SkiLift am Ritter-Germany

Come live your Disney fairytale at the SkiLift am Ritter

SkiLift am Ritter Statistics

Base Elevation: 670 m

Summit Elevation: 915 m

We all wish to spend our holidays with our loved ones. Many of us have tight schedules which make it tough to spend time with our family members during the year. However, vacations give us the joyous opportunity to rebuild our bond with our family. What better than spending your time among the snow-capped mountains lined with trees flaunting their pointed leaves? The mountains of Germany provide the best escape for those of you who want to relax. Kids will love playing in the snow. A snowball fight is surely going to loosen your muscles and a snow angel ought to bring a smile to your face. The resort is located at 98559 Gehlberg, Germany and provides the most magnificent views. The resort is best known for the winter sports activities it provides. This Ski Resort will cater to all your needs and make it your most memorable holiday.

Resort details

The Ski Resort at Ritter is located at 98559 Gehlberg, Germany. It is also located close to the Thuringian Forest. The resort caters to the needs of all tourists who wish to participate in skiing and snowboarding activities that take place there. For the purpose of skiing and snowboarding, there are 1.5 km (0.93 miles) of slope available. There are three lifts available for the purpose of transporting people along the slope. The winter sports area is situated at an elevation of 670 m (0.41 miles) and 915 m (0.56 miles). The ski lifts below 978 m (0.60 miles) are always an experience. The resort functions between 9 am to 4 pm and the current season that is going on starts on 25/12/2017 and ends on 04/03/2018. The resort is best suited for beginners and intermediate level skiers.

Ski lifts and Ski prices

Ski lifts are that integral part of a ski resort without which the resort remains incomplete. The Ski Resort provides three ski lifts which have a total capacity of 1800 people per hour. The total length of all lanes sums up to 0.6 km (0.37 miles). The lifts have been manufactured and installed by the company Dopplemayr. The first lift is the Ski Lift Froschwiese, and its length of drag is 300m (0.18 miles). The total capacity of this lift is 800 people per hour. The second lift is known as Ski Lift Am Ritter and has a summed up capacity of 500 people per hour. Also, the length of this lift is equal to 150 m (0.09 miles). The third lift has been named the Skilift Decor and can transport 500 people per hour. The total length that the lift travels is 150 m (0.09 miles). The ski resort provides ski passes to tourists who visit the resort. The prices of the passes differ based on the age group the tourist belongs to. They can be classified as adults and children. Passes are also provided for half a day or a complete one day. The prices for half a day for adults are € 11 (USD 12.03) and for kids is € 7 (USD 7.65). The prices for a complete for adults are € 17 (USD18.59) and for kids is € 11 (USD 12.03).

Skiing and Snowboarding Statistics

The statistics of the resort show that it offers a total slope area of 1.5 km (0.93 miles) for skiing as well as snowboarding. The slopes provided by the resort are suitable for beginners and intermediate level skiers. The resort has no facility or slope available for advanced level skiing. The resort makes a valley run available and also has the facility of night skiing making the entire experience much more adventurous. The resort doesn’t have an artificial snow creating facility, a half pipe or a snow park. Beginners: The resort provides 1km (0.62 miles) of the area for families to practice their skiing at the easiest and simplest level. This level occupies 67% of the skiing slope and is the best to help people learn to ski. Intermediate: The resort provides 0.5km (0.31 miles) of the area for an intermediate level of skiing. It occupies 33% of the total ski slope area. It is meant for those tourists who wish to improve their skiing talent. Advance: There is no skiing available for advanced level skiers.

Ski schools

The resort is also very close to two popular ski schools which provide a wide range of courses in skiing. These courses help skiers develop their talent and also rent them with the appropriate equipment. The schools are within a commutable distance from the resort and must be visited to learn professional skiing.

Winter Sports School Bergwelt Oberhof

The Winter Sports School Begrwelt Oberhof is located in Zellaerstraße 4098559, Oberhof, Germany. They provide courses in cross country skiing and downhill skiing. They provide professional material service and advice. They also rent snowshoes, alpine skiing equipment, helmets, etc.

Ski School Sport Luck

The Ski School Sport Luck is the more popular ski school in Oberhof. It is located in Tambacher Straße 4498559 Oberhof, Germany. It improves your cross country skiing techniques and provides courses for the same. The course costs you €20 (USD 21.87) per person in addition to rental and hall entrance.


The Ski Resort is also at a very convenient distance from several good hotels which provide top class amenities. With the wonderful services provided by these hotels, the beauty of the mountains increases manifold.

Hotel Zum Schneekopf

This hotel in Gehlberg offers free Wi-Fi. It also lets you enjoy the luxury of an indoor pool and a terrace. A ski lift is provided at the doorstep. It provides a TV and private bathrooms. The cost of a night at the Hotel Zum Schneekopf is USD 73.79.

Apartment Zum Glasmacher

The apartment is 500 m (0.31 miles) away from am Ritter. It features a garden and a terrace. It has ski storage space and ski to door facility. It costs about USD 54.20 These details have surely enticed you enough to visit. So don’t wait, just travel!

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