Snowy Range Ski and Recreational Area-USA

Snowy Range Ski and Recreational Area – The Perfect Place to Ski With your Friends!

As soon as you realize that the holidays have come up, don’t you get elevated with joy? As it is said, happiness is – not having to set an alarm for the next day. The joy of sleeping late and waking up to no work is bliss. But soon enough the days start to get boring. These boring days are the time when you begin planning the things to do list for the holidays. Let’s be real, how many of us do follow that list? This vacation, go ahead and do something different which you’ve always wanted to. Don’t just laze around in your pajamas while watching Netflix. Go out and enjoy!

The winter season can be pretty lethargic. But imagine a scene where you and your friends go out in the snow and have an ice battle. Throwing snowballs at each other or skating on the frozen lake. Moreover, the thrill of skiing and snowboarding can be enjoyed when it snows. Now that you’ve had a pretty good picture of all the adventures you are missing on, call your friends and pack your bags. Plan a trip to the mountains including skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling on various trails and much more fun.

Where to?

Now that you and your friends have decided to go out in the snow and enjoy the weather, the question arises about your destination. Where should you head to? To enjoy the most of your holidays, head to the Snowy Range Ski and Recreation Area. It is a small region specially designed and built for recreational activities. It is located in the Albany county of Southeastern Wyoming. The area is situated about 32 miles away from the beautiful Laramie city which is home to the University of Wyoming. Also, the nearest city to the area is Centennial located in the Medicine Bow – Routt National Forest. The prime location of the recreational area allows you to connect with the surrounding environment. Its close proximity to the Medicine Bow National Forest treats one with astonishing vistas.

What’s so good?

Snowy Range Statistics

Base Elevation: 8798 feet

Summit Elevation: 9663 feet

Vertical Drop: 990 feet

Unlike all the Ski resorts and lodging areas, the Snowy Range Ski is run by a small company which presents the area in a simple yet effective way. The area is a quiet and calm place which is a dream come true for all the riders and skiers. The place is just a drive away from Laramie which makes it a popular spot for all the locals. Students, parents long with their children and even adults from nearby enjoy all the activities that the area provides. Everyone enjoys skiing and riding because the place is not very crowded. One does not have to stand long in waiting lines for the lift or for their chance to ski. They can freely trail on the area and enjoy themselves.

The area extends tickets for locals as well as tourists. These are cheap and very reasonable. The best thing about the place is the price. It provides tickets for skiing and other recreational activity at much lower prices than all the other lodges and skiing areas in Wyoming. For a group of friends or a family out on vacation, you can surely count on this place to not take a toll on your pocket.

Also, for those who are not very good at skiing, they provide special classes and trainers to help you enjoy out in the snow. These trainers are available at your service and help you feel safe too. You could go out skiing or snowboarding even if you don’t know how to. The Ski also provides rental skateboards, snowshoes, and other equipment to let you go out with your friends in groups and have fun.

If you are a family person, and your kids are too young to ski, the resort also has a childcare corner. Drop your kids in the hands of the practiced caretakers and enjoy out with your hubby. If your kids are up for a little challenge, then, they would ski too, but under the trained and experienced staff. You wouldn’t have to worry about their safety at all. They can even participate in other interactive games.

About the Range

Once you reach the Snowy Range Ski and Recreational Area, you will observe how right your decision was to choose this place. You will get to meet a lot of the locals there who are extremely friendly and helpful. Even the staff of the area is very supportive. This resort will quickly become your favorite with more than 250 acres of land available for skiing. The locals choose this resort over anyone else because of the variety of trails that act as a fun challenge for them. There is so much more than just skiing over here. The most fun activity is for the most daring. The winter snow tubing is available for adults on Fridays and Saturdays. The area is open for Tubing from 4 pm to 9 pm. This skiing experience under the star lights is one of a kind. Here, you’ll get to meet many experienced skiers who wait for their chance to slide down in an inflated tube from a height.

The lift that the resort provides is quite an experience one. While traveling up to the skiing area, you’ll not be missing out an inch of fun. There are total five lifts named Sundance, Pioneer, Virginian, Chute and a specialized magical carpet that has a high-friction moving belt. This belt is attached to the person and quickly transports him up on the slope. These lifts are open from 9 am to 4 pm. Once you start your skiing, you’ll have many trails depending on the difficulty and length of the trail. For the beginners, there are 7 trails named Blackfoot, Centennial, Lower Drifter, Pioneer, Round Up, Upper Drifter and the Warpath. There are about 12 trails that are intermediate. These are Arapahoe, Calamity, Cheyenne, great Escape, Gunslinger, Middle Drifter, Ogallala, Rawhide, Seminole, Shoshoni, Sundance, and Virginian. The other trails are for experts and are of advanced level. These are Crazy Horse, Dakota, Geronimo, Laramie, Overland, Rattler, Rustler and the Chute. In total, there are 27 trails for all the skiers to choose from.  The elevation point or the summit of the skiing area is 9662 ft and the vertical drop is 990 ft with a base of 8797 ft.

Closure with food

All that hard work in skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling and other activities would make anyone tired and hungry. You don’t have to run to a nearby town to fuel up your body. The resort provides inexpensive food that is delicious and healthy. Treat your kids and your taste buds with the famous chili, mouthwatering pizzas and burgers and other fast foods in the Happy Jack Café. To taste the specialty of the area enter the Libby Creek Bar and Restaurant. Here they provide alcoholic beverages and hot sizzling homely food. A day that ends with good food is the best day. Without proper feast, your vacation can be spoiled. That’s why the Snowy Range Ski and Recreational Area ensures that your holiday ends up as a memorable one!

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