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Sleeping Giant Resort – Abode for skiing lovers!

Located at 348 North Fork Highway, Cody, Wyoming 82414, Sleeping Giant Ski Resort opened up during the snow of 1936-37, as Red Star Camp. As Sleeping Giant Resort, it opened up in 1938, thus becoming the likes of the oldest ski resorts in America. In 1993, the resort, for their beginner slope managed to acquire a Heron-Poma double chair lift that had already been previously used. In 2004, the resort had to shut down as the area’s T-bar was inspected by inspectors and declared unsafe. The Sleeping Giant Ski Resort had no money to repair the lift and thus had to shut down.

Among other, Nielson Family, in 2007 intended to reopen the facility when they purchased the land. With an investment of some 2.5 million dollars for the proposed improvements, a new triple chairlift, a CA, and snowmaking system were also included. The US Forest Service cleared its status, reissuing the permit of the ski area. It reopened in the winter of 2009-10, with a new refurbished double chair, snowmaking machine, and triple chair.

Sleeping Giant Statistics

Base Elevation: 6619 feet

Summit Elevation: 7428 feet

Vertical Drop: 810 feet

In the present day, the resort has a one of a kind terrain park; its vertical has doubled up if compared to the older days, challenging boarding and skiing, and adequate facilities like carpets for beginners. As an added bonus, the Yellowstone National park is just about 3 miles away from the Sleeping Giant Resort and people come here not just because of the many wonderful facilities and adventures, but also because of the sense of belonging. The resort has many stories from the yesteryear. The slopes are mostly uncrowded, and as you drive up from Cody, you will have the privilege of watching a great lot of diverse wildlife. The sense of belonging that one finds here is hard to find anywhere else.

Experience another level of adrenaline altogether with the Sleeping Giant Zipline, that covers over 3520 feet of  sheer air that hits your face as you travel at a speed of 45 MPH, with an adventure that gives you a new, exhilarating experience like never before. The zip line also has the feature of side by side racing with two zip lines running parallel to each other in 5 distinct sections starting from 360 feet to 930 feet. The vertical Drop covers up to 84 feet to give you a thrill that can only dream of!

Sleeping Giant Resort also offers rentals of the equipment that are needed for going snowshoeing and Nordic skiing with a gap of four dollars for each, with the adults’ ticket costing 15 dollars and the tickets for youngsters costing 11 dollars. Park County Nordic Ski Association (PCNSA) is an all-volunteer, non-profit association that features groomed trails of over 19.3 kilometers at Pahaska Tepee, located at Yellowstone National Park’s eastern gateway, at the west of Cody, Wyoming. U.S.F.S. Shoshone National Forest has granted a special permit to the resort to lease these trails, as they pass right through the Sleeping Giant Resort.  A chilled beer and some snacks along the route make it an experience of a lifetime.

There is a total of 8 easy level trails/slopes, 18 intermediate level trails/slopes and 21 expert level slopes/trails. At this time of the year (September), the wind is at 4 mph, with a 28 F, and it is generally snowing around this time. In every 48 hours, there can be seen a trace of snow. The base depth of the snow in 23 inches, and for magic carpet, there are two trails: the first trail is called Bear Trail, and the second trail is called Cubby trail, both of which are generally open when the resort is open and are groomed overnight each night. These two are the easy trails.

The intermediate level trails, that are 18 in number, are also open with the resort and are groomed overnight, except the Homebound Traverse, Calamity, Canfield Traverse, Gulch, Red Star, Short Shot, Squirrely, Bobby’s Headwall, Dolo’s Run, Hawkeye, Lazy DJ, and National park. These are given the Big Horn Status. The expert level trails, those are also the hardest, are given the Sheepeater status and also open with the resort. Most of them are not groomed overnight, except the Catch Pen, Little Snake, Pipeline, Far West, Pine Pitch, Puff-n-Stuff, T-Bar, Third Face, Twigg’s Trail, Two Faces, and The Slot.

The terrain parks are divided into two: the upper park and the lower park. The upper park is a non-traditional, natural park with trees and some 13 features, including pistol wall ride, opposing hips, rainbow and c-rails, jumps and boxes, placed in a forested area with strategy and planning. This is the more technical park of the two. The second lower park is less technical, has smaller features, like a woody bonk, giant pad-o-butter (picnic table), table top jumps, boxes, and rails.

Every 15 minutes, the webcam image is also refreshed, so all guests can see it on their browser, from 6 am to 6 pm.  For food and drinks, Sleeping Giant Resort has a bar called T-Bar and a café called Grizzly Grill that serves wines and beers, and almost all sorts of snacks. The ski/ Ride School offers lessons, for groups, individuals, students, at different price ranges, with attractive discounts and offers. Lunch and a fountain drink are also available for children. The students need to qualify for these lessons so that no harm comes to them.

Before visiting, make a note to check and double-check the ski conditions, snow report, forecast and recent inches of show. Be sure to check the recorded depth of all three sections of the mountain, that is, the upper section, the middle section, and the lower section. Also, take a look at the number of lifts open, runs open and acres open and terrain park status in the Sleeping Giant Resort during the time you choose to visit. Nature can be predicted in terms of how it has behaved in the past, but with changing conditions, it is becoming harder and harder to predict the way the snow will behave.

A really amazing place to ski and have fun with family and friends, Sleeping Giant Resort is definitely a must visit place for skiing lovers!

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