Ski Resort Spieserlifte - Unterjoch:

There is nothing better than a ski resort that is located in a valley where the skiers can enjoy the beautiful valley runs with twists and turns to keep the adrenaline pumping. This is no less than a fantasy for all the winter sport enthusiasts as they seek thrill with their skis and snowboards. And how can we forget that if there is any place where we can find such resorts, it is Bavaria in the country of Germany. We know you are so eager to know where your desired destination is. The answer for you is Ski Resort Spieserlifte-Unterjoch. Give us the honor to be your guide to the resort.

Location of the Resort:

Spieserlifte-Unterjoch Statistics

Base Elevation: 3461 ft

Summit Elevation: 4429 ft

Vertical Drop: 968 ft

Located in the beautiful valley of Oberallgau in Bavaria (Swabia), ski resort Spieserlifte-Unterjoch is one of its kinds. The elevation on which the resort is situated is are between 1,050 meters and 1,350 meters. The view from the summit of the resort is sheer excellence of nature at its best. The nearest airport to the resort is Munich International Airport which is approximately 200 kilometers from the resort. From there, best possible way to reach the resort is by car as the journey will take around 1 hour 30 minutes and you will arrive at your destination.

Slope Statistics:

Ski Resort Spieserlifte-Unterjoch offer you a vertical drop of 300 meters which is a good thing in itself. Within this vertical drop, the skiers and snowboarders get a slope of 7 kilometers to enjoy their day with fun activities. The slope offers two levels of difficulty- Easy and Intermediate. The portion of the slope termed as Easy is good for beginners as they can practice on this turf to hone their skills for the time to come. Major portion of the slope that accounts up to 5 kilometers in length is good for Intermediate level skiers. The slope also offers Valley Run to the frenzies, so it is definitely a complete package, right on the money.



Ski Lifts and Pass Prices:

At ski resort Spieserlifte-Unterjoch, there are 2 ski lifts in total that carry the passengers from the base of the resort to its summit. Both of these lifts are T-Bar lifts. The first one can carry up to 700 passengers in an hour and has a lift length of 500 meters. The second lift has a length of 990 meters and can carry up to 1000 people in an hour. With a total length of approximately 1.5 kilometers, they can carry up to 1700 people in an hour. Coming to the ski pass prices, they are variable depending on the age group. Adults have to spare 25 Euros for a single day pass whereas the youth have to pay 20 Euros for the same. For a single day of fun activities, children have to pay an amount of just 16 Euros.

Best Season to Visit and Timing:

Due to the height on which the resort is located, the season here begins late in the month of November which is earlier than many other resorts in Germany. And to the visitor’s delight, the season continues for duration of 4 and half months to conclude in mid of April. During season, the resort opens up at 9AM and closes around 4:30PM. Also, there is a ski school as well where you can enroll for a ski course to enhance your skills and gain some more insight about the winter sports activities. Ski Resort Spieserlifte-Unterjoch with its well groomed terrain is suitable enough for family outings and is senior citizen friendly as well. So if you are looking to have a good time with your family and friends, Spieserlifte-Unterjoch is the resort for you to be at.

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