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Soldier Mountain Ski Area: Unlimited Fun!

Vacations are very much a family affair and one does not particularly desire a lot of interferences and conflicts. In the same respect skiing and Idaho go hand in hand and if you go ahead and ask about the best skiing destination or resort there is only one answer that one gets and that is – the Soldier Mountain Skiing Area.

The Soldier Mountain Skiing Area has everything that a family vacation can ask for. Be it the comfortable homely environment or affordable pricing or specialised deals or just value for money services. Here everybody can come, enjoy and have a great time.After all, just through these simple pointers is that great memories are created, and indeed photographs too. The philosophy of this skiing destination has always emphasised on the one word – together. The Soldier Mountain Skiing Area has been created on these very American said value systems and thus they open their gates each season for all the lovers of snow.

Soldier Mountain Statistics

Base Elevation: 5800 feet

Summit Elevation: 7200 feet

Vertical Drop: 1400 feet

Here at the Soldier Mountain Skiing Area you will get numerous options to choose from – they have an amazing lodge, traditional home cooked meals to their modernised equivalents, snack bars for your little ones and of course the pubs and cafes. You can come and cosy up at any of these locations and enjoy your favourite meal and drink.

Idaho’s best kept secret can also provide its customers with exclusive space and an ultimate experience of private powder. It is located on the fringes of Sawtooth National Forest and is equipped with ultra-modern lifts which are two in number along with 36 inbound trails. The Soldier Mountain Skiing Area spans 1,180 acres and has a vertical drop of about 1.400 feet.

It is also the only skiing destination in south-central Idaho to provide a cat skiing facility. Along with this, there are rental stores which charge nominal rates for various products. If you are looking for precise details about the pricing you can very well give them a call or simply write to them. However, in any case, have a look below to get a brief idea:

  • Full day rental: $27
  • Half day rental: $19
  • Ski Boots: $12

Most of these items can also be purchased at these stores.

The History

This alpine skiing area (in the Western United States) carries a considerable weight of history on its back. Now, as far as the origin stories of the resort is concerned, for that, the story goes way back and begins somewhere in the year 1947.

As the story goes a certain Bob Frostenson in the company of his fellows and friends witnessed the try-outs for the 1948 Winter Olympics that took place in the nearby Sun Valley. His close friend, Harry Durall and Bob Frostenson were quite deeply influenced if not overwhelmed so to say by the try-outs. In an instant, they decided that skiing has to be their thing and they cannot just simply turn their backs on to it.

During the summer that followed both these young and enthusiastic men raised a capital amounting to $10,000. With this money in their hands they commenced work on the base lodge. In addition, they also got their hands on two rope tows. One of these towns was powered by a 1938 Chevrolet engine which was considered to be a mighty beast by the experts. Furthermore, they practically built the lodge by hand which involved cutting timbre and installing of the lifts.

First of the chairlifts was installed in the year 1971 and Bird’s Eye, the famous upper chairlift was added a few years later in 1974. The Soldier Mountain Resort measures a total of 4.7 kilometres square or roughly 1,150acres. This entire area of land is occupied by varied terrain structures, a beautiful terrain park, glades, bowls, and tree skiing which is rather a rare feature of skiing areas today.

The Soldier Mountain Resort also has snowmaking capabilities; however, this facility has not been used since 1996. Further, the resort operates between Thursdays and Sundays.During the Christmas holiday season, the resort particularly is open daily for the extra fun. In between Soldier’s summit and of that of Smoky Dome, there are various peaks that easily measure over 9000 feet above sea level. Furthermore, all of these peaks are then used for skiing purposes and are a part of the Soldier Mountains backcountry skiing operations. This entire region is served by snow cats and also by the Wills plans lift.

When it comes to the surrounding region the Soldier Mountain Resort is well-connected with all the major cities and other major tourist destinations in Idaho. Take for example the famous Smoky Dome is just 4 miles or 6 kilometres away.The nearest major city isFairfield, it is located just 12 miles or 19 kilometres away. Hailey and Mtn. Home are 45 miles (72 kilometres) and 78 miles (122 kilometres) away respectively.

