Sternsteinlifte: A Fun Place To Be At!

Changing seasons are just another way for beautiful Mother Nature to showcase her wonders to mere mortals like us. As the year comes to a close and calendars are turned to their last pages, the chill of winter sets in. What is it that you enjoy most in this magical season? Do you crave adventure during this time? Does it excite you when you think of the mountains and their magnificent beauty? Do you and your family want to experience the fun of winter sports? If the answer is yes, then surely, Sternsteinlifte should be the first destination on your list.

The Sternstein Mountain is a mountain situated in the northern parts of Upper Austria and is said to be one of the coldest regions of the state. The town of Bad Leonfelden in the district of Urfahr-Umgebung is where the ski resort in question is located. The townsfolk here are welcoming and friendly.

Sternsteinlifte is a ski resort that every family must take a trip to because here they have fun activities for everybody. Your little ones can have the time of their lives, and so can you! Ski slopes are built keeping in mind both beginners as well as advanced skiers. The surroundings are incredible, the blanket of snow looks inviting, and the air is pure and simply wonderful. People who work here at the resort are affable and warm. They are always ready to provide help and services to their guests.

A recreational park designed just for your precious kids is one of the best features of the Sternsteinlifte Ski Resort. “ELEFUNTASIA” as it is called, is equipped with the best of the best, just to make the little ones play and laugh with joy in the snow. There are beautiful fairy-tale castles and funny elephants. Kids can learn how to ski too, in the “Happy Skiing” ski school. The caretakers and instructors are great with handling children and teach them amazing new techniques. It will bring you happiness to watch your kids having such a brilliant time at the snow park.

There are Airports close by, so ski weekends, snowboard breaks and short ski holidays to Bad Leonfelden are entirely feasible. Linz Airport (LNZ) is at a 50-kilometer distance from the Sternsteinlifte Ski Resort, so it will take you only an hour to get there. The roads are in good driving condition, which ensures that you can start your winter adventure as soon as possible!

Winter season at Bad Leonfelden is around for almost five months from mid-December to early April, and snowfall occurs every other day. Therefore the region is very snow-secure.

Some Important Facts and Details

Sternsteinlifte Statistics

Base Elevation: 814 m

Summit Elevation: 1102 m

Vertical Drop: 288 m

Elevation at Sternsteinlifte: The Sternstein Mountain stands tall and reaches a height of 1125 meters above sea level. The ski area is situated between 749 meters and 1125 meters, providing a vertical drop of 376 meters. The lowest piste is at the 749 meters above sea level altitude. This elevation is suitable for skiers of all abilities.

Snowfall at Sternsteinlifte: Snowfall occurs in plenty in Bad Leonfelden. However, the snow cover in the mountains varies. The use of snow cannons always guarantees snow on the slopes. Skiers and snowboarders find the snowfall appropriate for their fun-filled activities.

The depth of snow is 50 centimeters on the mountain, as well as on the base; the snow is of a good powder-like texture.

 Weather at Sternsteinlifte: The temperatures in the Sternstein region always remain sub-zero because it is a very cold region. At the mountain, -6 degree Celsius to -20 degree Celsius is the range, whereas at the base it ranges from -1 degree Celsius to -13 degree Celsius. Chances of Precipitation are fifteen to twenty percent. Humidity levels are at the high end of the spectrum, always more than 75 percent. Sunlight lasts for five hours on an average.

Ski Slopes at Sternsteinlifte:

In total, skiers and snowboarders have access to 3 well prepared and well-maintained slopes. Two of these slopes are “intermediate”, and the last one is “easy” on the scale of difficulty. On ski maps, easy is represented by the color blue, and the color red represents intermediate. The length of the slopes is 5 kilometers, with 4 kilometers being “red” and the other 1 kilometer being “blue”, so to speak.

All the slopes contain artificial snow making machines, having nineteen snow cannons to utilize. The slopes are all under the tree line level, which makes it possible to have a valley run as well.

An additional 8 kilometers of classic cross-country trails are provided. This means apart from Alpine skiers; even cross-country skiers can come to Sternsteinlifte and enjoy adventurous activities. This trail can be used every day throughout the winter!

Lift System at Sternsteinlifte:
There are two types of lifts used in this ski resort. One is a combination lift, which means it is a combination of a gondola and a chairlift. It can carry 14 persons (6 persons in the chairlift, and eight persons in the gondola). This combination lift is manufactured by the company Leitner and can transport 1850 passengers per hour.

The other type of lift is a T-Bar lift having a capacity of 1000 passengers per hour. Doppelmayr manufactures the T-Bar.

Here at Sternsteinlifte Ski Resort, safety is of utmost priority and quality is top notch.

Particularly for children, the Sunkids Magic Carpet ascension mechanism is used, having a length of 174 meters.

Operating Times at Sternsteinlifte:
The ski resort is open from 8 30 in the morning till 4 in the evening.

Tariff at Sternsteinlifte: The rates during the peak season are affordable. Day tickets can be purchased at 29 EUROS for adults and 18 EUROS for children. Then, depending on a number of days, combined passes can be bought 55 EUROS onwards up to 126 EUROS (two to six days). Passes can also be bought on an hourly basis, starting from 19 euros to 23 euros, for two to four hours.

The Following Must Be Noted:

Lift tickets are not transferable and must not be misused.
There is a special family bonus for all family members who are listed on the Oberösterreich family card.
When a season ticket is purchased by a parent, children from the year 2007 receive a season ticket free of cost.
Adults too can purchase tickets at reduced rates, on business days outside the holiday season, and this is valid throughout the season!
Season tickets for adults cost about 330 euros. For children, the prices are almost half, that is, 185 euros. For students, the season tickets are 265 euros.
The adventure park for kids can be accessed with the help of a pass which is valid for only one day. It costs 9 euros. It is free of charge if the child is in the company of a paying adult.
Discounts are offered to groups too.
A family trip to Sternsteinlifte Ski Resort will be a one of a kind experience. It is a fantastic vacation spot where you can watch your children learn and play, bond with your family members over games and races, enjoy the scenic views of mountains covered with snow and let yourself relax.

Give your loved ones a special surprise this winter season, by taking them to Sternsteinlifte.  Because with so much on offer, you cannot afford to sit at home and enjoy the comfort of your cozy room. This winter, do something adventurous. Skiing lets you do just that at it pumps up your adrenaline levels. So what are you waiting for? Plan your trip, get your passes, pack your bags and head out straight for the Sternsteinlifte Ski Resort and make the most of the ongoing winter season. You won’t regret it, we promise!

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