Steibis – Imberg-Germany

Ski Resort Steibis – Imberg- A Perfect Vacation Spot

Heading up to the mountains with your loved ones to just relax and spend some quality time with them is always the best idea that comes to mind. To make the trip even more thrilling and exciting one needs to indulge in the winter sport of skiing. There are a lot of ski resorts available up there in the mountains to help you in this adventure. Steibis – Imberg ski resort is one of them and offers everything to make your vacation incredible.The panoramic views provided by the resort take your vacation to a whole new level.

Imberg Statistics

Base Elevation: 4369 ft

Summit Elevation: 2000 m

Vertical Drop: 1542 ft

Resort Details

The Steibis – Imberg ski resort is one of the most beautiful resorts for trying skiing for the first time. It has slopes to suit all types of skiers. The resort is located in the Nature Park Nagelfluhkette, Bavaria, Germany. The resort has a very nice snowmaking system to ensure a snow-sure slope always. There is a total of 75 snow cannons for artificial snowmaking. 95% of the slopes of the resort have snowmaking capabilities. The winter sports area of the resort is situated at an elevation range of 859 meters (2818 feet) to 1338 meters (4389 feet). There is also a snow/fun park available in the resort for your little ones to have a good time too. A total of 9 skating loops are there spread over 38km. There are also three heights spread over 13km and one floodlight over 2.6km.

Skiing and Snowboarding Statistics

The Steibis – Imberg ski resort offers all kinds of slopes for all types of skiers. It has everything to satisfy the needs of a snowboarder, a beginner or a family, and even an expert. A valley run is also available in the resort. There’s also cross-country skiing trails available. A total of 11 classic cross country ski trails are there with a total length of 50 km (31 miles). There is a total of 17.6 km (10.9 miles) of slopes which have been divided on the basis of slope difficulty as: Easy: Out of the 17.6 km (10.9 miles) of slopes, 6 km (3.7 miles) of slopes are allotted to the easy level which is most suitable for beginner level skiers. So if you want to practice the basic level of skiing, then these slopes are just the one for you. Medium: 5 km (3.1 miles) of slopes have been allotted to the medium level difficulty. The people who are looking for improving their skills in skiing will be completely satisfied with the experience they get here. The resort is known for its average level skiing slopes. Difficult: The remaining 6.6 km (4.1 miles) of slopes are of high difficulty and are optimum for people who have an excellent grip on the sport. These slopes are for the expert skiers who want to take risks and ski over challenging slopes.

Ski Lifts

Ski lifts are crucial for a ski resort to have. The Steibis – Imberg ski resort has 12 of them. They have a total capacity of carrying 12536 passengers per hour and a total ski lift length of 6.2 km. Out of the 12, there are 9 T-bar lifts, one circulating ropeway, one chair lift and one Rope tow/beginner lift. The circulating ropeway lift has a capacity of carrying 2000 passengers per hour and a lift length of 1230m. The high-speed chairlift has a capacity of 2400 persons per hour and length of 1230m too. The 9 T-bar lifts have a capacity of 942, 800, 900, 600, 1200, 850, 1110, 600 and 567 passengers per hour and lift lengths of 558m, 300m, 395m, 300m, 330m,197m, 468m, 800m and 190m respectively. The rope tow lift has a length of 160m and a carrying capacity of 567 passengers per hour. The main season day ticket prices are set at $38.6 (35.5 Euros) for adults, $30.45 (28 Euros) for youngsters and $20.66 (19 Euros) for children.

How to Reach

 The Steibis – Imberg ski resort is accessible by all means of transportation. One can reach the resort by renting a car or taking his own up there, or he can use a train or plane to arrive at the nearest station or airport respectively. If you plan on going via road, then you need to take the route to Imbergbahn, In der Au 19, 87534 Oberstaufen-Steibis, Germany where a tarred parking lot is readily available with enough space available for you. The parking is free of cost too. The resort offers ideal entry for daytime visitors. You can also reach via train and then take a bus to the resort.

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