Skiwelt Schöneck-Germany

Schöneck (Skiwelt) – a Paradise for Skiers!

Location and resort details:

Schöneck (Skiwelt) is located in the German Ore Mountains (Deutsches Erzgebirge) (Germany, Saxony (Sachsen)). The resort provides a never-before experience of winter on the balcony of the Vogtlandalong with magnificent slopes, ultra – modern lifts and extensive cross-country network of trails. Schöneck (Skiwelt)is a part of the SkiWelt Wilder Kaiser-Brixental ski area. The best news about the resort is that it has excellent connectivity with other resorts in the area and only one lift is needed to access the slopes of any of the resorts. The resort is located at the height of 700 – 800 m, that is, 2296.6 ft to 2624.7 ft. It gives a marvellous view of the 2000 sq m white landscape beneath the mountains. Elevation difference is 100 m or approximately 328 ft. Schöneckis a state-approved resort since 1962. It has been and is the most trusted and the most visited resort since then. There is also a ski school and a ski rental at this resort. The resort is well connected to nearby towns via rail network.

Skiwelt Schöneck Statistics

Base Elevation: 2034 ft

Summit Elevation: 2493 ft

Vertical Drop: 459 ft

Ski statistics:

  The resort boasts of all difficulty level runs which have a total length of 3.5 km. These slopes are floodlit till 9 pm every day except Mondays to provide night skiing experience to the guests.43% of the total run can be categorised into the easy level of difficulty, i.e., 1.5 km, while 40%, i.e., 1.4 km, falls in the range of intermediate difficulty. The remaining 17%, that is, 0.6 km is of advanced difficulty level for the more adventurous lot of visitors. He longest run at the resort is run 1b which is of length 1 km. The elevation difference between the top point and the base point of this run is 140 m.It is a long and exciting run that gives the guests the best of experiences at Schöneck (Skiwelt). The most difficult run at Schöneckis Streugruen. It has an elevation difference of 110 m between the top point and the base point. The resort boasts of three kinds of pistes intermediate (1.5 km) advanced (1.4 km) and expert (0.6 km). All the five runs at the resort are below the tree line. 100% of the slopes have artificial snowmaking capabilities with 16 snow cannons put to constant work which ensure that the snow remains at its best.

Ski lifts:

The resort can be accessed five ski lifts which have a total capacity of 4324 passengers per hour. The total length of the lifts is 1.6 km. These include 1 Chairlift 1 T – bar / platter / button lift Three Rope tow/beginner lifts. In addition to these four lifts, the resort also has an exclusive Sunkid Moving Carpet. The following lifts are operational at the resort: T – bar lift: · Streugrün (YOC 2006) This lift has a capacity of carrying 1000 persons per hour. The total length is 510 m.

Rope tow/beginner lift:

· ÜbungsliftStreugrün This lift has a capacity of carrying 500 persons per hour. The total length is 150 m. · Schießhausberg This lift has a capacity of carrying 700 persons per hour. The total length is 200 m. · BabyliftSchöneck This lift has a capacity of carrying 500 persons per hour. The total length is 80 m.


HoheReuth (YOC 2006) This lift can carry four persons at a time with a carrying capacity of 1624 persons per hour. It is a 672 m long lift.

Ski Pass Prices:

A day’s trip to Schöneck can cost an adult about 20 euros. For children, the price is less. The day pass price for children is about 15 euros. A half – day pass for adults is about 14 euro while that for children is around 9 euros. A two – day pass for an adult is 34 euros. For children, it is 24 euros. A six-day pass shall cost and Adult 84 euros and should cost a child about 57 euros.

Operational Timings:

The general season for the resort is late December to mid-March. The operational timings of the resort are 9 am in the morning to 6 p.m. The timings can vary based on external conditions, the day of the week, school holidays and public holidays.

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