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Snow Summit – Acres of Snowboarding and Skiing

With winters just around the corner, there’s a lot on offer – right from winter sports to cuddling under a blanket and enjoy reading a novel. While most people prefer the latter, enjoying winter sports gets the adrenaline rushing through the veins of adventure lovers. Although there are a number of fascinating ski areas spread all across the country, not many offer the same level of hospitality and comfort that Snow Summit ski area has on offer for its visitors. Thousands of people flock to this fascinating ski resort every year to enjoy skiing, and other great fun activities offered at Snow Summit ski area.


Snow Summit Statistics

Base Elevation: 7000 feet

Summit Elevation: 8200 feet

Vertical Drop: 1200 feet

Nuzzled between the San Bernardino Mountains in Southern California along the Big Bear Lake is the Snow Summit Ski Resort. This resort is one amidst various other resorts which are the largest of the lot in the Southern Californian region. Snow Summit has another resort by the name of Bear Mountain which is managed and run by the Snow Summit owners and the two are collectively known as Big Bear Mountain Resorts. The two resorts are separated by a distance of about 2 miles which can be covered using the free inter mountain express shuttle.

Snow Summit is famous for snowboarding and skiing and is said to have maximum partakers from Los Angeles.

Topography & Elevation:

Snow Summit has 240 acres of terrain and 18 miles of land that can be used by those wanting to ski and the entire resort is a 369m drop in length and is medium sized. The exact coordinates of the ski resort are 34.2286°N 116.8911°W. Elevation level of the mountain is from 2,123m (6,965 ft) base elevation to 2,491m (8,174 ft) top elevation. The entire terrain surrounding the area is developed and has decent patches of land to ski on which attracts a large number of interested skiers. Moreover, the panoramic view from the top and the ideal location of the resort also makes it a good attraction point. The approximate uphill capacity of the lifts will be around 18,550 people per hour.


Most important aspect of any ski resort is the availability of lifts for convenient transportation of visitors and Snow Summit has a total of 14 lifts that one can use to get to the most of the activities offered by the resort. Well, interestingly 11 out of 14 are chairs while the other three are known as Moving carpets which are a new concept of commuting to and fro from the base to the spot of the recreational activity. These lifts have different seating options i.e., Double, Triple, and Quad chair and are exactly divided into two High Speed Quad Chairs, a couple of Quad Chairs, two Triple Chairs, five Double Chairs and 3 Moving Carpets. These lets vistors travel according to the size of your groups at the same time providing privacy to all passengers. There are half day as well was full day

tickets for the lifts available online and it is open between 9am-4pm on weekdays, 8:30am-4pm on weekends and 12pm-4pm for half day tickets.

Other Activities:

The Snow Summit also offers other exciting games and attractive activities that include –

Terrain Parks: It is home to a total of three terrain parks which include the Fun Zones – A great place to master with terrain features of beginner’s level and Ego Trip – The intermediate and advanced level jumps and climb.

Night Skiing: New is bold and better and what more intriguing than a skiing experience during the night when snowboarders and skiers can enjoy the beautiful moonlight, twinkling stars, and dark clouds. At night, you can boost up your energy to try out new jibs and jumps at the less crowded terrain across the summit. This is a rather unique trend begun by them which lets you pump out all the negativity of the day and happily ski down the terrain and is available only on a few dates on each month so note them down for a memorable experience.

The Grizzly Ridge Tubing Park: Incase if you aren’t a big fan of hiking as it is tiring and time consuming, you can try out the tubing park which is basically a ride where you are seated on an inflated tyre and slide downhill very fast which is a thrilling experience that gets your adrenaline pumping. The lanes are well maintained, and you just have to take a lift to the Tubing Park which saves time, and there is a provision of hot cocoa, snacks and adult drinks near the park zone.


Snow Summit is a winter resort offering various services full time during the functioning period. It offers all types of lodging accommodations depending on the requirements of the visitor, has shops nearby for purchasing essential items. They have full service restaurants that would feed all the visitors post their tiring yet memorable skiing fun. People love it when to their amazement they have a variety of recipes made available to them, right from Pizzas to a pig roast to BBQ items and access to the bar. Also, the resort not just focuses on skiing and snowboarding they also have several freestyle parks, unique trail parks, self decided hiking activities and much more on offer.

Team Programmes:

Snow Summit is not only open for short visits there are also exclusive teams of a set of participants who are personally coached by professionals in case if they have a keen interest in snow sports. Interestingly, Snow Summit has one of the top Snow racing teams in California, and these racing programs have training from professional coaches for the participants. Secondly, they have Freeski Teams that are also coaches and are provided with equipment as well. Thirdly, Snowboard Team and a D Team (Development Team) that teaches basic skiing techniques to young kids who are at beginners level and wish to attain skills for competing in racing.

Interesting Facts:

Snow Summit resort has advanced snowmaking capabilities and makes a lot more snow than any of the Southern Californian resorts due to the large supply of water sources from Big Bear Lake which is located nearby. The two main processes involved are –

Snowmaking: This covers 240 Acres of the terrain which is 100% developed and has a 3-5 feet snow clad layer. Equipment includes more than 560 hydrants, around 330 snow guns and 40 electric fan guns. The main system can convert over 6,000 gallons of water into snow every minute which is an admirable amount for a resort catering to a large number of daily visitors.

Grooming: This includes the maintenance of the place with the use of 9 bombardier grooming vehicles, 1 Terrain Master Park Building Vehicle, 2 Bombardier Half-pipe Grinders, 2 Piston Bully Park Building Vehicles and 3 Piston Bully Grooming Vehicles. It is probably the first ski area in the entire America to make its own snow which invites one to have a gala time making snow mans, hitting snowballs on each other or comfortably snowboarding away in bliss.

Less than a month is left for winters to begin and snow to set in, so make plans for a frolicking time with loved family or friends at the resort with palatable food items and adventurous sport and make long lasting memories. Go ahead and visit Snow Summit with family and friends and make the most of the upcoming winters; enjoying skiing and other fun activities in this grand skiing resort. You won’t regret it, we promise!

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