Your Glorious Winters In Stoderzinken

“What am I going to do this winter?” This question hangs in your head like a fused light bulb because you have no clue how you are going to spend your chilly days. Winter is the laziest season of all time and your body couldn’t feel any more lethargic than it is in winters. Getting out of bed and finally getting yourself a coffee feels like a milestone achieved, one which you struggle to achieve every winter morning. And let’s be honest, winter can beat down all those who claim to be a ‘morning person’ when he or she takes their first step out of the warm quilt, which a few seconds ago, was their own heaven.

What motivates a person to get out of their beds in winter mornings? School, office, daily chores? Change it all this winter. It’s time you bid goodbye to your home, work or studies for a few days and prepare to get the best vacation and make awesome and unforgettable memories in the Stoderzinken, Austria. The place is beautiful and is an idol place if you are looking for a place to get away, for a few days to have a good time and come home content.


Stoderzinken lies in the Stieiermark region of Austria. The place has an elevation of 1700-2000 meters and hence is said to be a great destination despite being a small ski resort. It sports well-groomed pistes which stretch up to 8 kilometers (5 miles approximately) for the tourists to have a gala time on. For the fans of cross-country skiing, it has a well-defined trail which stretches up to 40 kilometers (25 miles approximately) and hasn’t disappointed any tourists.

The best fact about Stoderzinken is that it can be traveled in any time of the year. You will always have clean roads because of the ski resort, that is, the snow doesn’t cause any interruption on your way to having a good week.

It is well recognized for all the beautiful view that it has. And one does not need to worry about the accommodation as Stoderzinken has a beautiful, cosy village ready to welcome you.


Stoderzinken Statistics

Base Elevation: 1500 m

Summit Elevation: 2000 m

Vertical Drop: 500 m

It is an idol for getaways lasting for a week or so. A week is all you need to visit all the corners of Stoderzinken, and you will never miss out on any place.
The natural snow is the most captivating part of the resort. Snow is loved by all when it doesn’t interrupt your trip in any way.

You can participate in the guided ski-runs from Stoderzinken to Gröbming.
The place offers a great way for the children to be occupied. Kid’s Snow Paradise is a sunny area with wonderful They indulge in activities such as snow tunnel, wave slide, free practice and much more.
The Kid’s Snow Paradise also offers a good time for elders as well.

Pistes are categorized in the following manner as per your level in skiing. One should choose accordingly to have a good and safe experience.

4 kilometers of pistes for beginners. (Easy)
3 kilometers of pistes for those who have an experience in skiing and are well-aware of what they are doing as well as those who know a few tricks or so. (Moderate difficulty)
1 kilometers of pistes for the people who are well-trained and are expert in skiing and can handle obstacles and bumps on their trail. (Difficult)
A total of 4 lifts is to function for the people to reach the peaks and enjoy the captivating nature that the pass through.
No artificial snow
Valley runs available
1 magic carpet
Stoderzinken may be a small ski resort, but it doesn’t fail at giving you the best winter vibes of all time. The tourists enjoy the combination of sunny location and beautiful snow that surrounds them, which also happens to be the main reason why people who have been to Stoderzinken, love the place and the light warmth that it offers. One doesn’t have to worry about extreme cold climate and can enjoy the snow with all their heart’s content.

The place works out well for both children as well as grown-ups. For children, the resort has Children’s snow and keeps the kids occupied all the while and they will definitely get enough of all the fun in the friendly snow. And what’s more? The Children’s snow land is free of any charges!


One can enjoy the following sports while their stay at the resort:

Snow Tubing
Enjoy this sport on the prepared trail that is set just to give you a safe and wonderful time. Where will you get the tube or tire and at what prices? The last thing you need to worry about is the price of renting the tube or tire. Borrow the tire at the lift hut of Roßfeldlift, and that will cost you 0 amount of your wallet! The kids are always up for things like this.

The ever-lasting natural snow spreading throughout the region not just gives you a remarkable adventure but also a breath-taking view. Whether you are a beginner or the one who belongs to the ‘solid fun and adventure’ category, the pistes here always have something for you. They are attractive and offer a wonderful time to all levels of skiers. The sun-kissed slopes simmer down the freezing wind that will gush across your face.

Winter Hiking Trails

Hiking through prepared and marked trails is just a bonus sport for all those who genuinely enjoy the nature and the serenity that surrounds them. Walking through the snow-covered ground and just have a close look at everything is a different type of photograph that one keeps storing in their subconscious photo album. The hiking also acts as a bonding opportunity for family and friends as they enjoy all the white beauty.


What’s the best way to have a closer look at the view which others are looking at from a distance? Snow-shoeing! Yet another sport which is a good exercise, and also gives you a “me” time. And if you are with the family, then this sport promotes some really healthy bonding hours. As you walk through the tracks, the last thing you should worry about is losing your way back. The tracks have signposts on almost every turn which offers a great deal of help to all the tourists who are visiting the snow space for the very first time.

Sleigh Trip

If you are not a fan of snow-shoeing, don’t worry, no one’s going to judge you or tease you over the fact that you will miss out on some captivating views and a good peaceful time; because you won’t. The best alternative and a light adventure of its own, sleigh ride is the best solution for you. Be it, children, be it a young couple or the old, this surely will give you a great time as you ride through space and let all that beauty of the view sink in.

Cross-Country Skiing

Cross-country skiing is an amazing adventure itself. An entirely exotic experience and you just can’t afford to skip it. Stoderzinken gives you 40 kilometers of the groomed trail to show off your skiing skills, and the sun setting of the slopes is just another bonus.


Skiing or walking on pistes from 17:00 hours to 8:00 hours is forbidden. You must not be there during this time-period as if there were to happen any adverse consequences, the lift operator will not be held responsible for it.
You can avail all skiing and other types of equipment but the rental rules are that you have to return the items before the stipulated time.
There are numerous activities on offer at Stoderzinken. Right from skiing to snowboarding and snowshoeing, there are endless possibilities for you having fun during these winter days. And with so much on offer, occupying your cosy room is not a good idea. So, pack your bags and head out for Stoderzinken with your family and friends and make the most of the winter days. Have fun!

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