Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows-USA

Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows - The Icy Heaven

Imagine yourself standing on top of a mountain with snow all around you. A cold wind rushes by you. You stare at the infinite blanket of snow covered slope in front of you. In one moment you are taking in all the beauty that surrounds you and in the next moment you take your first step towards skiing down the slope. You are skiing past all that snow getting faster and faster. The Wind is so cold that it cuts through your face, but all you can feel is the adventure. The thrill incarnates the fire within you and burns you in ways that you have never felt before and suddenly you wake up to realize that you are in your bed and it is just an ordinary day. Isn’t that boring? Why would you waste another beautiful winter weekend at home when you could be living your dream? Now as the winters are around the corner, you have to make a choice to either shave another boring weekend or to live your dream. The choice is yours.

Squaw Valley Statistics

Base Elevation: 6200 feet

Summit Elevation: 9050 feet

Vertical Drop: 2850 feet

Going for skiing at Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows is making the right choice for a bucket load of adventure and thrills. Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows is located on Squaw Peak in Placer Country, California and is very easily accessible. Its maximum vertical height is 2850 feet. It has a top elevation of 9050 feet, and its base elevation is 6200 feet. The place offers an area of 4000 acres with terrain with many choices. The longest run is 5.1 km, and it is known as Mountain Run. The place is situated on the west of Lake Tahoe in the Sierra Nevada and allows guests to ski across six peaks. The place is very famous amongst tourists as it receives heavy snowfall of 450 inches and sometimes it even crosses 500 inches. The place is meant for all skiers, be it beginners or intermediate or experienced. Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows has more than 177 runs which give every guest to choose from a variety of runs. These runs are made according to various levels of skiers. The place has a total of 30 lift systems which gives them the capacity of 58000 per hour. Another breathtaking feature of this resort is that it has the facility of night skiing. The place has a lot on offer for its visitors and is inviting every individual for most amazing activities.

Terrains for everyone

The place has terrain for everyone. The place has 270 trails to offer so that every guest can ski according to their level of experience. The place is proud of the fact that they have trails for beginners at maximum height. This gives beginners the opportunity to start with not only safe but a much more adventurous skiing start that can be offered by any other resort or place. The terrains are meant to be as challenging as it can be at each level.

Beginner Level – Out of more than 177 runs a total of 15 % are amongst easy ones. These are meant for rookies who have either never skied before or the ones who still do not have the skill to go to more advanced levels. There are also lessons available if any individual would seek so.

Intermediate Level – This gets more challenging. Out of more than 177 runs, a total of 35 % are of intermediate level. They are meant for those people who have the basic knowledge and are ready to go to the more difficult level.

Experienced Level – This level is meant for people ready to face the ultimate challenges. Out of more than 177 runs a total of 50 % of experienced level. They are much more difficult and it is of whole other level. Nothing can get more exciting than this. The height is challenging, the weather is, the level of snow is and so is the terrain.

Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows have made sure that guests can enjoy an unrestricted view of the entire valley while skiing, so they have made runs in every possible direction. Out of the total runs, 50 % are facing North, 40 % are facing East, 2 % are facing West and 8 % are facing South. Also, night skiing is available as well.

In arbitrary terms, the mountain is divided into three parts. The Lower Mountain branches from the village at an elevation of 6200’. The Upper Mountain branches from the Gold Coast and the High Camp Mid Mountain lodges at an altitude of 8200’. The entire division is kept connected with runs and chairlifts throughout. This makes it one of the finest places to ski in the region; attracting visitors aplenty during the winters.

Lifts – Squaw Valley Alpine Meadow has 12 triple chairs, six quad chairs, 5 six pack chairs, Gondola and Tram. This facilitates continuous service to guests, so they do not have to wait for long hours. The lift system connects the entire place very efficiently, and the staff is always there to guide you.

Things to carry – At such heights you can face a problem with sun’s UV rays and also have a problem with adjusting to oxygen level. So it is better to carry a sun’s screen and to consult your doctor first. Also, weather at mountains can never be trusted so even during summers you should carry warm clothes and some water proof wind cheaters. The rest of the skiing or snowboarding gear can be rented from the resort without much of a fuss.


The pride of this place is the fact that it hosted 1960’s Winter Olympics. From then till now the Squaw Valley Alpine meadow has maintained its reputation as a well maintained ski resort. The view of Lake Tahoe is unmatched to any other view from any other position. Beginners will love this place as they are proud of having beginner’s terrain at highest elevation. The place also has the longest ski and snowboard season in the country. All these assets make the place very attractive, and the place receives around 600000 skiers every year. Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows were different resorts first, but they merged as one in 2012 and enhanced the level of fun they have to offer. This makes it second largest ski area near Lake Tahoe and one of the main reason why so many people visit the resort during every winter season.

Other Events

An aerial tramway, which offers a scenic beauty that would fill any guest’s heart with peace, rises from 2000 feet to High Camp. High Camp is at an elevation of 8200 Feet. High camp is meant to offer facilities for the guests. Facilities like pool, roller skating, dining, shopping, high altitude disk golf and much more are offered for guests. Apart from that Squaw Valley Alpine Meadow hosts many annual summer events. The resort welcomes many well – known yoga teachers and musical performers every July. The place is also proud of providing the summer premises to the Squaw Valley Community of Writers. The place also very well known for hosting an array of concerts, beer & wine events like Brews, Jazz, Funk and Fest, Peaks and Paws and Blues days.

The place is also proud of a European styled Village that is made for the entertainment of guests. It features almost 60 restaurants, bars, boutiques and art galleries. This is a delight for every guest as they can not only buy souvenirs for all their friends but also souvenirs for yourself to cherish these moments when you have gone back. So, go ahead, pack your bags and head out straight to the Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows and make the most of the upcoming winters. With so much on offer, you cannot afford to miss out on visiting this place.

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