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Steven Pass Resort – Make the most of the upcoming snowfall!

We all have a planned schedule for the next winters. While some have already made up their mind to sip a hot cup of coffee and read their favorite author’s latest release sitting by the fireplace, others love adrenaline pumping activity to warm themselves up in the winters. In the cold chilly days of winter what’s better than some thrill which can warm you up? When you speed down the snow of Stevens Pass with your skis on, you will certainly feel the thrill and the snow will not only be a feast to your eyes but will also capture your heart.

Steven Pass Resort is situated at the crest of Steven Pass, in the Cascade Range of Washington, United States. Stevens Pass is a powdery mountain. With 450 inches of average snowfall, 1125 acres of skiable area and 450 acres of night skiing area and a friendly atmosphere, it has become a hub of ski and snowboard activities.


From beginner runs to cliff drops, Stevens Pass provides almost all type of skiing. With the vertical drop rising to 1800ft, base up to 4060ft, and summit reaching up to 5845ft, Stevens Pass provides an excellent range of elevation.

At night, the entire front side of the ski area of Stevens is open and lit which gives it an amazing view as well as an exciting experience.

The mountain is accessible from the front (north and east facing) as well as from the back side (south and west facing). The snow on the backside is fresher than that on the front. However, the front side has good snow too, and the back side is mainly famous for the amazing terrains, bowls, and appropriately spaced trees. It is really easy to go from one part of the mountain to another, and the backcountry access is also good though it is best to stay on groomed runs.

Steven Pass Statistics

Base Elevation: 4061 feet

Summit Elevation: 5845 feet

Vertical Drop: 1800 feet

There are ten lifts in total out of which eight lifts are on the front side of which 3 are higher chairlifts whereas the back side of the mountain contains two lifts. The Kehr’s is a fixed double below Big Chief Mountain. Daisy is the beginner’s triple lift. At the base of Daisy, there is a “Magic Carpet” conveyor belt lift too. The high-speed quads include Hogsback and Skyline. For intermediate runs and advanced tree runs, Hogsback is preferred while Skyline is for longest intermediate runs on the front side of the Stevens Pass Mountain. Brooks is a fixed double lift which is used to access terrain parks.

Coming to the three higher chairlifts on the front side, there is a fixed double called the Seventh Heaven. As the name suggests, it really makes you feel as if you are in the seventh heaven. It gives access to double-black diamond runs near the top of Cowboy Mountain. This lift is accessed by the Skyline lift. The Tye Mill which is a fixed triple provides access to intermediate and advanced runs and the backside. The access to this lift is gained by Hogsback lift. The third higher chairlift i.e. the Double Diamond is also a fixed triple which provides access to the backside and Double Diamond, Big Chief Bowl, and Wild Katz. This chairlift is accessed by Kehr’s. The lifts at the backside are the Jupiter Express and the Southern Cross. Jupiter Express is a high-speed quad that unloads next to the top of Tye Mill. As for the Southern Cross, it is a fixed triple and is same as Double Diamond chairlift.

Stevens Pass allows 50 runs in total and a variety of alpine ski runs. This includes 6% beginner runs, 48% intermediate runs, 28% advanced runs, and 18% expert runs.

Apart from these trails, Stevens Pass resort also has access to a total of four terrain parks namely Top Phlight Park, Tye Creek Park, Double Daisy Park and the Rail Garden. Also, a fresh powder dump can be found on the east side of Southern Cross Chair and under Jupiter Chair which is undoubtedly enjoyed by the people.

Stevens Pass also has cross country ski trails of about 28 kilometers, and it also provides free ski or rides to the 5th Graders according to its package. Also, according to the package, free equipment rentals are also provided. The combination of great trails and a huge amount of snow makes it a wonderful spot for all the ski-crazed people and snowboarding freaks. Night skiing further adds to the beauty of this adventure. This makes Steven Pass Resort one of the best in the region; attracting thousands of visitors every week.


Stevens Pass resort organizes several events every year so that skiing and snowboarding and other activities do not become too monotonous for the people. These events make the stay in Stevens Pass exciting and memorable. Spring fest is the number one event that is organized by Stevens Pass. It attracts tourists from all over the world.

Apart from Springfest, there are several other events like Stevens Pass Job Fair, Rhythm N’ Bruise, Legends of Stevens Celebration, Retro Fool’s Day, Northwest Flannel Cup, Stevens Pass Band Night, Lunar New Year Festival, Jim Jack’s Cowboy Up Freeride Challenge, Jonathan Warren and the Billy Goats, International Women’s ski day, Ski Dazzle, Meet and Greet, Military Appreciation Day, Sophistafunk, The Grizzled Mighty, Open Season Rail Jam, and Big Air Fiesta.

Leaving behind these events, Stevens Pass is an excellent spot not only for skiing but also for hiking and mountain biking. All these events capture the attention of tourists, and people from everywhere come like a swarm of bees lured to the nectar.

Lessons and Programs

In order to ensure a safe mountain skiing and snowboarding, Stevens Pass has come up with several lessons and programs.

For the newcomers, Beginner lessons are provided. Intermediate Clinics are also available to provide the learning techniques of skiing or riding to the ones in the intermediary stage. Private lessons, as well as Senior Programs, are also provided.

There are several other programs as well. These programs are namely, Adaptive Programs, Racing Programs, Nordic Lessons and Independent Schools.


Stevens Pass Resort aims at making the stay of people a homey one. Even though there is no on-mountain lodging, a number of accommodations are provided nearby and also at the base area which are present at a reasonable price.

Lodging East, Lodging West, Leavenworth Lodging Packages, and Enchantment Lodge is also provided. The base lodge would be expanded, and a mini-lodge is to be erected right at the base of the Northern Exposure Lift.

At the end of the Skyline, a Solitude lodge would also be constructed.

Also, 35 miles east of Stevens Pass Resort is located Leavenworth which offers various entertainments like shopping, dining, and other outdoor options. This attraction prevents Stevens Pass from running short of any kind of fun activities.

Stevens’ use of technological advancement is really impressive. Once your information is filled, it will remain in the system throughout and there would be no need of any person to scan your ticket at the lifts. So, do not miss out on the chance of visiting the Stevens Pass Resort and definitely not the skiing and snowboarding part.

When amazing snowfall starts and a beautiful chilling aura pervades your senses, then skiing is all you need for your body, your mind, your eyes and even your soul. Because, where there is snow, there is beauty.

Get your tickets booked for experiencing the ever so exciting trip to this powdery mountain. Hurry up; the bulk of fresh snow accumulated on Stevens Pass Resort is waiting for you. Go ahead, pack your bags and visit the Steven Pass Resort this winter and have a fun time with family and friends; returning with a relaxed mind and memories to cherish for lifelong.

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