Skilift Riedlberg-Germany

Down the Snowy Grosser Arber – Skilift Riedlberg

The ski resort of Riedlberg is located between the Grosser Arber Mountain and the Pröller ski triangle, overlooking the Bavarian forest. The stunning view of the snow-encrusted trees as you ski down the winding and well-groomed slopes makes this a small paradise for ski enthusiasts and snowboarders alike.




The resort is nestled at the foot of the Grosser Arber ski world cup at an altitude of 715 m (2345 ft), and the summit of the ski slopes reaches an elevation of 850 m (2788 ft). This allows a total of 135 m (442 ft) of slopes are available for winter sports and hiking.



The slopes at Riedlberg are meant mostly for the intermediate and advanced skiers though it can also be enjoyed by beginners. There is a total of 3 run of which 33% is meant for the intermediate skiers, and 34% is for the skiers with an advanced skill set. The rest of the slopes are mostly practice hills for the children and beginners to enjoy. There is a 1 km (0.62 miles) distance of downhill slopes for both skiing and snowboarding. Cross-country skiing is also possible along the forest trails. A unique tradition that is followed here is night-time skiing, which is made possible with the help of floodlights that illuminate the snowy trails. All the runs are maintained and groomed with the help of modern snow machines.


In order to reach the runs on the mountain, there are two ski lifts available. One ski lift connects with two of the major slopes while the other is a children ski lift that transports you to the practice slope. The valley lift runs the length of 630 m (0.4 miles) and has a carrying capacity of 1100 persons per hour. The kinderlift is a tow lift running the length of 210 m (0.1 miles) with a carrying capacity of 500 persons per hour. This lift is popular among the ski schools mostly because it serves as a beginner’s lift to understand the basic techniques that one needs to know when learning to ski.


Riedlberg Statitstics

Base Elevation: 2346 ft

Summit Elevation: 2789 ft

Vertical Drop: 443 ft

The resort opens during the early December and closes down in the month of March. The slopes are open during the day, and night-time skiing is available through the lighted area of the forest. The price for the lifts varies depending on whether you wish to pay based on a point-system or based on time. The price for the main lift is usually twice that of the kinderlift. If you plan on buying a ticket based on a point-system, then the price ranges from 10 Euros to 15 Euros for adults and 8 Euros to 10 Euros for children up to 16 years of age. The Lift I adds 3 points per trip while the Lift II adds 1 point per trip. In the case of adults, a full-day ticket costs about 20 Euros for Lift I and 10 Euros for Lift II, and for children Lift I cost 14 Euros, and the Lift II costs 7 Euros. If you do not plan on staying the whole day, then you can even purchase a morning ticket or a day ticket counting the number of hours.


The Wintersportschule of Berghex offers both group and private lessons that are priced along the hour. There is also a ski rental store available where you can find all your sportswear such as poles and shoes. For those wishing to spend the night, there are several options in all price ranges with the availability of saunas, swimming pools, and wellness centres. The ski lift Riedlberg is a fun-filled ski resort for all the ages to enjoy. The breath-taking landscape coupled with the beautiful snow-crusted slopes makes it a wonderful spot for both skiers and vacationers.

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