious gourmet burger and homemade soups. The bar has to offer many extraordinary beverages and tasty appetizers. Ski China Peak has got several types of rooms such as economy room, standard room, standard with king room, suite, and deluxe suite for people with varying affordability. The economy room is priced the lowest at just $129 on regular days and $159 on holidays while the deluxe suite is the most expensive costing $299 on regular days and $329 on holidays. The other rooms cost anywhere from $179 to $249 on regular days and $199 to $269 on holidays.

All the accommodations offer skiers a continental breakfast in the Inn dining area. With so much on offer, Ski China Peak is truly the best place to spend your winter vacation with family and friends. Go ahead, pack your bags and visit Ski China Peak to make the most of your winter vacation. You’ll return with memories to cherish for lifelong and have fun that is truly second to none!

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