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As the famous lyric of Christmas Carol Winter Wonderland goes, “Sleigh bells ring, are you listening/ In the lane, snow is glistening/ A beautiful sight/ We’re happy tonight/ Walking in a Winter Wonderland”, we are often reminded of our sweet and cherished memories during the season of winters. It’s not every day that we come home for a hearty meal with our near and dear ones or spend an entire day having fun to our heart’s content with our children and siblings but is only possible during the holidays of winters.


Not only does the atmosphere cater to our happy mood but also the fact that the presence of holidays such as Christmas and New Year’s Eve allow us to get in touch with the people we love. We work hard throughout the year to provide for the people who matter to us, and it’s only natural that we would be yearning for this season which brings with it an endless array of joyous moments. Soldiers come home from their tireless jobs only to spend a day or two with his beloved family; children make time to visit their parents living far away- these are those splendid moments which we get during the winters and oh, do we love these fond memories!




About the place

Sonntag Statistics

Base Elevation: 900 m

Summit Elevation: 1750 m

Vertical Drop: 850 m

Now when we are on the subject of making ourselves happy, why not start with a vacation? A long holiday in the season of winters amidst icy, cold snow beneath our feet and the cool breeze caressing our face is just the thing that you need to do in this winter. The Sonntag Ski Resort is located at Boden 50, 6731 Sonntag, Austria and is possibly one of the most beautiful ski resorts in the entire world and why wouldn’t it be? It’s located in Austria, the land of scenic architecture and organized tourism.


The Sonntag ski resort is precisely situated in the Great Walser Valley of Vorarlberg, Alpenregion Bludenz and hosts the charismatic scenery of the Austrian Alps. Not only does it provide ample opportunities for sports enthusiasts but it also makes sure to please the tourists and visitors who arrive at this resort to marvel at the beauty that lies before their eyes. So if you wish to create happier and joyful memories to last a lifetime, this is the exact right place to start


Resort Details

The Sonntag ski resort is perched at an elevation of 900 meters (2952 feet) at the base, 1300 meters (4265 feet) at the vertical drop and 1750 meters (5741 feet) at the summit. There are two lifts available for everyone, out of which one is a cableway, and the other one is a chairlift present at Sonntagstein. There is a total of 7 kilometers (4.34 miles) of extremely well-maintained and groomed trails and slopes available at the Sonntag ski resort.




Skiing and Snowboarding Statistics

For Beginners: Out of the total seven kilometers of ski runs and slopes, a staggering 4 kilometers (2.48 miles) or 57% are awarded to beginners and amateurs who are just learning this winter sport. Such trails are fashioned to suit the convenience of beginners and novices who are only getting acquainted with skiing and snowboarding for the very first time. These skiing and snowboarding runs are relatively easy to handle and do not provide challenges so they can be tried out by anyone familiar with the basics of skiing.


For Intermediates: From the total number of skiing and snowboarding slopes, an expansive 3 kilometers (1.86 miles) or 43% is reserved for the intermediate skiers and snowboarders. These trails and slopes are facilitated with slightly difficult twists and curves which would be a delight for intermediate sports athletes because they are already familiar with various winter sports activities. All they look forward to is to enhance their level of skiing and snowboarding while present at this resort.


Some Things to Remember:

  • As you must understand, the temperature around this region of Austria falls to minus temperatures as you go further towards the mountain region. So carry enough warm and woolen clothes to keep you warm.
  • Make sure to bring umbrellas or raincoats to shield yourself from sudden rainfall which is a common in these parts or maybe simple cover yourself from blizzards and incessant snowfall.
  • Pack extra pairs of gloves and socks as you might need them in case one gets wet when you are climbing the mountain sifting through the snow.
  • Maintain all the safety regulations as laid down by the resort and make sure to be completely aware of them which are of course beneficial for your own well-being.
  • Lastly, flora and fauna of this region surrounding the Sonntag resort are completely untouched and undisturbed, and so it would be advisable to keep it that way.



Winter Hiking

If you wish to enjoy the tranquillity and peace of this region in Austria, something that we usually do not find in the city, winter hiking is the best way to satisfy that desire. Set out in the morning from the Sonntag resort and make your way up the hiking trails around the Austrian Alps and watch the unforgettable event of the beautiful sunrise. As the availability of lush green nature is dwindling day by day, we crave to be amongst hummingbirds and alpine trees all the more. So, this is your chance to fully immerse yourself in the wanderlust of adventure as you explore the various characteristics of these snow-covered mountains and enjoy the bliss of serenity.


Accommodation and Lodging at Sonntag

The Sonntag ski resort is situated at a prime location which caters to all your needs including accommodation facilities. Most of the hotels and lodges are located in close proximity to this resort to enhance their significance and service in providing to their guests and tourists. The hotels and lodges are also reasonably priced so as not to burn a hole in your pocket. Check out some of these hotels below.


Sonne Lifestyle Resort: The Sonne Lifestyle Resort is located right amidst the fairy-tale and hilly forest area of the Austrian Bregenzerwald. Traditional Bregenzerwald culture is teamed with modern 21st century services and amenities if one of the highlights of this hotel. With thirty-eight superior design rooms and restaurants with one hundred and forty capacities for guest, the Sonne Lifestyle Resort stands out for its exclusive services and warm, homely atmosphere as provided to its guests. Standard double room at this hotel costs 419.71 Euros per room per night.


Berghotel Madlener: The Berghotel Madlener is a four-star luxurious hotel and lodging service available here in Austria. With facilities like sauna, free Wi-Fi, DVD player, garden terrace, steam bath, solarium and walkways, the most highlighted of them all is the facility of hiring a car as you wish to travel around the town and opt for sightseeing. This hotel takes care of all your needs and requirements and encourages you to spend some time in the hotel’s garden and pathways to take in all that fresh air. Standard double room costs at this hotel 266.29 Euros per room per night.


Day Tickets and Season Passes

Day tickets and passes are essential for you to have an uninterrupted and unfazed experience of skiing and snowboarding here at Sonntag ski resort. Prices of time cards from 8.30 am for adults cost 34.70 Euros, for seniors cost 31.10 Euros, for juniors cost 29 Euros and for children cost 20.40 Euros. Time cards from 11 am for adults cost 30.60 Euros, for seniors cost 29 Euros, for juniors cost 28 Euros and for children cost 17.80 Euros. Time cards from 12 noon for adults cost 28.50 Euros, for seniors cost 27 Euros, for juniors cost 26 Euros and for children cost 16.80 Euros.


Time cards from 1 pm for adults cost 26.50 Euros, for seniors cost 25 Euros, for juniors cost 24 Euros and for children cost 15.80 Euros. 2-Day cards for adults cost 64.30 Euros, for seniors cost 59.10 Euros, for juniors cost 56.10 Euros and for children cost 37.40 Euros. Family cards per day for two adults and one child cost 89.80 Euros, for one adult and one child cost 55.10 Euros and every extra child 6 Euros. Season passes for adults cost 203 Euros, for seniors cost 163.20 Euros, for juniors cost 140 Euros and for children cost 67.80 Euros.


Okay, so this is all the information that you need to know about the Sonntag ski resort. So if you are up for a change in your life, just hop on a plane and come hither to Austria!

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