Winter Charm at Sportgastein!


The charm of winters is wonderful indeed. Everything is covered in snow and white; pristine. A beautiful and breathtaking scenery, in short. In winters, there’s a certain charm in being cuddled inside a warm house with a hot drink in hand while reading a good book, or just simply watching the snowflakes swirl down from the heavens. Some people like staying indoors while some people feel adventurous; the perfection of freshly fallen unmarked snow gives one the sense of traversing in uncharted territories; they feel like they want to explore something. Beaches and water lose their value while mountains and slow sound really appealing. So to give such people some peace of mind and save their time researching we have a beautiful Ski resort in Austria for you.


Located at an altitude of 1590 m to 2650 m (5216 ft. to 8696 ft.), Sportgastein is the highest situated skiing area in Ski amadé. Ski amadé refers to 5 different regions that make up Austria’s biggest ski alliance: Salzburger Sportwelt, Schladming – Dachstein, Gastein, Hochkönig, and Grossarltal. Sportgastein is a village, which welcomes people seeking adventure with open arms. Here, the dreams of skiers’ are not dreams anymore and become a reality.


Gastein Valley in Austria has become very popular, because of its rich history and traditions. Also, it is able to offer you a wide range of new cultural opportunities. However, a winter vacation in Gastein offers you a number of nature experiences, too. Enjoy the stunning surroundings of this alpine valley in the Hohe Tauern Mountains.


The place has many different runs suiting to various types of levels. The longest run offered is 13.3 km (8.26 miles). There are three lifts over here. Out of the 3 lifts, one is 30 Goldbergbahn I which has a capacity of 8 people at a time; this is at an altitude of 1917m ( 6289 ft), 1 is a 31 Goldbergbahn ll which has a capacity of 8 people; at an altitude of 2650 m(8694 ft) and 1 is a 32 Kreuzkogellift which has a capacity of 2 people: at an altitude of 2496m (8188 ft). This gives the place a large lift capacity per hour.




Terrain for Fun

Sportgastein Statistics

Base Elevation: 1600 m

Summit Elevation: 2686 m

Vertical Drop: 1086 m

Sportgastein has a total of 25.9 km’s (16.093 miles) which are set according to the different levels of skiing. All runs are thrilling and packed with adventure. Firstly, you have to know the level of your skiing. Instructors can help you with that. Secondly, you have to see that whether you need lessons or not. If you desire lessons then you can apply for lessons. One should not be too overconfident when it comes to the safety of oneself. Your safety is your responsibility first, later comes the need for fun.

Beginner level – out of the total of 25.9 km’s (16.093 miles), 3.50 km’s (2.17 miles) are easy runs. They are meant for beginner skiers. If you have never learned skiing or trying it for the first time, you should go for this one. Also, if you desire, you can buy the beginner package just from the lift tickets counter.


 Intermediate level – Out of the total 25.9 km’s (16.093 miles), 13.20 km (8.20miles) are of intermediate level. They are challenging and thrilling at the same time. Here you can enhance your skills. You can not only ski at your free will but also learn new things from the instructors present at the Sportgastein.


 Experienced level – Out of the total of 25.9 km’s (16.093 miles), 1.50 km’s (0.93 miles) are for experienced skiers. These are the most challenging runs and are meant for people who are experts at skiing. Experienced skiers have to face high-level challenges over here.


 Freeriding – Out of a total of 25.9 km’s (16.093 miles), 7.70 km’s (4.74 miles) are for free riding. Recent trends show that free riding has become a very booming sport since it is probably the most original way to glide through deep snow. The urge to set out into open terrain has always been relentless, and the passion for powder and adrenaline is grasping more than ever in winter sports fans.


The Gastein Lift Company has recognized this need and is proud to present its free ride routes and a new feature called the ‘Free ride info base’. Free ride Info base is a brand new feature that will make deep snow skiing safer than it has ever been. This new navigation and information system will guarantee safe backcountry rides and adventures resulting in an experience that will be valued by people of different levels and abilities. At the Pieps Station, you can also rehearse for a worst-case scenario in lifelike conditions with an ideal preparation for your free ride expedition.


Winter Hiking is also there, within a range of 4.5 km (2.79 miles).


Special tip: The ski route 1 + 2 + 3 has white snow powder as far as the eye can see. After a thousand meters of skiing in deep white snow powder, you will land at the stunning valley station of the Goldbergbahn. Warning signs and closures have been put so; please pay attention to the surroundings as it has been done for your own safety and security!




A new cable car Stubnerkogelbahn (8-person-gondola in two sections) has been made available directly from Bad Gastein to the top of Stubnerkogel.


An attractive suspension bridge (about 140 m, i.e., 459 feet long, starting at the top station) has been built.


A Rock Trail has been started at the Stubnerkogel


“Glocknerblick” Panorama platform on the Stubnerkogel has been built.


New snow-making facilities have been started at the Sender-Track on Stubnerkogel


A lot of finishing works have started at the blue ski piste to Angertal, as well as at the piste-improvements in Sportgastein


The children’s area in Angertal has been renovated and completed.


After a day on the pistes, a visit to the Alpentherme spa resort in Bad Hofgastein is much needed. Here, there are a lot of things for everyone, old or young, tall or small to experience like the Speed slide, Rafting slide, and the Lazy River!





Season: 26.11.2016- 23.04.2017


Summer: 17.05.2017- 17.07.2017


Operation: 09:00 – 15:30


 Prices in low season: For Adults, the ticket price is €47.00, for children, it is €23.50, for youth, the ticket price is €36.50, and for seniors, it is €47.00.


 Prices in peak season are: During the peak season, the tickets for adults costs €50.50, for children, the ticket price is €25.50, while for the youth it is €39.50 and €50.50 for the seniors.


(A lot of reductions are also available for, like the family reduction, group reduction, and youth reductions)

Ski-Pass and Several Other Services:

Active skiers can use their ski-pass to avail the following services:


Ski-shuttle service that is available between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m is completely free.

Your ski-pass and your road toll ticket have the same timings for the Gastein Alpenstraße to Sportgastein when using the Goldberg Lift.

Entry in the ‘Fun Centre’ at 2,200m (Stubnerkogel summit station, 7217.8 feet) is free: there you will also have free Internet access, table top football, cinema for kids´ and many more amenities.

Free parking at all valley stations is also available.

So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and book your tickets! Make sure to invite all friends and relatives to make use of the reductions and avail amazing discounts! A winter like you has never experienced before awaits your arrival. So many facilities at your disposal, you just can’t afford to miss such an opportunity of thrill and adventure! Don’t be scared to ski! Skiing is fun, and an experience is worth cherishing. Memories made here stay on forever and can bring smiles to your faces. Don’t push something, If not today then when you will do it? Moreover, remember, Safety is paramount!

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