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Ski Santa Fe: New Mexico’s Favorite!

Santa Fe, the city has been widely recognized across the United States for its historic relevance and artistic prowess. Ski Santa Fe the legendary skiing destination is located right above, nestling in the misty mountain cold over this well-known city. More often than not visitors get immersed in the beauty of this skiing destination and forgo the town itself. Overall the entire region has featured in numerous new pieces where it was tagged as the most visited destination in the country.

You will find the abundance of varied and well-groomed terrain structures at the ski area. If you are looking for isolated locations then you can get that too here along with cruisers, runs with the mellow and interesting bump-like structures and small bowls, a few of the short chutes and perfect glades along with fantastic tree runs.

Santa Fe Statistics

Base Elevation: 10350 feet

Summit Elevation: 12075 feet

Vertical Drop: 1725 feet

Ski Santa Fe has become the one stop destination for all powder related fun and all of this has been made possible because of its 12,075-foot summit, a rather generous 1,725-foot vertical drop, and the magnificent 77 trails. Their lodging and dining facilities also compliment and make you feel as though you are sitting inside of a large birds nest. Words can hardly describe the experiences that you can actually get here. So, come on – get here at the earliest and materialize the best snow memories yet.

Reaching Ski Santa Fe

The Ski Santa Fe area is situated towards one end of the New Mexico state and can be easily reached by taking the Highway 475. If you are travelling from the city of Santa Fe then the distance that you will be required to travel will be just 16 miles. The journey itself will be one of a kind because of the fantastical Santa Fe National Forest.

Public transport was only recently started between the ski area and the city of Santa Fe. Now, if you require information pertaining to the schedule and other information you can very well call them on – 866-206-0754 or visit the Ride the Blue Bus website. Taking the bus will not only enable you to avoid the traffic but also facilitate convenience.

The Mountain

The mountain has a base elevation of 10,350 feet providing a kind of launch pad for an ultimate skiing experience for you and your respective families. The Ski Santa Fe resort is situated at a distance of 16 miles from the city of Santa Fe. The city itself will provide you with immense and rich cultural, fine arts and ultimate cuisine experiences. When it comes to other skiing destinations there is nothing that really beats Ski Santa Fe. Following are few of the details which you will have to keep in mind while planning your next best skiing experience:

  • Opening dates: The skiing destination opens up usually during the second week of December.
  • Closest city: The closest city is Santa Fe which is approximately at a distance of 16 miles from the resort.
  • Trails: There are basically 79 trails which can be further divided into the following:

o    Beginners: 20%

o    Intermediate: 40%

o    Expert: 40%

  • Groomed runs: There are 36 well-groomed runs at the resort.
  • Snowmaking: Basically 50% of the skiing terrain has been fitted with snowmaking machines which facilitate during those times when snowfall is inadequate.
  • Restaurants: There are about 200 restaurants in the region which offer some of the most eclectic cuisines.
  • Snowfall: The region receives an average 225 inches of snowfall.
  • Must visit destination: The most important destination to be visited in the city is the 400-year-old City Plaza.
  • Area: The resort has 660 acres of magnificent terrain.
  • Vertical Lift: The resort has a vertical lift of 1,725 feet.

When it comes to the history of the mountain its development can be traced back to October 1984. During this time the previous owners of this ski area – Kingsbury Pitcher sold it to Sandia Peak Ski / Tram and Alvarado Realty. This deal was cracked bt Ben Abruzzo. Around summertime the very next year the Las Casa Mall was constructed and about three years later in the beginning of November 1988, another major addition was made when the Santa Fe super chief quad chair lift was installed and opened for visitors. This lift is about 4,300 feet long and it generates a vertical lift of about 900 feet. It nearly cost the company three fourth of a million dollars. Next in line was the Easy Street Beginner Chair Lift. It was an improvement which was made op to the original Tramway Cars. With all the improvements this new lift reached the lengths of 1,500 feet with a vertical rise of 175 feet.

By the year 1989, the resort underwent modernization as a result of which the skiers plus card was introduced along with the first tracks trail opened and a Ski Service Center which was erected on the Hoffmantown Square. Later on in the summer of 1991 a special centre dedicated to children – the Chipmunk Corner was constructed.

Over the years the number of visitors considerably increased and the need for a dedicated barcode ticketing system was felt to be required and therefore the same was also installed for the season of 1995 – 1996 along with the La Casa Mall elevator during the same season. Furthermore, people started flocking here in such great numbers that a massive parking lot also had to be constructed. When snowfall began to decline towards the end of the century more snowmaking equipment was installed evenly on the slopes and terrain. The next decade, that is the 2000s saw addition of the Millennium Chairlift – it is a triple chair measuring a length of 5,730 feet and creating a vertical rise of 1,530 feet; the Conveyor Lift at the Chipmunk Corner – a quad chair lift; another Conveyor Lift of the same configuration was installed in place of the rope tow at Pine Flats.

When the new decade came about it brought the induction of newer and improved technologies along with facilities such as the Peak Plus Card. The very first year, 2011 that is also sawed expansion and renovation projects being undertaken such as that of the La Casa Lodge.

About the Lifts

There are 7 lifts in total at the ski area and they can be listed as below:

  • Santa Fe Super Chief Quad Chair
  • Sierra Double Chair
  • Tesuque Peak Triple Chair
  • Easy Street Beginner Chair
  • Chipmunk Corner Conveyor Lift
  • Pine Flats Conveyor Lift
  • Millennium Triple Chair

Lift tickets

Ski Santa Fe offers ease of access to its lift tickets through a variety of means. You can have a look below to get to know the various ticketing prices along with special discounted deals:

Adults: For the all day pass adults have to pay $62.

o    Peak Plus Cards: Now, the adults who have previously purchased this card will only have to pay up $37.

