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Covered in a white contour sheet of snow, this heavenly abode hidden far-off in the natural beauty of Swiss mountains is the home for good vibes. All your winter adventure dreams can come true at just this one place altogether, and that blissful place is Skisportzentrum Sternrodt Ski Resort. A brilliant spectrum of scenic views can be witnessed by those people who come to visit this ski resort. It truly is one of its kind because of all the unique features its holds such as the prime location, natural beauty, etc. The ski resort Skisportzentrum Sternrodt – Bruchhausen is situated in the Sauerland which lies in the locale of Germany as well as the Central Uplands of Germany (Deutsche Mittelgebirge). You can reach the place at Bruchhausener Skilift GmbH + Co. KG Germany, Am Medebach 98, 59939 Olsberg-Bruchhausen. For the purpose of skiing and snowboarding, there are 1.3 km (0.807783 miles) of slopes which are accessible. Also, there are 3 lifts that transport the visitors. The winter sports region is arranged between the elevations of 596 m (1955.38 ft) and 786 m (2578.74 ft). In furtherance of that, there is a detailed map of the ski resort uploaded on their website which can always be resorted to in case of confusion or you may even call them on 02985/908813.

About the Place


The Skisportzentrum Sternrodt Ski Resort is a kind of a family ski resort as usually, it is the families who come out here often to spend some quality time with their loved ones. Also, they get the opportunity to make memories to cherish later in the time. The ski resort is situated on the northern incline of the Langenberg Mountain which is the most astounding mountain in North Rhine-Westphalia range. It is 843 meters (2765.75 ft) and just 3 km (1.86411 miles) away from the centre of the town of Bruchhausen. The ski zone enjoys such a good crowd because of its high elevation. There are two double anchor lifts which have the capacity of carrying 1200 passengers in an hour rapidly from 600 meters (1968.5 ft) to more than 800 meters (2624.67 ft). As there is a lift tow length of 1000 meters (3280.84 ft), the ski slope has got to offer a drop of 1400 meters (3280.84 ft) long. Because of this, the descent of the Skisportzentrum Sternrodt Ski Resort is also one of the longest slopes in the Sauerland region. All sorts of ski runs, ranging from easy difficulty level to the most difficult one being enjoyed by people here Sternrodt. In the Funpark, all the activity stuffed snowboarders will discover everything that their heart wants. All ski inclines and woodland slants are kept up by the machine at the resort to ensure the customer satisfaction by authorities. The youngsters’ and beginners-accommodating slant is perfect for the principal endeavours and swings in the snow for the first time. Sledding with the most noteworthy fun calculate for kids and families is reported at the toboggan slant that is situated right opposite to the Sternrodt lift.


Ski slopes

Sternrodt Statistics

Base Elevation: 596 m

Summit Elevation: 785 m

Vertical Drop: 190 m

In all, skiing and snowboarding can be a great fun at this family friendly ski resort. It is open to welcome all kinds of skiers to it irrespective of the fact how amateur one is. It is not just skiing and snowboarding that one can enjoy on these slopes but also tobogganing is organised by the ski resort to be enjoyed here. Overall, there are 1.3 km (0.807783 miles) of slopes available at the Skisportzentrum Sternrodt Ski Resort to be benefitted from and to be exploited with fun. All these slopes are of easy difficulty level. Therefore, all types of skiers, no matter how bad or good they are can have an amazing pleasurable and worth – remembering a time here at this snowy abode. The snow that is present here is natural as the ski resort does not indulge in activities like the artificial snow-making. Hence, skiing and snowboarding here are entirely dependent upon the weather conditions of the place.

Ski Lifts

Don’t just think of Skisportzentrum Sternrodt Ski Resort to be yet another petty ski resort in Germany. This is an immensely beautifully located ski resort that does not give even a single chance to the customers or visitors to complain about. It is all well equipped and updated with the current day technology. This can be seen in the three ski lifts that are installed at the ski resort. All the three ski lifts combined have a length of 2.1 km (1.30488 miles) and can carry passengers up to 2600 altogether in an hour from one end to the other one. There are 2 T-bar lift / Platter / Button lift as well as 1 Rope Tow / Beginner Lift installed at the Sternrodt Ski Resort. The former category includes ski lifts Sternrodtlift 1 and Sternrodtlift 2. While on the other hand, the latter category has got one lift which is Übungslift Sternrodt. The T-Bar lifts both have a capacity of carrying 1000 individuals each within the span of an hour while the Rope tow/beginner lift has the capacity of carrying 600 persons in an hour. The former lifts are longer than the latter one as they are each of 1000 m (3280.84 ft) in length whereas, the other lift is only about 100 m (328.084 ft). From slopes to scenic beauty and from ski lifts to visitor satisfaction, nothing could possibly go wrong at this heavenly and mesmerising snowy abode. Make sure to visit it the next time you plan a family outing.

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