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The Harz mountains are things of fairy tales, with several of the stories of the Brothers Grimm being set here. On its own, it is magical enough, but once skiers and snowboarders began to frequent the mountain, it became a hub of enjoyable and relaxing sports and skill. And the best place to witness the amazing scenery and ski down this magical mountain is the Skizentrum Ravensburg. Not only is skiing and snowboarding encouraged on these slopes, but there is also cross-country skiing, winter hiking and tobogganing. With nine pristine pistes and three ski lifts helping skiers get to their destinations, there has never been an ideal place for vacationers to try out their skiing mettle. At an altitude of 659 m (0.4 miles), this ski resort is perfect for beginners, experts and families of all sizes and skill sets.



Skiing and Snowboarding

The Skizentrum Ravensburg has a total of 4.2 km (2.6 miles) of skiing and snowboarding pistes. Of these, there are 2.2 km (1.36 miles) of easy slopes, which are open to people of all skill sets and are best suited for beginners due to their low gradient and obstacle free runs. These slopes are also ideal for children. 0.5 km (0.31 miles) of slopes are of medium difficulty and are therefore reserved for practised beginners and people of intermediate skill. The other 1.5 km (0.93 miles) are quite difficult and are so best suited for skiers of expert level skill sets as well as professional skiers. The expert slopes are quite a challenge, and so provide the necessarily enjoyable thrill that all experts seek. Of these nine ski runs, the most important of them is the Family Run, which is the longest run of all the nine at 0.75 km. It is a beginner’s slope with a light gradient and a smooth run to the bottom. It connects to Tow Lift No. 3. The ski resort of Ravensburg has three fully functional and rustic tow lifts that pull the skiers up the mountain for a complete skiing experience. With overall capacities of over 1200 people per hour as they take skiers to the scenic summit of Ravensburg, they pass through places of stunning beauty and make for quite a sight for vacationers. Safety precautions are highly regarded in the Ravensburg ski resort, and thus the family ski runs of beginner and intermediate skill sets, as well as the steep and hilly expert level ski runs, are very well maintained. Snowboarders, as well as skiers, are allowed day passes, half day and point pass according to their preferences and budgets. These passes determine which pistes they use and how far they can go. For skiers who do not wish to be limited to a piste or slope, there is always the option of cross country skiing at Ravensburg. With nearly 39 km (24.23 miles) of cross country paths for skiers to take as per their pleasure. These four paths go around the mountain and pass through several points of unspeakable beauty. They are usually meant for skill sets of medium to expert, and thus beginners will need a pass or instructor in order to navigate them. In addition to the cross country and piste skiing, there is also the provision of winter hiking trails and a 620 m (0.385 miles) long toboggan run. The hiking trails are made to wind through several scenic locations for people without skis. The toboggan run is a hit with the children and is one of the most fun winter sports performed on the slopes of Ravensburg. It runs mainly through forests and shows off the wild beauty of alpine vegetation. There is a natural ice rink too at the Schmelzteich which is a great after skiing activity, allowing vacationers to relax, socialise, show off their skating skill and watch the several skating shows held there. The snow at Ravensburg is heavy and natural, thereby requiring no artificial interference. It allows skiers and snowboarders to take part in a natural and authentic skiing and snowboarding experience. Peak season on Ravensburg starts from the beginning of January and ends in mid-March.

Ticket Pricing and Equipment

The price of one day ticket for an adult of age 18 and above is 18 euros ($ 19.64), and for a child of age below 18 years is 14 euros ($ 15.27). For one-half day, an adult ticket costs 12 euros ($ 13), and a children’s ticket costs 8 euros($ 8.73). A number of ski schools for children and beginners are also there at the Skizentrum Ravensburg, all of which are highly rated and populated by experienced and well-trained instructors, all of whom have been successful at helping children and beginners find their feet in the skiing and snowboarding fields. Some ski schools are Sportzentrum Ravensburg and the South Harz ski school. Buying equipment here is also extremely easy and sold at more reasonable prices than elsewhere. There are places within the resort for the purchase of skiing and snowboarding equipment and gear, as well as stores like Ravensburg Ski Hire and The Snacks.


Hotels in the vicinity of Ravensburg are all of high quality and comfort. One particularly prestigious villas people stay in during their visit to the Ravensburg is the Landal Salztal Paradise, a comfortable and luxurious holiday home quite close to the Ravensburg ski resort. Some apartments for hire are also present in the nearby Fuchsbau in Bad Sachsa. The ski resort of Ravensburg shows skiing in a rustic and authentic light and is a skiing resort everyone must visit once in their lives.

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