Winter is truly a season that offers a feeling second to none. There remains dense fog all around in winter. Sometimes, the fog is so dense that the sun rays cannot get through it. Everything appears hazy. The scene of a winter morning is extremely short-lived. The only time we have a tendency to begin adoring our blankets is once winter approaches. People organize family gatherings and opt for outings in winter. 

To get out of this mental attitude one ought to go outside. And having an arsenal of fun ideas on the fingertips helps a lot. Definitely sport and different winter sports drop the temperature down for journey lovers, rather than sitting in your comforter and sipping strong coffee from your favorite cup, you'll be able to obtain a replacement combine of winter sports outfit and run into the snow. The smell of contemporary snow offers one a nostalgic feeling.

About Sörenberg

Sörenbergisbe a village in the Swiss Alps situated within the southern a part of the canton of the medic. The village lies within the municipality of Flühli within the Entlebuch region, close to the higher finish of the Waldemme depression with its distinctive plant and animal life, this fantastic moor landscape attained the region the excellence collectively of a mere 400-biosphere reserves within the world. Sörenberg lies at an altitude of 1,159 meters (3802.49344 feet)on top of water level and is enclosed by mountains over 2,000 meters. (6561.68 feet)

Brienz Rothorn can be enjoyed from Sörenberg by aerial cableway and from Brienz with the steam train, which offers a great viewpoint and also acts as the place to begin mountain hikes, as well as catch the bird's-eye trail to the BrünigPass. The panoramic view from the 2350-metre (7709.974 feet) summit remains positively impressive. The Hengst facility designed from native materials offers hydropaths such as: Wading in an exercise pool and water torrent station. It offers a perfect excursion destination for teams, firms, and clubs, who can go together on guided tours, hiking or alternative excursions. It is spread in the area of 4.39 miles near Kanton Luzern.

LW Kemmeriboden is 2.3 miles from Sörenberg. Skiing trails lead through an area with varied fauna and flora, ornate farmhouses and old trades such as wainwrights and shingle makers. Over a locality of 400 sq. kilometers a mystical world unfolds with its promise of peace, inspiration and relaxation - fresh moorlands, idyllic Alpine pastures and also the majestically lofty Schrattenfluh play experiences of a really special kind indeed. 

Glasereipfad: Sörenberg - Flühli is additionally a really far-famed trail at Sörenberg. The active season is throughout June–October. State of the hiking path is well-kept. The ascent from Satz to the highest of the Teufimatttsattel is comparatively steep. It gives a fantastic view in a magical manner.

Sörenberg is that the biggest winter sports region within the Canton of the Medic, and boasts of seventeen chair- and ski-lifts as well as mountain railways on 53 km (32.9327 miles) of slopes. The current season is from 12-17-2017 to 04-02-2017. General season happens in mid-Dec to early April. The hours once the resort hotel operates are from 08:30 - 16:30.The resort is legendary for getting on the minds of customers and they don’t provide it with another thought to go to it once more.

Skiing at Sörenberg

Sörenberg may be a fun place for winter sports and costs here are affordable as compared to a number of the larger Swiss ski areas. With its nineteen raise systems, Sörenberg resort is ideally suited to families.
The views from the highest of the Brienzer Rothorn compartment over the Jungfrau and also the long black run backpedal to the park are the highlights of this resort. In a very separate space, there are lots of pleasant, largely flattish blue runs down the natural depression, regarding an hour by train and bus, or car, south of Luzern.
The ski college offers an oversized variety of instructors for the ski lovers. Before you start with all the excitement for athletics, you have to select what class you match to beginner, intermediate or expert level. There’s a large ski college that is usually offered for beginner lessons and important tips.
Beginners and experts can get pleasure from our absolutely ready slopes (with snow creating systems). For all free riders and experts, the Brienzer Rothornare going to be the final word expertise in snow and white. The athletics space within the village is that the good place for family vacations. 


There are fourteen accessible lifts from seventeen. There are fourteen drag lifts and a pair of chair lifts there are hardly any queues for the lifts, and therefore the neatest thing is that you just will leave your automobile with us for the full day freed from charge. There are 2 lifts for kids that the tiny ones will handle all by themselves. We are particularly pleased with the cozy mountain restaurants in our resort hotel, places you do not wish to depart, where you'll relax and feel reception.  We offer a well-balanced snow program! You may be surprised!

What About The Passes?

Individual passes may be availed once reaching the destination or may be reserved on-line. For Adult, pass prices are around $50 with the prices for the adults at $40 and for a baby it is $25. Families who are terribly obsessed with the adventure may avail the all season pass that is available. For an adult it's $690 for a youth it's $530 and for a baby, it's $360. Children below the age of six are free if in the course of a paying guest. From Luzern, an adult someday combined price tag is seventy-three. 40 SFr, or 56.80 SFr with a Half-Price card. No ski cards required for youngsters to urge through the gate.

Other Events

There are various programs and sports events which are held at Sörenberg, individuals around the globe participate in these events. The enthusiasm of young, adult and old is beyond imagination.  One of the events is the Altitude of cross-country runs of 1152 m (3779.5276 feet) takes place at Sörenberg. Another very famed event and sports activity that happens at Sörenberg is the Cross-country ski trail light. Keeping these major programs in mind there also are three classic cross-country ski runs 37 km (22.9907 miles) and 3 sports courses 37 km (22.9907 miles). Who would dare to miss out on such an exhilarating journey? 

Parks at Sörenberg

Sörenberg Statistics

Base Elevation: 1100 m

Summit Elevation: 2350 m

Vertical Drop: 1250 m

As Sörenberg is an ultimate destination for winter sports it additionally has parks. One in all the foremost notable park is FunparkSörenberg. One should visit the funpark or the visit looks incomplete. There are numerous kinds of events that are organized at the funpark which incorporates many types of jumps and exciting slides. After the skiing, simply to change the state of mind individuals do like a visit to the fun park. A call may be directed to +41(0)414881613 for additional data on the funpark.

Travel and Stay

Traveling to Sörenberg becomes very simple for anybody as there are nine Airports together with the city, Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg, Berne, Geneva, Lugano, Sion, St. Gallen-Altenrhein, Strasbourg, and city. While doing field Transfers to/from Sörenberg there are many choices out there that are: Taxi, Private transfers, Shared Transfers, Bus Transfers or Hiring an automobile.

Now that you simply have all the knowledge regarding Sörenberg its time you get out of your cozy blanket and set up a winter journey to Sörenberg. After visiting Sörenberg the primary factor you'd do is save your recollections in your album. Take a radiating call of your next trip to Sörenberg along with friends and family to relish the final word happiness and intimacy of life.
Book your vacation to Sörenbergand be ready to step in the palace of snow. Because with so much on offer, you cannot afford to miss out on all the fun. Visit Sorenberg and have a great time with family and friends. Have fun!

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