Skigebiet Ramsau-Dachstein gletscher-Austria

Skigebiet Ramsau-Dachstein gletscher: The Resort Above The Clouds!

In a world where deadlines hunt you and you keep running a rat race, getting some time to relax and have some fun is quintessential. City life can be monotonous many a time. Are you looking for that one activity which can refresh your thoughts as well as give you enough thrill and excitement all in one package? Skiing is what you should go for in the upcoming holiday season. Apart from giving you a refreshing experience it also gives you great health benefits. You can have all the fun you would have dreamed of by visiting a ski resort.

Skiing is not just about you. You can have some beautiful moments with your friends and family. Going on a skiing trip with people close to you will definitely increase the bonding with them. Another excellent thing about skiing is that it can be one of the most exciting ways to meet new people. You are likely to come across people with similar mindsets as you. You will also get to witness nature in a form you would have never seen before. Skiing as a winter sport is also truly epic. Its popularity is increasing day by day. Winter is the ideal time for going out there and testing your skiing skills on the exquisite slopes of the countryside.

Ramsau-Dachstein Statistics

Base Elevation: 3937 ft

Summit Elevation: 5577 ft

Vertical Drop: 1640 ft

About the place

Among the several resorts out there, there is one Ski resort that stands above all. Situated at an elevation of 2264 m (7427.8 feet) and 2700 m (8858.2 feet), Dachsteingletscher is one among the highest Ski resorts in Austria. This is the highest mountain in Styria. With breath-taking views and magnificent surroundings at such an enormous height, this resort is majestic. The experience of Skiing at such a height is immense. However, the resort is not huge with slopes of only about 5 Km (3.10 miles) length in total. You can experience winter at its best in this beautiful place. The atmosphere is filled with excitement, and the thrill you can get from Skiing at such a height is definitely beyond your imagination. Words or thoughts are not enough to describe that feeling.

This resort is easily one of the best places to visit if you truly want to feel the winter in the air. Skiing is one of the many things you can do here. There are so many other activities that can provide you with unique experiences. Come along with family and friends as a group and witness the epic-ness of this location with your own eyes. Food and accommodation will not be a problem. Skiing here will refresh your mind as well as your body. If you are someone living in the vanity of this exciting location, you must simply not miss your chance to pay a visit.

The Terrain where you Ski

The short slopes are subdivided into various categories depending on the level of skill required by the Skiers to Ski on them. About 4 Km (2.48 miles) of the stretch comes under ‘Intermediate’ which means that those having some prior skiing experience will find them comfortable to ski on. Beginners may have some difficulties when they attempt for the first time. Although many portions of this 4 Km (2.48 miles) of slopes can be considered under ‘easy’ as well. 1 Km (0.62 miles) of slopes is the difficult one, primarily meant for the professionals and experienced Skiers. However if you wish to test your skills and love taking up challenges, you are welcome to Ski on them here at this amazing ski resort. No one is going to stop you from having some fun. There are no artificial snow making facilities available in the slopes. Valley run and halfpipe are absent. However, there is a well-maintained snow park where you can have a lot of fun. You are sure to be mesmerized in the time spent on these natural slopes.

The Ski lifts for Transport

This wonderful place is equipped with 5 Ski lifts in total. Although the number may seem less, they have a large capacity. The ski lifts can transport about 5323 passengers per hour. The total length of these Ski lifts is 4.5 Km (2.8 miles). The types of Ski lifts present are the aerial tramway, a chairlift, two T-Bar types and one J-bar type lift. The chair lift has a maximum individual capacity of transporting 1440 visitors per hour. The T-bar and the J-bar lifts are manufactured by Doppelmayr while the chair lift is manufactured by Girak, and the aerial tramway is manufactured by Voest-Alpine. This one is also the longest lift extending more than 2 Km (1.24 miles) in length but has the least carrying capacity among all the lifts (550 per hour). Apart from the lifts, two additional people movers can facilitate in transporting the guests. Traveling through these lifts at the enormous height itself is a unique experience which you may not find in many Ski resorts around. You can witness the grandeur of nature all around you. The ski lifts are sure to provide you with a pleasant experience. Get ready to click some pictures for your social media pages.

Other Exciting Things to Expect Here

Apart from skiing, a wide range of activities take place here. Ranging from cross country skiing to many other forms of winter sports, you will have a lot of options available in front of you. If you want to take a break from skiing, you can always try out the other exotic activities. The various activities to anticipate include Toboggan run, Ice Skating, Snow Tubing, Paragliding, Winter Hiking, Sleigh trip, etc. You can also go for explorations in and around the area. The locations are enchanting and mesmerizing. Apart from taking part in various activities, you also get an opportunity to observe various events and professional activities that take place in the region. You can even plan your own activities with your friends and family. With all the snow around you, there are countless things that canbe done like snowball fighting or Snow modeling.

The Expenditure

The cost of the Ski passes affordable and worth for the experience you get. A day ticket for an adult costs 50 Euro. For youth, it is 37.5 Euro, and for children, it costs 25 Euro. These are the costs during the peak season. Multiple day passes are generally cheaper than buying the passes every day if you plan for a longer stay. A five-day pass can be bought at 229.5 Euro for adults, 172 Euro for youth and 114.5 Euro for children. Various offers will be available for families and large groups too. The other kinds of expenditure you have are for the accommodation and food. Ski rentals are available where you can rent the required items you may need for Skiing or other activities like snowboarding. This will cost you some money and is recommended when compared to buying any equipment.

The Other Relevant Information

The main season in the Ski resort starts from late January and extends up to July. The resort is also functional from early October to early December. The daily operation timings are from 8:30 AM in the morning to 4:50 PM in the afternoon. Don’t forget to plan your schedule accordingly. These timings can however vary and depend on other conditions also. One of the main factors is the weather.

Overall, Ramsau-Dachsteingletscher is an amazing holiday destination for Skiers. The height at which it is situated makes it even more worthy to pay a visit. Do not miss out experiencing Skiing like never before at this beautiful resort. This is so because with so much on offer for visitors, this place is truly an amazing one where you and your dear ones can have a great time together. So, go ahead, pack your bags and visit Ramsau-Dachsteingletscher with your near and dear ones and make the most of the chilly winter days. Have fun!

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