Ski Resort Sonnenberg:

The breathtaking Harz Mountains in the Central Uplands of Germany are so stunning that words cannot do justice to them. And we very well know that in Germany, every beautiful mountain will have a superb ski resort that attracts the attention of visitors all across the globe. And this time, it is Ski Resort Sonnenberg. We would like to bring this wonderful resort to your attention and we are sure you are going to love it with all your heart. Let us get the details quickly.

Base Elevation: 760 m

Summit Elevation: 856 m

Vertical Drop: 96 m

0% – Beginner
39% – Intermediate
22% – Advanced
39% – Expert

Lifts: 4

3- T Bar Lifts
1- Rope Tow


Location of the Resort:

Located in the Harz Mountains, Ski Resort Sonnenberg is a place where every skier and skateboarder can have a good amount of fun. The area where winter sports are performed is located between the elevations of 760 meters and 856 meters. The slopes are breathtaking and well groomed for the convenience of the customers, but before we get to the details of the slopes, we should let you know how to reach there.

The nearest airports to Ski Resort Sonnenberg are Berlin Airport and Frankfurt Airport. Berlin Airport is approximately 140 kilometers away from the resort and a car ride of 1 to 1.5 hours will help you to reach the desired destination. Frankfurt Airport is almost 190 kilometers away from the resort and from there; a road journey of 2 hours is all you need to reach the resort.

Slope Statistics:

With a vertical drop of almost 100 meters, Ski Resort Sonnenberg offers you a slope of 3.6 kilometers. The slope is appropriate for every level of skier and snowboarder, ranging from amateur to professional. The toughness level of the scope varies from easy to difficult. 1.4 kilometer of the slope is on the easier side where beginners can have fun. For the athletes who are a bit on the higher level than the beginners, they get a 0.8 kilometer ski track to show off their skills. And last but not the least, the expert skier get the hardest portion of the slope which comprise of 39 percent of the slope, accounting to a length of 1.4 kilometers. Overall, the slope is a good mixture of toughness level and the skiers will enjoy their time invested here at Ski Resort Sonnenberg.

trail map

Best Season to Visit:

The season at Ski Resort Sonnenberg usually opens somewhere late in the month of December and finishes in the middle of March. The best snow conditions are offered in the month of January due to good amount of snowfall, so it is definitely a time when you should visit them. During general season, the operating timings are 9AM to 4PM and can vary depending upon the weather conditions and holidays.

Ski lifts and Pass Prices:

There are 4 ski lifts in total at Ski Resort Sonnenberg. 3 of these lifts are T-Bar/Button Lifts and the remaining one is a Rope tow/beginner lift. The T-Bar lifts can carry 1000 people each per hour and the rope tow is capable of carrying 600 people on an hourly basis. With a total lift length of 0.9 kilometers, these lifts together can carry up to 3600 passengers from the base to the summit in an hour.

Prices of pass for a single day are fair enough as adults have to spare 21 Euros from their pockets to enjoy the winter sports whereas kids get a relaxation of 6 Euros and their ticket for a day costs 15 Euros only.


Now that you have plenty of reasons to visit Ski Resort Sonnenberg, do not get stuck with your excuses as you have been missing out on such a great place for a long time now!