St. Johann-Alpendorf-Austria

St. Johann-Alpendorf: The Majestic Family Holiday Destination!


Are you mentally tired of all your workload? Do you want to breathe some fresh air and relax for a while? There is one activity that can be recommended to you. It is something that will give you a refreshing experience as well as refuel your excitement. It is Skiing, a famous winter sport. There is not just one but several reasons why Skiing is the best thing to do in winters. One can have the best family time during vacations. Skiing is not just any sport or activity.


It is an adventure. It is an experience unlike any. Your health and fitness are also improved by skiing. It will make you physically strong. Also, children love Skiing. It will be one of the fascinating experiences in their early childhood which they will remember for long. They are sure to come back to Ski when they are all grown up. But wait! You could be one of those wide-eyed kids! If you have actually gone Skiing in the past, this is the perfect time to revisit your memories too and have a nostalgic winter ahead.



About The Place


Johann-Alpendorf Statistics

Base Elevation: 750 m

Summit Elevation: 1800 m

Vertical Drop: 1050 m

When it comes to Skiing, deciding where to Ski can be more difficult than deciding to Ski. Of all the Ski resorts out there, the one called St. Johann-Alpendorf is pretty special. This Ski Resort is located at in the Austrian Alps. It is 55 Km (34 miles) south of the city Salzburg. This Ski area is really family friendly and very huge. It stands at the elevation of 650 meters (2132 feet) to 1850 meters (6069.5 feet). There are a lot of Slopes. 120 Km (74.5 miles), to be exact. The slopes are long enough for you to Ski endlessly for days. Apart from Skiing, the accommodation facilities in and around the region are very good. Alpendorf has a variety of restaurants catering to the needs of different type of people. Also a sightseeing spot, the area is covered with beautiful mountains and mesmerizing views. The resort is particularly recommended for beginners and intermediates.


This destination is sure to give you the most unexpected thrills. Considering the vastness of the region and popularity, you will meet a lot of like-minded people who will come to this place just like you. The place can mark the start of some amazing friendships or special relationships and Skiing could be one the interesting ways to meet new people. Families need not have any safety concerns or accommodation problems. Almost all facilities are available within the resort. In this Ski area, Skiing is just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many other activities and events going on around. Even if you want to take a break from Skiing, there are many other things to do without getting bored. The place has a lot to offer to you.


Getting To Know The Slopes


The 120 Km (74.5 miles) of the slope is classified based on the difficulty and expertise needed to Ski on them. 30 Km (18.6 miles) of the total slopes come under Easy. These can be skied easily by anyone, from young to old. The medium difficulty slopes cover most of the area. They are spread over 81 Km (50.33 miles) in total. This is a huge length when compared to many other Ski resorts around the region. However, the difficult stretch is only 4 Km (2.48 miles) long.


That may seem a little bit disappointing for professional skiers who wish to do some hardcore training for their upcoming competitions. Additional Ski routes make up to 5 Km (3.1 miles) of the length. There are about 600 snow cannons to provide artificial snow. Other special features of the slopes are speed measurement track accessible for free and a public race course, which can be used by paying a small fee. Another interesting facility provided is the Ski movie.


You can actually get your Skiing video recorded. This service is also free of any charges. There is also a special snow park in this area called Betterpark Apendorf where you can practice some freestyle Skiing and Snowboarding. The whole park has free Wi-Fi connectivity making it the ideal place to spend more time at. Regarding the snow that covers the slope, it can be up to 70 cm (27.5 inches) in depth at the base and average at 120 cm (47.24 inches) depth in the mountain. Most of the snow is maintained fresh and is of optimum nature for the best Skiing experience.




Getting to know the Ski Lifts


There is a total of 44 Ski lifts in the region. That is a huge number and so are their transport capabilities. The lifts can transport more than 75398 passengers per hour. The total lift length itself is 44.7 Km (27.77 miles) long. The various types of lifts are aerial tramway (2 in number), gondola lift (9 in number), Chairlift (16 in number), T-Bar (7 in number), Rope tow (9 in number). Apart from them, there is alternative transport available. They are known as Sunkid moving carpets, manufactured by the company Sunkid. They are 6 in number. Also, few new Ski lifts are being planned and will be available in the near future. The technology and quality of the lifts are updated to the latest trends.


The Prices of the Passes


A regular day ticket costs 50 Euro for adults. For youth, it is 37.5 Euro, and for children, it is even lesser at 25 Euro. There are many other types of tickets which can be bought as per the requirement. These are multi-day tickets, Hiking tickets, season passes and much more. Multi-day tickets are relatively cheaper. For example, Adults can purchase a 17-day ticket at 481 Euro. The same ticket cost 360.5 and 240.5 Euro for youth and children respectively. Special discounts like junior weekend discounts are available. Family bonus scheme is available, according to which, from the third child and all younger children belonging to the same family can Ski for free. However to avail this offer you should produce valid documents as proof of family. So don’t forget to take them with you if you are visiting with your family.




Things To Do When Not Skiing

Apart from Skiing, St. Johann-Alpendorf offers a variety of winter sports and fun games. You could go for a tobogganing run or entertain yourself with a tagging game with friends and family on the ice rink. Walk around the place and explore the beautiful landscapes. Involve yourself in cross country Skiing. The opportunities are endless. Apart from this, you can also relax in the beauty spas located around the region. You can go out to the movie theaters. One special mention is the Diesel Kino movie theater. There is even a perfect shopping location in the town. You can hang out in the town mall and do some shopping.


The Working Hours and other Information


The main season starts during early winter. It extends from late-November to mid-April. The regular timings for the resort are from 8:30 AM to 4 PM. Bus and train transport facilities are available. Many international airports are situated near the resort. Reaching the place is not an issue.


This St. Johann-Alpendorf resort is a must visit winter holiday destination and is among the most popular resorts in Austria. Do not miss out the opportunity to experience the ultimate bliss in Skiing through wide stretches of slopes that the resort offers. With so much on offer, you cannot afford to miss out on the fun on offer here. So plan your trip and head out straight for the St. Johann-Alpendorf with your family and friends and have the most amazing winter holidays. You can enjoy all the great facilities on offer and return with memories to cherish forever. Have fun!

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