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Skiing in Germany - Skizentrum Pfronten - Steinach

Skiing in the Allgau Alps is always a pleasurable experience, but out of all the beautiful ski resorts that are present here in the Alps, none capture the magnificence of the towering mountains and provide a more enjoyable experience than the Skizentrum Pfronten – Steinach. At an altitude of 3953 feet (1204.87 m) to 5505 feet (1677.92 m), this mountainous resort encourages skiing, snowboarding and several other winter sports and activities, making it the ideal destination for families on vacation with and without children. With a total of 6 ski runs and five ski lifts, this is the perfect place for ski enthusiasts and snowboarders of the novice, beginner, intermediate or expert skill sets.



Skiing and Snowboarding

Pfronten - Steinach Statistics

Base Elevation: 850 m

Summit Elevation: 1232 m

Vertical Drop: 382 m

The skiing and snowboarding slope areas cover a total of 30 hectares (0.3 sq km) and are separated into six ski runs. There are five lifts that take skiers up to the different runs and elevations. Out of the 30 hectares (0.3 sq km) of snow covered ski slopes that the resort contains, 10 hectares (0.1 sq km) are entirely artificial snow, made in environment-friendly ways, which is much more safe and punctual than natural snowfall. There are floodlights illuminating an entire length of 1.8 km (1.11 miles) of Allgau slope. These floodlights operate from 6 pm to 9 pm on Wednesday and Friday, allowing skiers and snowboarders to enjoy sliding down the slopes well into the evening. The beauty of the mountains is enhanced at night and is thus a lovely sight to behold using the amazingly advanced floodlight system, which is present on the standard lift and the family lift.


Ski Runs and Lifts

The 6 ski runs present in Skizentrum Pfronten – Steinach is meant for people of different skill sets and cover a total distance of 3700 m (2.3 miles). The Heuriesel Downhill slope, a slope meant exclusively for practised beginners and experts, is a difficult and steep downhill slope. It is 1200 m (0.74 miles) long and is a challenging and thrilling exercise for experts. The Family Ski Run, an intermediate to difficult downhill slope 600 m (0.37 miles) long. This slope is not quite as steep as the Heuriesel slope and has the advantages of having a floodlight system and artificial snow over it, which makes it much safer and easier to use. However, while it provides the necessary thrill and excitement for practised beginners and experts, it is still not easy enough for beginners. The Minilift Ski Run, an easy downhill slope that is very suitable for beginners, children and families without skiing experience. At 250 m (0.155 miles) long, this slope is not at all steep and does not offer much of a challenge for experts, therefore relegating it to beginners trying out their skills. The Wedellift Run, another beginner’s slope which is easy to navigate. It is not at all steep, a gentle slope that allows beginners to carefully and easily test their wings. At 250 m (0.155 miles) long, this gentle downhill slope is a good place for novices. The Ideallift Run is a downhill intermediate slope meant mainly for confident beginners and intermediates. It is 400 m (0.24 miles) long and is a bit steeper than the Wedellift and Minilift slopes. It helps practised beginners gain the confidence to try the harder slopes, and also provides a stunning view of the Alps. The Breitenbergbahn Ski Path. This slope is not much of a slope and is used mainly for cross country skiing. It is not a downhill slope and does not have much of a gradient. At 1000 m (0.621 miles) long, it is a direct connection to the scenic and lovely Breitenbergbahn valley station. It can be navigated by all skill sets.

The 5 lifts currently in use on the Skizentrum Pfronten – Steinach are:

Standard Lift, one of the two lifts that provide a floodlight for skiers, is one of the main lifts of the region, starting at an altitude of 900 m (0.559 miles) high and ending at 1232 m (0.72 miles) high. It has a capacity of 720 people per hour. This lift also has access to artificial snow areas. Family Ski Lift. This lift is the second lift with floodlights every Wednesday and Friday evening. Starting at the height of 850 m (0.52 miles) and dropping off at 972 m (0.6 miles) high, it can carry 400 people per hour. Minilift. This lift has access to artificial snow areas and carries skiers from the altitude of 850 m (0.528 miles) to the Minilift Ski Run at 882 m (0.548 miles) high. It has an overall capacity of 400 people per hour. Ideallift Chairlift, a cushioned chairlift that takes one from 875 m (0.543 miles) high to the Ideallift ski run at 961 m (0.59 miles) high in style. It has a capacity of 480 people per hour. Wedellift Wanger 1 and 2, two chairlifts that work simultaneously to transport people from 850 m (0.528 miles) high to the Wedellift ski run at 882 m (0.548 miles) high. They have capacities of 400 and 350 people per hour respectively. Each of these runs and lifts has stunning views and are all present in scenic locations on the Alps, all designed in order for the skier and snowboarder to have the best experience possible on the slopes.



Prices and Equipment

The cost of a day ticket for an adult is 21.50 euros ($ 23.47). However, for a senior citizen, a skier of age over 60, the price is 19 euros ($ 20.74). For a youth of age 16 to 17 it is 18 euros ($ 19.65) and for a child of age 15 or younger it is 15.50 euros ($ 16.92). Discounts are currently valid for military persons with ID, peers travelling in groups from college and youths of 17 years or younger travelling with their families. Equipment and gear are sold at Pfronten at several retail stores for skiing, snowboarding and various other winter sports. There are also ski schools such as the Ski Centre Pfronten which teaches children and beginners to ski at reasonable rates.

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