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Bask in the adventurous delight of Soda Springs this vacation

Always looking for an adventurous trip or vacation? Are you the first one to suggest a crazy but filled night out? Also, do you love snow? If the answer is yes to all or any of those, a ski resort would be the best place to visit for you. With thrilling skiing experience to delicious culinary delights, your stay and comfort are taken care of in the best way possible. Not to mention that these ski resorts are specially designed for you to give you enough time exploring your capabilities in the snow.

Soda Springs Statistics

Base Elevation: 6700 feet

Summit Elevation: 7352 feet

Vertical Drop: 652 feet

These resorts are also available for you to celebrate some special occasions with your loved ones. Whether it be your honeymoon or wedding anniversary, you can visit it to create some unforgettable memories. Not only, you can spend time in thrilling activities like skiing and snowboarding, but also, you can relax and pamper yourselves in hot baths and spas. Head out to the various cafes and restaurants to have a western style feast. This is one of the major reasons why such a large number of visitors pay a visit to the Soda Springs resort every winter.

Which would be the ideal ski resort for a family, friendly or romantic vacation?

All the qualities mentioned above are an ideal ski resort; it is very difficult to find one. Many resorts promise you the best skiing experience and a relaxing holiday but how many of them really keep up to their words? This is mainly the reason why you should look up for the resort first and look out for the best option. The Soda Springs ski resort is one of the best ski resorts in California which not only brags about its excellent service but also provides some. It is readily available from all parts of Northern California. It is situated only one mile off interstate-80. All you have to do to reach this super awesome resort is follow the road east for a mile and right from the yellow blinking light.  Easily accessible, Soda Springs is the first preference ski area for people in and around the region.

The Soda Springs is specially designed in the picturesque area of California. It is a wonderful place for any vacation, whether it is with your hubby or friends. You can enjoy the magic of snow in a secluded and peaceful environment. It is a perfect place for newly married couples to connect with their spouses. The thrill that the snow based activities provides you will be present nowhere else. Moreover, the place is affordable and supports various ski learning experiences and exercises.

This resort is the most environment-friendly; the experts here have come up with the brilliant idea of making snow from recycled water. This innovative idea was developed with the Donner Summit Public Utility District to overcome the shortage of water for snowmaking.  The water that is treated is subsequently, pathogen-free, highly treated and crystal clear. This is an effective way of producing snow and conserving water. This water is not contaminated in any form, as it is frequently tested by the Donner Summit Public Utility District (DSPUD). The resort takes special care that no rider or skier is affected in any way due to this artificially synthesized snow from recycled water. However, neither artificial nor natural snow should be consumed by humans. This environmentally friendly way of producing artificial snow has made Soda Springs stand out from other resorts in the region.

Some interesting facts about Soda Springs

Since it is clear that the resort is situated at the most optimum place, there are some interesting facts about the resort that will make you plan your next trip to the Soda Springs resort. The resort is based in a secluded area in the mountains and has 200-acre skiable terrain. The vast area is allocated with five lifts, one double, one triple, two moving carpets, and one more moving carpet at the tubing park. Also, for riders, there are 15 trails. For those who do not know how to ski, there are easy trails which are 23% for beginners, for some experienced riders there are 31% intermediate runs, and for those who seek more adventure and are experienced in skiing, there are 46% advanced runs. The beginners’ runs are Creampuff, Scooter, Alley Cat and Sunshine. The intermediate runs are Lodge Return, Lower Crystal Bowl and Lower Mad Dog. The most challenging runs are Crespillo Rock, Roaring 20’s, Upper Crystal Bowl, Upper Mad Dog, Race Course, and Nose Dive.

Soda Springs was established in 1931 and is one of America’s earliest ski resorts.  The Lake Tahoe resorts there are the mainstream fashion. However, as compared to it, the Soda Springs is more economical and cost efficient.  The top elevation is 7,300 feet with a vertical rise of 550 feet and a base elevation of 6,750 feet.

What makes the resort so unique and why should one opt for it?

  • Now, that you have a detailed description of the place, you should also think about the amazing services they provide. The place will help you make some wonderful memories with your close ones. Here, you can enjoy out in the snow or relax in a spa with them. There are a literally a ton of activities to choose from. Skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, will be a part of your trip there. Moreover, they are willing to help you celebrate your special occasions with them. If you want to visit the place and celebrate your birthday with your friends, the staff will provide with all the necessities like a cake, decorations, food and gay environment.
  • To make it a memorable trip for your kid too, the Soda Springs have a special playground meant for children up to the age of This is called ‘Planet kids’ and consists of various ski and snowboard learning areas, tubing lanes, snow mountains and tubing carousals. Here the children are trained well and helped to enjoy in the snow. The place is absolutely safe and is a fun ambiance for all the kids. The activities include mini snow tubing, snowman building exercises, snow angel making, snow sports lessons, skiing and snowboarding and enjoying tube carousels.
  • For the adults in the place, the resort has snow tubing as a part of their fun activities. It has long been considered as one of the family’s oldest traditions. The area for snow tubing has 20 lanes and a 400 feet surface lift too. Anyone with a height taller than 42 inches is allowed snow tubing and create wonderful
  • Not everyone knows how to ski and because of that they are a little worried as to ruin their opportunity to visit such an exciting place don’t fret. The resort offers special lessons for all, whether it is a kid or an adult. These lessons help build their skills and boost their confidence. For those who are shy, they can even opt for private lessons. These tutors are highly skilled and trained. They are extremely patient when it comes to teaching and support you to help you have very good time

Adventure and thrill are good, but as soon as you are not safe, it becomes fatal. It is extremely important to the Soda Springs Resort to help you maintain your safety. There are professionals and skilled trainers who help you ski along the trails and enjoy the cold weather. They are cautious when it comes to your safety. Moreover, the staff ensures that your visit is comfortable and you get all you wish for. The services at the Soda Springs are of optimum quality. With so many fun activities on offer, you are sure to make unforgettable memories here. So, for your next vacation, go ahead and plan a trip to the Soda Springs resort and enjoy your stay with your family and buddies.

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