St. Antonien-Switzerland

St. Antonien 

If you are looking for some time in solace and to spend some quality and peaceful time with your family and your loved ones, think no twice St. Antonien resort is your place to be. The beauty is just too mesmerizing, you feel like not to leave the place forever. This place is a must visit especially during the winters. It is said that it has got a blessing from Mother Nature, as snow spreads all over the place like a cloak giving the place an extremely beautiful look. Come winters you see tourists from all over the world visit this place. Families along with their children come here to spend some peaceful time; children enjoy the snowfall and have a good time playing in the snow.

About St. Antonien

Switzerland itself has a beauty of its own, place likes St. Antonien increases its grace even more. St. Antonien is also known as “Swiss Door”, which leads to the neighboring state of Austria. St. Antonien lies at an altitude of 1450 meters (4757 ft.) and is around 15 km (9.32 miles) from Klosters. Moreover, St. Antonien is considered to be a heaven for ski-tours and climbing. 

This Walser village is only about  1450 meters (4757 ft.) in length but it attracts a lot of tourists during its winters as skiing is basically a winter sport and also St. Antonien is considered be to one of the low budget places to go on a vacation. Since it is at a considerable level above the sea level, it gives a very pleasant starting point for all different kinds of tours. One will enjoy himself fullest with any regrets in any matter.

Ski Runs

Skiing is a fun activity and also used as a mode of transport in countries where there is frequent snow. It is basically a winter sport and skis are used to glide on snow.  St. Antonien attracts a lot of tourists as it provides a great platform for a skiing vacation. The skiing area covered in St. Antonien is best suitable for rookies and beginners who are just trying their hand in skiing.

Skiing and Snowboarding Statistics

St.Antonien ski resorts are world famous for their ski slopes and trails easily available all around the resort best suitable for all for those who want to start from scratch to those who are already at the intermediate level. The best part about this resort is that it has all the necessary equipment’s which are to be required for skiing. There are as many as 3 kilometers (approx. 1.8 miles) ski slopes available all over the place, helping the tourist enjoy skiing with convenience. Since it is a small and cozy village they do not provide skiing slopes for expertise level. Let’s have a look at levels of skiing and snowboard facilities St. Antonien is providing us with.

For Beginners: Out of 3 kilometers, 2 kilometers (approx. 1.2 miles) of slopes and runs are easily available for beginners who want to try their hands at skiing and snowboarding. Approx. 67% of the land in St. Antonien is covered with 2 km (1.2 miles) stretch every here and there, which helps all the tourists from the young to the old to enjoy skiing. 

For Intermediates: Out of 3 kilometers (1.86 miles), 1 kilometer (approx. 0.62 miles) is dedicated to the mediocre skiers and snowboarders. Since they are already in touch with skiing and know their basics, this stretch is most suitable for them. They can enjoy and hold competitions among themselves.

All this is possible only because St. Antonien provides with the perfect weather in winters which makes this place a must visit for all the tourists from around the world. Fortunately for St. Antonien provides for the best weather during the winter season for all the skiing lovers out there. 
Ski lifts and trails in St. Antonien 
There is a number of ski tracks found for all over the place, suitable for both beginners and mediocre. Having said that, there is a total of 3 kilometers (1.86 miles) of slopes available all over for skiing and snowboarding lovers.

There are two ski lifts available, which can carry about 1500 passengers per hour easily. The total lift length covered is about 1.4 kilometers (0.86 miles) which can cover the entire length of the ski ground. There are three types of lifts and ropeways presented:
1. T- bar lift/ platter/button lift
2. T- bar lift
3. Rope tow/beginner lift
The most important feature that other resorts usually give a miss is the availability of valley runs. St. Antonien provides for valley runs, where the tourists can have a pleasant stroll and go for a run whenever they wish to. 

Accommodation Facilities 

St. Antonien promises for an ample number of accommodation facilities easily available throughout the resort.  You will easily find accommodation according to your need from overnight stays, holiday apartments, and luxurious farms to 4—5-star luxury hotels. Moreover, you can select your stay according to your budget. There are a variety of holiday apartments readily available directly on the ski slopes, at very reasonable prices. You can enjoy your stay as well as the magnificent view of the valley through the slopes. 

Access to St. Antonien

St. Antonien Statistics

Base Elevation: 1405 m

Summit Elevation: 1656 m

Vertical Drop: 251 m

Through St. Antonien is not easily accessible, but you can access it through the car. There is limited pickup destinations like the Ski lift Junker, Hauptstrabe, 7246 St. Antonien and Switzerland. These pickup destinations are ideal for day visitors.  You can use the tarred and the stone parking lot as there are limited parking lots available. The best is you can use them for free of charge.  You can use the travel route provided by Google to reach the place but there is no guarantee that everything is to be the same as given in Google. These directly are mainly used for planning purposes. The temperature, constructions, weather may change the conditions accordingly.
As limited it is with the accessibility of the car, St. Antonien has no direct train connection whatsoever.

Learning How To Ski

Worried about not knowing how to ski? Well, here is some good news, St. Antonien has many ski schools who teach learners basics of how to ski and make the best use of their vacation. Trust me it is a once in a lifetime experience for many, especially for the ski lovers. The speed and the excitement are unaccountable for many. You can experience all this without burning much from your pocket. It will cost you as less as 32 CHF for a single day for each adult. You need not worry much about expenditure in St. Antonien as it is budget friendly and also you can enjoy as much as you can. 

Now that you all the minute details about this wonderful place, do not hesitate to book your tickets. You can enjoy yourself in this amazing place and the best part is you do not need to worry much about your budget. St. Antonien fits easily in your budget, do not think twice pack your bags and go ahead. You can have a wonderful time with your family and your loved ones by enjoying every bit of this place. Refresh your souls and have wonderful winters ahead. Have fun!

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