Students (Between the ages of 13 and 23): For an all day pass students have to pay $53.

o    Peak Plus Cards: Students in possession of this card will only have to pay up $28.

Child: For an all day pass a child has to pay up $48.

o    Peak Plus Card: A child in possession of a Peak Plus Card will only have to pay $23.

Senior: For an all day pass, seniors have to pay $50.

o    Peak Plus Card: Whereas if they have previously purchased a Peak Plus Card then the prices drop to $25.

Military: All the military personnel’s have to pay $59 for an all days worth of adventure.

AM or PM (Half Day): For this deal, you will have to pay $50.

2-day Adults: They will have to ay $124.

One must also keep in mind that these prices are subject to revisions depending on the number of terrains that are open. So, always make a call and enquire.

Now, if you intend to purchase independent tickets then familiarize yourselves with the following rate structure:

Adults (Between the age group of 24 and 61): These guys will have to pay the mentioned below prices:

o    Full Day: $75

o    Beginner Lift: $38

o    Half Day: $60 (The timings are: 9:30 am to 1:00 pm or 1:00 pm to 4:30 pm)

o    2 Day: $142

o    3 Day: $209

o    4 Day: $273

o    Military: $64 (The military personnel can be on active duty or retired or be a part of the reserve and National Guard. This offer is only valid if they show a valid identification)

o    Super Senior (Above the age of 72): They are not charged a dime.

Teens (Between the ages of 13 and 23 years): These guys will have to pay the mentioned below prices:

o    Full Day: $60

o    Beginner Lift: $38

o    Half Day: $60 (The timings are: 9:30 am to 1:00 pm or 1:00 pm to 4:30 pm)

o    2 Day: $114

o    3 Day: $167

o    4 Day: $218

Child (Should be over the height of 46 inches and under the age of 12 years): These guys will have to pay the mentioned below prices:

o    Full Day: $52

o    Beginner Lift: $38

o    Half Day: $52 (The timings are: 9:30 am to 1:00 pm or 1:00 pm to 4:30 pm)

o    2 Day: $99

o    3 Day: $145

o    4 Day: $189

Senior (Between the ages of 62 and 71): These guys will have to pay the mentioned below prices:

o    Full Day: $56

o    Beginner Lift: $38

o    Half Day: $56 (The timings are: 9:30 am to 1:00 pm or 1:00 pm to 4:30 pm)

o    2 Day: $106

o    3 Day: $156

o    4 Day: $204

It is also important to note that the ticketing office remains open between 8:00 am and 4:30 pm. You can get a variety of tickets here and particularly during the winter season carrying appropriate ski and snowboard gear is necessary if you want to access the lifts. Also, travelling in groups can save you a great deal of money.

If you want to purchase an entire season’s worth of passes then you must read below:

Platinum: This offer is for individuals between the ages of 24 and 61. They have to pay anywhere between $619 and $649.

NEW! My Pass: This is for children between the ages of 13 and 23. They will have to pay anywhere between $379 and $409.

Silver: This is for children between the ages of 62 and 71. They will have to pay anywhere between $479 and $509.

Bronze: This is a weekday’s only pass and it costs either $479 or $509.

Future: This is valid for children who are below the ages of 12 and offers them unrestricted access. Its prices are – $239 and $269.

Freedom: This is for super seniors and children who are below the height of 46 inches. It will cost either $59 or $69.

Millennium: This pass is only valid for the month of January and will provide you with peak plus savings throughout the year. It can cost you $239 or $269.

Lockers: Locker facilities are also available but are subject to availability due to them being in limited numbers. So make sure that you get there on time and book one for yourself at the earliest.

Additionally, there are numerous gift and discount cards available. These offer the greater amount of values but at lower rates. Moreover, they can also be used throughout the season with no blackout dates. Also, these cards can be used at either – Ski Santa Fe or Sandia Peak. Following are the necessary details about these passes:

Peak Plus Card: These will offer you a discount of as much as $25 on all day all mountain lift tickets (depending on your age of course) at Ski Santa Fe or Sandia Peak. It does not apply to beginner’s lift ticket. They can cost you as much as $65 or $75.

Six Pack of Fun: These cards will provide you with 6 days all mountain lift tickets and the best part about them is that they are transferable. They can cost you as much as $389.

Gift Cards: They can cost you anywhere between $10 and $1000 depending on the nature of your gifts.

The Sports Shop

The Ski Santa Fe Sports Shop is among the most unique ones of its kind. It can be found on the lower levels of the La Casa Lodge. The Ski Santa Fe Sports Shop over the years has managed to maintain the quality of its products and supplies when it comes to ski & snowboard wears and related paraphernalia. You will find here the best of the brand names and also a great number of varieties of products are made available to choose from. So, gone are the days when you happen to forget any of your ski-related apparels or equipment now you can rent them out by paying a nominal fee Additionally you can also purchase from a wide range of their souvenir collection and merchandises for your friends and families back home.

Following are the popular ski and snowboard apparels that you can find here:






Long Underwear.

Secondly, below is a list of the accessories that you can find here:









The La Casa Lodge

Your powder adventures are almost incomplete without a great place to stay in. So, here is the La Casa Lodge at Ski Santa Fe. It has a bit of everything that you can find. This lodge facilitates in each of your skiing and snowboarding experiences becoming a memorable one.

You can find the La Casa Lodge to be quite conveniently located right at the base of the ski area. It is nothing less than a state of the art facility which strives towards providing its customers with unparalleled services. Not only this you are also given easy access to their tickets, ski and snowboard rentals along with guest services, the retail sports shop, the Snow Sports School, the food court, coffee bar, lockers and restrooms.

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