Sommeralm-Holzmeister: A Beautiful Winter Holiday Destination

Vacations are the best time to explore new possibilities and discover your hidden talents. Holidays provide us with enough free time for us to involve in versatile activities. Some of these can help you gain new skills, some may assist you in relaxing yourself from the hectic life, some may help in pumping up your adrenaline or some may provide with an enormous amount of fun, and some may help in improving your health condition. There is one activity which can actually provide you all these combined together. It is called Skiing. You should have surely heard about it before. It is an amazing activity to refresh yourself. Skiing is a multipurpose activity. Also practiced as a professional winter sport, its popularity is increasing tremendously. Ideal for winters this is an activity which you can’t miss to try in the upcoming vacations. So are you going to be the first one in your friend circle to go Skiing? Well, guess what! You can come along in groups along with your friends for Skiing. Coming along in groups will amplify the fun you can have. The next question that may arise is that ‘Where should you actually go Skiing?’

Sommeralm-Holzmeister Statistics

Base Elevation: 1240 m

Summit Elevation: 1400 m

Vertical Drop: 160 m

About the place

If you look at any Skiing Resort Map in and around your locality, you will probably see countless resorts scattered across the region. Making a proper choice with accurate information can be tedious. Here is all the information about one such Ski resort located in Austria. Known by the name Sommeralm-Holzmeister, this Ski resort stands at an elevation of 1240 m (4068.241 feet) and 1400 m (4593.17 feet). The difference between the altitudes is 160 m (524.93 feet). The location and elevation are suitable for having some good skiing experience. This is a tiny ski resort with just about 3 Km (1.86 miles) of the slope. It can be considered as an ideal place to be in solitude with nature and enjoy some special moments. A trivia to be noted for this place, January is the sunniest month in this region in winter. If you wish to feel the warmth of the sun, then you can plan your visit during that time.

Sommeralm provides the visitors with some unique skiing opportunities. Safe and secluded, you can have your private time with your family and friends. This resort is sure to provide you some beautiful experiences and memories. It is not just about skiing. There are various other opportunities that a ski resort can provide you. You can explore the nature or discover other hidden skills within you. Those living in the region around this resort specifically cannot miss the opportunity to visit it. Skiing is undoubtedly one of the best activities to do during winters.

The Terrain and Slopes

The three kilometers of slopes available for skiing are classified according to the difficulties and challenges they pose to the Skiers. About 67 percent of the slopes come under the ‘easy’ category. This makes up to 2 km (1.24 miles) of the slopes. The remaining 1 km (0.62 miles i.e., 33% of the slope) falls under the ‘medium’ category. There are no hard slopes present. The slopes offer very little challenge and can be efficiently used to Ski even by beginners and children without any difficulties. Even the elderly will find bliss in skiing through the easy slope. These slopes offer the opportunity to learn the basics of skiing for beginners. Only you become an expert in basic skills you can use the medium level slopes to test the abilities you have acquired. Although the slopes may appear to be very short, they are equipped with enough facilities some of which you may not find even in some big Ski resorts. Artificial snowmaking facility is available which ensure that enough snow is present during all situations. Valley run is also available. There is even a snow park where you can have unlimited fun. Another highlight of the slope is the presence of a Halfpipe. The slopes are perfectly suitable not just for skiing but also snowboarding.

The Ski Lifts for transport

Just as how a Ski resort cannot exist without know, there cannot be a Ski resort without a Ski lift. This tiny Ski resort has a total of 2 ski lifts. The total carrying capacity is 2000 passengers per hour. This efficiency is convenient considering the average number of visitors to the resort. The length of the Ski lift extends up to 1.6 Km (0.99 miles). Both the lifts are manufactured by the famous company, Doppelmayr. The lifts are named Holzmeisterlift 1 and two respectively. Both are T-Bar type and 800 meters (2624.67 feet) long. Each lift has a carrying capacity of 1000 passengers per hour. Ski lifts enhance your overall skiing experience. One can examine the beauty of nature and the surrounding atmosphere as they travel through these lifts.

The Depth of Snow

This is another important parameter for any Ski resort. The proper quality and depth of snow are essential for smooth skiing and snowboarding activities. In this Ski resort, the snow depth at the base is maintained at 20 cm (7.87 inches) while the snow depth at the mountain averages to 40 cm (15.74 inches). This depth is low, but there is enough snow for you to have some fun with a small snowball fight with your friends and family.

The Additional Activities

Skiing is just the tip of the Iceberg. There are several other fun-filled activities you can try out. You could go for cross country Skiing. There are as many as 16 cross-country ski-runs in this region. Another interesting activity to try out is Skating. It is a unique opportunity to improve your balancing skills as well. 16 skating courses are available to skate through. If you wish to participate in a more adventurous activity, you can go for wave rides which are totally fun and exciting. There are countless ways for you to spend your time here. You could even go for a nature walk and explore the beautiful landscapes around the place.

The Ticket Prices

The prices of the Ski tickets can be considered relatively cheaper in this resort. For an adult, during the peak season, a day ticket may cost about 20.5 Euro while for a child it will be around 15 Euro. The costs may vary from time to time depending on several factors but can be approximated to the same prices mentioned. Being a small resort, limited types of tickets are sold. It is always recommended to buy the season’s pass if you plan for a long stay. All the prices are totally worth the experience and memory you take back with you. Even the accommodation facilities around are affordable and cheap.

Additional Relevant Information

Early December to Late March is the time for the Skiing season. That’s when the resort primarily functions. The lifts operate from 9 AM in the morning to 4 PM in the evening. These timings can, however, be altered depending on other important factors like weather. Planning ahead according to the dates and timings is important to have a smooth vacation. Reaching this place isn’t difficult. If you come over in a four wheeler, free parking space is available. However, space is limited. Reaching early morning is the key to getting your parking spot.

Everyone dreams of an exciting and thrilling vacation. Only those who break the stereotypes and go out of their homes experience the real excitement. Skiing provides the perfect opportunity to experience something amazing. Holidays provide the perfect time to Ski. So, why are you waiting for? With so many things to enjoy at the Sommeralm Holzmeister, you cannot afford to sit back at home. Just pack your bags and come along with your family and friends to have some fun. You won’t regret it, we promise!

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