On March the 30th of 2009 the 61-year-old base lodge fell at the hands of an early morning fire. Its causes are varied but suggested towards a faulty wiring. It took almost 10 months to reopen the resort and on the 28th January 2010, it was opened for public with a brand new 4,500 square foot base lodge. Slightly on the aside, actor Bruce Willis bought the Soldier Mountain Ski Area back in the mid-1990s and owned it for about 2 decades before donating it to a non-profit organisation. Later on, in November 2015 the resort was purchased by Diane and Matt McFerran of Bend, Oregon. They are the current owners and operators of the resort. The Soldier Mountain Resort still functions with the same family-centric spirit and offers each of its customers with the ultimate skiing and holidaying experience.

The Soldier Mountain Ski School

The Soldier Mountain Ski School offers an all new – Ride or Ski in 3 scheme. It is particularly great for those who are new to skiing or snowboarding.

Now, as per this program, each individual will be given 3 lessons, 3 lift tickets and 3 rentals. The idea is that these sets of 3s will allow the newbies to feel comfortable on the slope. What is great about this program is that once you are done with it, you will be the recipient of a Soldier Mountain Season Pass which you can use for the rest of the remaining season. Also, it does not cost much – just about $299 for adults and $199 for the younger lot. However, it is strictly meant for beginners alone.

Irrespective of your skill level there will always be something to learn and improve. All the teaching faculties at the school carry certifications from PSIA. More so, their training program is quite comprehensive and can also be modulated with respect to the pace at which you learn.

Prices of the school are listed below:

Private: Now, if you want some private tutoring then you will have to pay $55.

Groups: This is entirely dependent upon the availability of instructors and definitely cost much less. Group training sessions will cost you $38

3 private lessons: They will cost you about $140

On the day of your lesson you will be required to purchase the lift tickets and then go to the rental stores (if required that is). It is only after you are well equipped that you must enter the skiing area. Finally, you are required to head to the Ski and Ride School. The school building is a rather long structure located across the lodge. Suit up and get ready for the hills.

Snow Cat and Yurt

It is at Soldier Mountain alone that you will find the ultimate snowcat adventure. Even though the mountain might seem smaller in size it has some of the best-known backcountry regions. The experiences that you will gain here will also be different when compared to other resorts that offer snowcat based adventures. Here, instead of staying in typical formations you can go ahead and choose your own lines while following the respective guide of course. You have your own free will and the resort encourages you to explore as much as you can while taking necessary precautions and being safe.

Soldier Mountain has a vertical drop of 3,000 feet which tops out at 10,000 feet. Now, the area dedicated to cat skiing largely an east facing bowl. Because of this feature, it is capable of collecting storms that occur in-between. Also, the other south facing bowls are the destinations where you will find the best fresh snow. Here there are north facing trees which facilitate in the preservation of the fresh snow.

Furthermore, if the conditions are ideal then the chutes can go off of the Peak 2. This allows even greater access to the steepest of the terrain in the backcountry. If you want to go to Peak 1 then it can be reached by taking a short 5-minute walk. The slope on the eastern side has a 25-degree inclination along with a 1000 feet vertical drop and dense trees all around. This further results in the preservation of the freshness of the powder.

The entire backcountry region is about 2000 acres in area and has its very own big open lines, rolling glades, steep trees and extreme chutes. All you have to do is just ask your guide and they will accommodate your special requests as long as it is safe to ski or ride.

The Smokey Dome Yurt

The Soldier Mountain Ski Area believes in flexibility and bending rules just as long as they are safe and beneficial for the customers. In the same light, you can transform your backcountry exercise into something like say, a multi-day excursion or an overnight trip. However, such options are only available for those who are the cat-ski participant. Once you are a part of this team you can stay in a mid-mountain retreat. It is definitely going to be one hell of an adventure once you are there. Now, the cost per night is a mere $125 and you will have to be quick with the reservations because there are limited seats available.

Season passes and its prices

  • Adult: $399 (Between the ages of 16 and 69)
  • Junior: $299 (Between the ages of 12 and 17)
  • Youth: $129 (Between the ages of 7 and 11)
  • Child: $10 (Up to the age of 6 years)
  • The Silver Senior Seasons Pass: $129 (70 years and upwards)
  • Military Adults: $299 (Between 18 and 69)
  • Military youth: $129 (Between the ages of 7 and 17)
  • Mid-Week: $299 (Between Thursdays and Fridays only)

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