Tangle With The Snow Under The Stars, In Sonnberglifte

Winter gives people the chance to spend it as and how they wish to. For those who love the chilly outdoors, can go out and have fun enjoying a number of winter sports while those who love the comfort of their cozy rooms, can spend time reading one of their favorite books. If you fall into the latter category, winters can feel dull at times because of the same routine activities you carry out every day. On the other hand, if you decide to let go of the comfort of your cozy room, you can really have a great time out there in the open. Winter sports like skiing and snowboarding can bring out the adventure lover in you and make your life full of joy and cheerfulness.

Sonnberglifte Statistics

Base Elevation: 850 m

Summit Elevation: 1200 m

Vertical Drop: 350 m


The Brandner (also BrandnerValley ) is a valley in the Austrian state of Vorarlberg named after the Valley Ski Resort. The Brandnertal Valley with the villages of Brand, Bürserberg, and Bürs starts in the immediate vicinity of the Bludenz Alpine town in southern Vorarlberg. The Bludenz Alpine town is the center of a 5-Valleys mountain region. At the heart of this place lie the mountains, nature and city culture – all go hand in hand. From hiking and biking in summers to skiing and snowboarding in winters we provide you with various thrilling activities.

Summer in the Brandnertal

Tucked away near a place called Wald am Schoberpass in Land Of Styria is a small yet joyful ski resort called Sonnberglifte. It is a must visit if you’re looking for an experience enchanted with the magnificence of nature.  Sonnberglifte is one of the many skiing resorts in Austria, with freshly groomed slopes for you to ski, snowboard or sledge down! Sonnbergliftes scenery is an amalgamation of white, even, snowy plains during the day, and beautifully starlit night sky.  Sonnberglifte makes up one of the best skiing spots or winter vacation spots in Austria. It is also marked one of the cost-friendly ski resorts in Upper Mark and the entirety of Austria.


There is a total of 3 out of 4 ski lifts in working condition. All three lifts are an individual, ski tow lifts; hence making it slightly obstructive for bigger groups to stick together, but it hardly threatens the enjoyment of the skiing. The tracks are a total of 9 kilometers (approximately 5.6 miles), being divided into four segments. These segments are called easy, way, difficult and free riding routes. Depending on your skill level, you can take either of the first three. But the free riding routes are used by both amateurs and professionals.

The peak of the ski area or the top of the ski area is about 1,200 meters (which is approximately 0.7 miles), and the low point of the ski resort is at 850 meters (approximately clocking in at 0.5 miles). All the routes, pistes, slopes and tracks are lined up properly and have layered evened out and groomed snow to ensure it is ski-friendly.

The ski routes are open to using from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., and the duration to plan your trip to Sonnberglifte (in accordance to 2016-2017) is anywhere between 29th December 2016 and 12th March 2016. These timings and dates are given to help you plan in advance and give you an idea of the working hours and the best time of the year to tour Sonnberglifte. This is to help advice tourists maximize on their experiences journeying Austria.


The problem with skiing, snowboarding, and sledging is that there are bound to be avalanches. Now, usually they DO give an avalanche warning which would mean pistes and slopes are closed, but avalanches can be unpredictable. However, this is usually avoided as avalanches are detectable, and mishaps can be avoided. Just be sure to keep an eye on the weather conditions of the day and if it happens to be too stormy and inclement, wait for the weather to clear by rewinding at the inns and the cafes of Sonnberglifte. Safe skiing!


In terms of where to eat, there are not many options that you can test out. The only place you’ll be able to dine fine is in Gasthof Leitner, which is a small and rather cosy restaurant with an outdoor café, where you can have a cup of, well, any liquid you seem fit and experience nature up close! It is a rather adorable hotel, but it offers a lot more than just food. The hotel consists of a tanning salon, a guest house, catering for food and also hiking. The Gasthof Leitner is your best bet for some indoor fun, and you can definitely partake in it, without having to worry too much about the cost, as it is efficient and affordable. If you’re itching for some local cuisine, this is the place you need to be at.


This segment is just a little bit of added information about the accommodating situation in Sonnberglifte. There are a few places near Sonnberglifte you can stay at, along with The Gasthof Leitner.

In Traboch, you can crash at a holiday home for your stay. AusZeit is the way to go if you have a big group of people traveling with you, as they provide with six double beds, and enough space for mattresses to be blown up and spread out in the room if need be. The house is more like a cottage, and it gives off a rather warm vibe. So definitely give this option a once over if you plan on a group trip to Sonnberglifte.

In Wald am Schoberpass, you have the Gasthof above Leitner. But apart from the Gasthof Pension Leitner, there is the Gasthof Fink. Both are mini hotel-restaurants, having 9-10 beds each. And as we know, the Gasthof Leitner has the amenities of a salon, baths, and food along with some physical rejuvenation in the form of trekking.

And another area close to the Sonnbergliftes is the Sankt Stefan ob Leoben, where you have two options, Gastehaus Kauffman-Ritter and BienenAlm. Both have perfect accommodations, whether you have a big group, a small group or are alone. The former has 15 beds and is fully equipped with basic amenities, while the latter only has five beds but is equally armed with the basic necessities. Both are beautiful hotels, furnished, facilitated and manned well.


One of the main events or activities to do is Starlight Skiing, also known as Night/evening skiing or skiing under the stars.

Experience something truly out of your imagination, a sort of fairy tale like adventure as you glide gracefully through the slope under a starlit evening sky. Sounds like something enchanting, doesn’t it? Well, many tourists can vouch for the fact that it feels even more exquisite when you’re at the moment and doing the deed! Do not miss this for the world, as it is a wonderful phenomenon and one that is truly satiating to witness.

The timings are 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., and for this winter season, the dates are unfortunately over, but they are available every year for tourists and locals alike.

The tickets are charged on hourly and age-wise bases. For an adult, a one hour ticket will cost you 15 Euros, whereas for two hours it’ll 18 Euros. If you have children tagging along with you, the price for a child’s ticket for an hour is 10 Euros, and for two hours the price is 12 Euros. However, the Seniors or Students have a separate fee being 14 Euros for one hour and 16 Euros for two hours!

The starlight skiing is charged a little higher as it is one of the main attractions of Sonnberglifte, and also for the extra bit of glamor that comes along with it. Not to mention, a lot of tourists flock to this event because of its high appeal as a rare occurrence.

Sonnberglifte – a romantic’s paradise

Sonnberglifte has a romantic charm to it which is second to none in Austria. Sonnberglifte offers more than just ordinary skiing, snowboarding, and sledging. It adds a flare to the normal and winter sports is not an exception. You are sure to love this land of wonder in the day for all its simplicity and the night for its star-crossed skies. Come witness the magic unfold at Sonnberglifte this winter, for a delightful time under an iridescent sky in Sonnberglifte!

With so many activities to enjoy and so much fun on offer, you cannot afford to miss out on visiting this place. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead, grab your passes, book your tickets and head out straight for this amazing resort with your family and friends. You won’t regret it, we promise!

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