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The end of the year signifies the commencement of the winter season. Chilling air blowing in the season makes a person’s body shiver. Snow falls all around the world to make the earth look white and not green. Santa Claus brings the festival of Christmas while the snow falls on the whole planet. We get a chance to sit with our friends and family around the bonfire and have a recollection of our beautiful past. Happiness is a word that is synonymous with winter. Sledging, skiing and enjoying the adventure that we all desire is done in winters. Creating a snowman is also what makes winter a desirable season.


You can do all these things at once if you visit a place called Steinplatte. Elevated at 6130 feet (1868 meters) Steinplatte lies in the region of Austrian Alps. Steinplatte is situated in the country of Austria and Germany. Convenient centers for the Steinplatte are Waidring and Tirol. You can book your tickets for Salzburg as it is the nearest airport to Steinplatte. Coming back to the elevation of Steinplatte, the base elevation is about 3609 feet (1100 meters). While the summit elevation is about 6,234 feet (1,900 meters).






Steinplatte Statistics

Base Elevation: 1100 m

Summit Elevation: 1900 m

Vertical Drop: 800 m

At the border of Germany and county of Salzburg lies the ski area of Steinplatte. From the Austrian side, it can be accessed over the B178 in the direction of Lofer via Turmoil. The lower terminus lies in the region of Waidring resort. The Steinplatte can be reached through Winkelmoosalm skiing area in Germany. So the Steinplatte skiing area is quite easy to reach. Getting the temptation to the reach the place high? It’s ok. Steinplatte’s skiing area is located in the border triangle of Tyrol, Salzburg, and Bavaria.


The Limestone Alps mountain range is the Steinplatte. This place is quite famous for the sunny atmosphere. Skiing and snowboarding are the adventure sports which everyone wants to try out once in their lifetime. To fulfill your dream, the fun park is built in the Steinplatte. Fun park is situated in the Waidring. Imagine yourself skiing in the ski areas of the Steinplatte. A plethora of excitement will definitely run through your body while imagining this. Skiing on the white snowcapped mountain in bright sunshine. Wow! There is no other word to describe this scenic view.


Seasonal opening of the skiing area is in the month of December. Skiing area opens exactly on the 8th of December. While the commencement of the whole procedure is done in the season of autumn. The skiing areas are planned to be closed out every year on the 17th of April. Five months of enjoyment in the ski area of Steinplatte is definitely not a bad option. Ski area passes are categorized in four groups. The categories are namely senior, adult, youth and children. The time in which you want to access the ski area are also influential in deciding the rate of ski area passes. These ski passes are available in various groups. You can have a full day pass, pass from 11:00 to 14:00 at the interval of an hour. If you want to enjoy the ski area for a couple of days or a day more, ski passes are available for this option as well. All this can be done only in the euro currency. Refunding of the passes is available if it is done within four hours of the issue of the ticket.



The 2 km (1.24 miles) long adventurous interpretive trail of Steinplatte is also known as Triassic trail. Triassic trail is easy to moderately difficult for the travelers. The sight of nature with your friends and family around is a moment that everyone will cherish throughout their entire life. Coming back to the trail, it starts from the top summit of Gondola in Waidring. Want to go back to the late Triassic period? This is possible only if you go through this trail enjoying the scenic views all around you.

If you want to get a view of the view of the mountains, there is a viewing platform winged high above the ground of Steinplatte. Interactive information kiosks are all around the trail to give you the historical and geological information about the Steinplatte. Petrified Coral Garden at the top of the summit is an eye pleasing sight for a visitor.





The loved one with you in a lift while enjoying the views of the Steinplatte! Nothing is more romantic in this world apart from this scenario. Family members are sitting together free from their tedious daily work, in a lift. The friends are reminiscing their college days while seeing the white snowcapped mountains in the sunshine. All your stress can be removed if you try using the lifts in the Steinplatte. The lifts in Steinplatte are safe and secure. Seat heaters, weather protectors, and child restraint measures have been applied to make the lifts secure. 13 might be an unlucky number, but the Steinplatte has the best 13 lifts in the world to make the visitors feel happy.


Circulating ropeway are only two out of the thirteen lifts. Nine of the total lifts are Chair-car while the two remaining lifts are the T-lifts. The total capacity of these lifts to carry the passengers is 31940. Distance covered by these lifts is 20.7 km (12.86 miles). These lifts operate on a daily basis from the 8th December to the 17th April. Operating time of the lifts is from 8:30 in the morning to 16:30 in the evening. Tickets are available at gondola lower terminus booth and Steinplatte mountain road booth. You can check for the price of the ticket by contacting the officials of the Steinplatte resort.




Do you love the word adventure and all the activities that are primarily associated with this word? Biking, hiking, and climbing are the words that are related to adventure. You can experience all these activities if you visit Steinplatte. Coming first to the term biking, this can only be experienced on the Steinplatte plateau. The biking track has been made as such so that the bikers have to put in a lot of effort to pass the whole track. Thus, it helps in keeping the bikers in good shape. Biking tour starts from the upper terminus.


“Hiking is a balm for soul” is what is happily said in the Steinplatte. Are you looking for a stroll or do you want to climb the top of the mountain? Steinplatte plateau provides every age group an opportunity with various levels of difficulties to do what they want.


Climbing is not possible for a person who is faint-hearted. If you climb the Steiplatte, you will not just enjoy the scenic views, but you will also see the real Steinplatte. Some people say that they can even see a face of the rock when they reach the summit.


Steinplatte is located in Germany and Austria. The neighboring countries provide the ski resort, ski area, and some scenic views to make them some of the memorable moment of your life. Happiness, excitement, adventure are the words that come to our mind when we hear about Steinplatte. Get on the airplane, pack your bags, call your family or friends and go to this place to make your life special. Visit Steinplatte to know the actual meaning of the word ‘happiness’!

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