Ski Sawmill Family Resort-USA

Snow Adventure at Ski Sawmill Family Resort!

Winter season is all about sitting in the warmth of the fire and enjoying your favourite author’s book along with a hot cup of coffee. But let’s break the monotonous routine of this frosty weather with exploring the heights of the snow covered mountains and gliding down the snow bed. And if you are missing out of places then jot down Ski Sawmill Family Resort in the list too. Located at 383 Oregon Hill Road, 16398 Morris, United States. So don’t waste your vacations sitting at home and doing nothing when you have the real fun at Ski Sawmill.

Ski Sawmill Statistics

Base Elevation: 1700 feet

Summit Elevation: 2215 feet

Vertical Drop: 515 feet

A very inexpensive way of enjoying this winter activity, this resort has a skiable area of 15 acres. The summit elevation of Ski Sawmill is 2,215 ft., and base elevation is 1,170 ft. with a vertical drop of 515 ft. This place experiences an annual snowfall of 24inches on an average range. With a motive of encouraging the adventure lovers to participate and enjoy skiing snowboarding, tubing and cross country skiing in Pennsylvania, this place will leave you with unlimited options to enjoy this winter season.

Ski Sawmill is ranked the 391st largest in the United States. Showcasing a massive terrain park for the enthusiastic skiers, this place has five lifts in its vicinity. This family has 14 trails for the adventure freaks along with the longest run of 0.10miles (161 metres). There many more things to explore in this place, so pack your bags and get ready to seek the ultimate thrill.

Activities to look for!

Let’s open the unlimited closet of enjoyment which this place is ready to offer at a very negotiable price. This place has five lifts which will take you to the heights to experience the real fun. The lifts have the capacity to uplift 3,200 people/ hour. One triple chair, one double chair and three surface lifts are ready to take you to the snow-covered cliff. Apart from this, there are much more in the box. The trails will welcome you to glide down the snow in this gloomy weather. The trails have different levels which will let you enjoy the snow at your own comfort zones.

Out of 14 trails, 35% of the runs is available for the beginners who wants to learn the art of skiing from scratch. Anyone can sign-up for the lessons and learn the basics of skiing and slide down the snow just like an expert. 25% of the runs is available for the intermediate level skiers who are known to the skiing activity and wants to polish their skills. This place will give them enough space to practise and expertise in the skiing activity. The remaining 40% of the runs is for the masters of this skiing activity. They can move freely in the snow and make them better skiers. The trails here are perfect for the beginner and intermediate skiers, but the advanced skiers may find it difficult to ski at their normal pace. But still, this place has a lot more to offer for the avid skiers.

For the night skiers, this place has 15 acres area, especially for night skiing. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have time in the day because night is waiting for you to play in the snow. And if you haven’t tried night skiing before, this is the most recommended thing to try out. Skiing down the adventurous slopes in the backdrop of night is truly an experience one never forget.

The unending list of adventures is not yet over. Those who are looking forward to practise jump, rail slides and other tricks, don’t calm down your excitement because this place offers a terrain park for them too.

Lift rates and hours

You cannot resist the endless fun this place has to offer. Spending bucks for this place are definitely going to be worth it. At the peak hours of the season lift, tickets can be quite costly than any normal day but still it won’t prick your wallet at the month end. An average adult ticket in the peak days will cost around $37. The tickets for the child and senior citizen is the same as the adults in the peak days of the season. The rates maybe pocket-friendly too in the normal days of the season.

You can enjoy every ounce of this place without much fuss by spending some bucks on making a season pass to access all the fun in the mountains for the entire season. Just make a list of days you can ski to make your pass worth the cost. An adult pass will cost around $359 and at least ten days of the ski will make the season pass worth to buy. It will cost $275 for a child and $290 for a senior citizen. To make the season pass worth the cost a child has to ski for at least seven days and a senior citizen has to ski at least for eight days.

You can access the lifts in the weekend as well as weekdays from 9 am – 5 pm. Discover the beautiful ambience of the top of the mountain riding the lifts this season and make memories.

Sawmill’s Tube Slide

Adding to the extravagant thrill, this place has recently reckoned the new Sawmill’s tube slide which features a powerful snowmaking system, three runs and one lift for a smooth snow experience. Your vacation will get an extra spark as you will scream your heart out while sliding down the 70-foot drop. But the only thing which can make you stop experiencing the fun is the first come first serve basis. You need to hurry up to avail the discounted ticket of the adventurous slide. To ensure your safety especially for the children of age group 10 and under, it is recommended to carry a helmet along with you. You can rent a helmet from the store in the vicinity as well.

If you are in a group of 25+, they will open the tube slide for two hours. Access the thrilling experience soon which will cost you $6 for one hour and $20 for four hours. All these amazing services make Sawmill Family Resort one of the best places

Look up the great deals on offer here!

As the season starts, Ski Sawmill offers great deals on offers for the people to enjoy. The deals are valid for the whole season except holiday and holiday weekends. On Monday there is 50% off on all-day lift tickets. Tuesday will bring you the exclusive offer of college days with $15 for lifts and ski rental from 1 pm – 9 pm. Thursday will let you deal with cash only with ‘CASH’ Thursday from 1 pm – 9 pm.

Bring your family this season with an offer of Friday night lift for $17, $15 for a child and ski rental for $15. Add a bliss to your gloomy winter Sunday with an amazing deal for your family vacation. The family day lifts $17 and $15 for a child and ski rental will cost you $15 from 1 pm to 5 pm.

Ski Sawmill is an ideal place for the winter enthusiasts who wants to experience every fold of the winter snow. You can learn and enjoy skiing with your family this season and reach the exclusive heights of the mountains. All you need to do is just step out of your comfortable homes and experience endless adventure in this frosty weather. You cannot miss this fantastic place, and you just need to spend few hours to believe this. So don’t think twice and pack your bags to make this gloomy winter season turn into a memorable time with your family. Go ahead and visit Ski Sawmill Resort with your family and friends and enjoy the endless fun things on offer here.

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